Good afternoon to us all Nation. Things are heating up in the run up to free agency beginning and the Oilers are dropping pounds of dead weight faster than this dude. But unlike this chap who has to avoid eating much of anything we are free to feast on the abundant bounty of rumours and speculation currently running rampant in the NHL.

Get ready to throw another million on the pile Eklund. Your busy season is underway.

A pair of rumours from TSN this morning caught our bloodshot eye:


"- An interesting rumour, and I stress rumour at this point: Edmonton possibly moving defenceman Sheldon Souray to St. Louis with blueliner Eric Brewer coming back the other way. Souray is a $5.4 million cap hit who will make $4.5 million in each of next two seasons. Brewer is $4.25 million cap hit with a salary of $4.5 million for the coming season. The Oilers obviously must move Souray – he can’t play there now – but will have to take some money back. Could a Souray-Brewer trade be the answer?"

Could a Souray-Brewer trade be the answer? In a word, No.

*a brief moment while we check Brewer’s salary scenario*

Hmm. Only one year left at $4.5 million huh? Please allow us to rephrase our earlier statement.

Could a Souray-Brewer trade be the answer? In a word, Yes.

If that is all Brewer has left on his gargantuan contract we would be happy to ship the Big Sex for the Oft Injured former Oiler. What the Oilers lose in good looks they make up for in bucks and at the end of the season the Oil could allow Brewer to sail off into the oft injured sunset with no further responsibilities.

We really need to read the whole paragraph before passing judgement*



The same article on says:

"- Darren Dreger spoke with Souray, who pointed out that his no-trade clause lifts July 1st, so the Oilers can consider any interested teams. Souray still needs additional strengthening in his surgically-repaired hand, but vows to be ready for the 2010-2011 season and will provide his medical records to any interested clubs. Souray also noted, if there’s interest, he’s happy to return to Edmonton."

Firstly, how on Earth can Sheldon Souray claim that he would be happy to return to Edmonton after the way he ran his mouth to end the season. Forced to play injured? Forced to play at gunpoint? Happy to return to Edmonton? What on earth is going through his beautiful mind?

Its funny how two consecutive paragraphs contradict each other to such a degree. Mackenzie is convinced that Souray cannot possibly return to Edmonton – presumably because he blasted the entire team and half of the North end of town on the way out at the end of the year. Dreger on the other hand reports he would be happy to return.

*eye starts to twitch in rage at the Big Sex*


When it comes to Sheldon Souray, our patience is starting to wear thin. With the departure of Ethan Moreau, Souray would be a leading candidate to replace him as the 13th Captain of the Oilers. There was a time this season when we would have led the charge to RX1 to demand this happen.

But now? Judging by his bi-polar commentary to various members of the press, this would be somewhat akin to throwing a vial of arsenic down our village well.

It would end badly and many would die, mainly of arsenic poisoning.

No more for you Sheldon Souray. Let the Gods see you moved in the next few days.

  • DougieF89

    I’ll take Brewer cause, when healthy, he’s a better all round d-man. For Souray to come back into the dressing room he must apologize to his teammates, the city and the organization. However, we all know he won’t do that.

    Plus the way Tambi is getting rid of players left, right and center I don’t think he wants Souray back

  • Souray has got to go! I like Brewer when he is healthy he is an effective D-man. Glad to be rid of Moreau without having to buy him out. Same for P.O.S (which ironically enough he is). I think Tambo has done a good job so far this summer. Way to go Steve TamBALLSYni!

  • Fartknocker

    I’d like Sheldon Souray back on the team (In a perfect world where he didn’t run his mouth at at the end of last season.) He would have been a great guy to pin the C on after Moreau. I’d also like to see Comrie back.

  • WallyWallcakes

    Well, if Comrie can come back…

    Thing is, he left and came back. Time didn’t exactly heal all wounds…but what Comrie did right was win back a small amount of respect from the fans by busting his ass and droppin’ the mitts to prove he was willing to fight for his spot on the team. (Given that he had no other choice, due to a tryout)

    What I’m trying to get at is that if Souray DOES indeed have no problem in playing in Edmonton next season, he has a LOT of work to do in the PR department.