LOS ANGELES — Does Steve Tambellini have the moxy and the brass to make something happen, to make a deal that matters, before he walks to the podium with the first pick in the 2010 Entry Draft at the Staples Center Friday? We’ll find out soon enough.

Before Tambellini calls the name of Tyler Seguin or Taylor Hall with the first No. 1 pick in the history of the Edmonton Oilers, will he put the arm on Boston GM Peter Chiarelli in the quest for the other first-round pick he’s been talking about?

Will he ask what it will take for him to get the second overall pick that belongs to the Bruins? Would he offer Ales Hemsky and Jordan Eberle — that’s the latest rumour making the rounds — to make it a sweep of the top two picks?

"There’s nothing wrong with asking," Tambellini said. "Peter’s been pretty adamant that he’s making the selection of one of the top two kids. I understand that, too, but who knows, things may change by the time we get to the floor."


If Tambellini can’t or won’t offer enough to separate Chiarelli from his pick, he should look at Dale Tallon and the Florida Panthers, who have the No. 3 pick, and say, "Dale, what would it take?"

Tallon and Tambellini are already talking about the 15th pick. Why not raise the stakes?

Likewise with Scott Howson and the Columbus Jackets, who have the fourth selection. Howson is willing to move the pick, although he’d like to stay in the top 10. Howson isn’t looking, at least not so far, to make a trade that leaves him without a first-rounder.

Any reason why the GM of a 30th-place team like the Oilers shouldn’t ask again?

"All I’ve told managers all along, throughout this year, is that I’m wide open,’" Tambellini said. "Proposals that come to me, some people say, ‘No, I’m not listening to that.’ "I still think it’s my job, where we’re at as an organization, to listen. There’s nothing wrong with listening."

And there’s nothing wrong with asking. It could be a busy morning for Tambellini, and it should be.


Tambellini and his scouting staff have already decided on who the Oilers will take with the No. 1 pick, but, to nobody’s surprise, Tambellini isn’t admitting as much.

"We’re closer, but we haven’t formally sat down as a group and said, this is who we’re taking," Tambellini told reporters with a straight face. "I want to save that for tomorrow.

"Our scouts, they’re excited. Not too many of them are going to sleep tonight. They’re looking forward to that moment when we can make a selection with an impact player who is going to be a huge part of Edmonton, a huge part of the team."
No consensus? No decision?


"At the end of the day, the responsibility, I know, comes to me," said Tambellini. "We’re excited about that. We know we’re going to get a great player. No issues there.

"We’re close to making our decision. It’s more that we’re going to save this for tomorrow and speak to it as a group. I want to enjoy that moment. Our scouts have worked so hard for this.

This is the part I want everybody to enjoy. "The homework is done. The depth of information is incredible. They need to enjoy the selection now."

Close to making our decision? At the end of the day, the responsibility comes to Tambellini?


Stu MacGregor: "I want Tyler Seguin."

Tambellini: "I want Taylor Hall."

MacGregor: "Seguin."

Tambellini: "Hall."

MacGregor: "You said it’s my call."

Tambellini: "Yes, I did. But only if we agreed."

MacGregor: "Seguin."

Tambellini: "Hall."

Kevin Lowe: "Do I have to give up my number if we take Hall?"

Tambellini: "No. I don’t think he wants No. 4."

Lowe: "What Tambi said."

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  • a lg dubl dubl

    id like to see tambo try and get savard from boston maybe package the 31st,cogs and nilsson or moreau for him. he’d be great as our 1 center and at 4mil per isnt that bad either that would be BALLSY

  • JRyanMac

    @ Robin Brownlee

    Any word on Souray’s wrist exam?? Any does it sound like the Oilers probably get fleeced??

    (Brownlee is the ONLY person I’m not yelling at today.)

    • Petr's Jofa

      I loved Lowe’s comments last night about how he shouldn’t have traded Pronger and should have just let him sit. Hopefully these learnings also apply to the Souary situation. I want to see the Oilers send a message and let Big Sexy rot in the press box next year unless Tambs get the deal he wants.

    • JRyanMac




  • JRyanMac

    Please tell me the Eberle is not involved in ANY part of a deal to move up, we need skilled guys with heart as part of this rebuild!!



    *LOUD NOISES!!!!

  • Steve Tambellini goes up to the podium and selects Joe Schmoe from Whereville and the Oiler fans everywhere flock to Los Angeles to put his head on a stick. I hope the Oilers pick the one who’s ready to make an impact, the real reason here is to pick a guy who gives us hope for the future.

    Right now the Oilers are sagging lower then Dolly Parton, since the advent of plastic surgery Dolly has them looking ripe and perky. So with that the Oilers are looking at this draft as their personal titty man. I look at this time for Tambellini to really put his stamp on this team. Make this draft the one that put those babies back in that boulder holder without the underwire.

    I don’t really care if they trade Hemsky or Penner right now either because they’re both up in two years and who knows if we still suck by that time they could just walk. I think he should listen to every offer and kick every tire and go to those dark corners and find something for anyone on this team. Just another thought I think the Oilers should blow up the goalie position to, let re-Khabibulin play out his contract on a crappy team.


    am i the only person that would actually be happy with no moves at all tommorrow? Pick our franchise guy at 1, pick another promising player at 31, then try to get a couple right after that. I thought people were onboard this whole rebuild thing? if i’m in charge i have 5 guys i’m willing to deal. Souray, Moreau, O’Sully, Nilsson and prehaps Cogs. If i can’t make somthing happen with them then nothing happens. Don’t make any rash decisions Tambi…

  • Ender

    Oh good grief . . .

    Change for the sake of change is never a good idea. You need value to make a good trade, not just a new face.

    Eberle and Hemsky for 2nd? Great Thor give me strength, and please let Tambi see that that’s Boston’s way of saying ‘We don’t want to trade, but let’s see how dumb you are.’

    Yes, there are a few bad contracts that it would be nice to move tomorrow. That said, if you come home and all you did was trade away the good contracts you had, you’ve done a BAD BAD THING you NAUGHTY NAUGHTY DOG. Far better to just walk up to the podium, pick your franchise player, and get on the plane and come home without touching any other deal rather than trying to make a ‘big splash’ and wind up with a serious case of buyer’s remorse the next day. Control, Tambi. The bad guys; trade the bad guys.

  • I don’t want to contribute to the useless trade rumours, so I’m just going to make some line combos for next year.

    Kovalchuk Gagner Hemsky

    Eberle Hall Penner

    Paajarvi Horcoff Cogliano

    Comrie Fraser Pisani

    Whitney Gilbert

    Smid Souray(or someone he and some picks/prospects are traded for)

    Johnson Pechkam



    Cant’t wait until tomorrow.

  • brucechris

    “The Canucks already possessed the third overall pick; they acquired the Chicago Blackhawks’ fourth overall pick in exchange for defenceman Bryan McCabe and Vancouver’s first-round pick in either 2000 or 2001; acquired the Tampa Bay Lightning’s first overall pick for the fourth, 75th and 88th overall picks; and acquired the Atlanta Thrashers’ second overall pick for the first overall pick and a conditional third-round choice in 2000.”

    Criticize BBurke all you like, the proof is in the pudding on that one.

    Is it actually easier to get a hold of the #2 pick when you DON’T have #1?

    Come on Tambo. I want to see a doozy tomorrow. Maybe a couple. Sell off next year’s draft if it means killing in this one.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Robin: are you sure it didn’t go like this?

    MacGregor: Thats a steep price to pay for the second pick, have the players been notified?

    Tambellini: Yes, They’re working on that now..we got in touch with Hemsky, still waiting on MPS.

    Kevin Lowe: Scott Howson’s ready to go on Penner and Gilbert and the 31st for the fourth Steve.

    Tambellini: Let’s do it, can you help us on those calls Mike?

    MacGregor: That gives us Gudbranson and a clean sweep of the top three on our list.

    Tambellini: Now that’s a cultural change our fans will buy.

  • Cowbell_Feva

    I really hope that this Eberle-being-shopped-talk is nothing but B.S.

    Who was it again that saved Canada’s ass the last two years in the World Juniors? WASN’T HALL! Hall is a stud-no doubt- but giving up a young stud, just to get another one doesn’t make sense…nevermind adding Hemsky into the mix!

    Would love to see another top 10 pick in the 1st round for the copper n’ blue. Gudbranson? El Nino Neiderieder? Skinner?

    Hope we can buy out POS,Nilson & Moreau- get something for Souray- and steal a few in the 1st round. Let’s just hope KLowe is drunk right now and misses tomorrow!

  • Pretty sure the Oil Change video revealed that the Oilers want to climb into the top 10 with a second pick to acquire Nino Niederreiter. God would that be nice. But that stacks us a bit at LW if we were to take Hall too (unless Penner is later moved or someone could slide over to RW).

  • Tha Legion

    If speculation is true that Tambo would offer up Eberle to go 1+2 in this draft has any truth to it, G&D help us. What a crappy move that would be.

    I hope it’s just a rather drunk (if you’re not, you should be) Brownlee playing games on the blog tonight.

  • Tha Legion

    I really hope he moves into the first round at least one more time, I’m not object to shopping Hemmer Penner Gagner or Eberle, but if he messes with my Reddox!!!!!

    PS, Balls out wasn’t that bad a movie.

  • Propellor

    If Tambi is chasing the FLA or CLB picks, I hope its to snag Brett Connolly. I like his size, I like his numbers.

    I agree that Cogs + would get Tallon’s ear turned on, but probably not Howson’s.