Trade Talk

Peter Adler cut through the doldrums of summer like a hot knife through butter last night. An actual trade rumor involving the Edmonton Oilers. Music!

Adler’s article is here. When I read it last night I decided to ignore it, as if looking away would somehow make it come true (watched pot and all that). This morning, I read it again and noticed that Spector’s picked it up (adding to the credibility: EJ and Spector’s are actual places where you can read things that have a snowball’s chance in hell of coming true) which is always a good sign.

Late this afternoon (after a hard day’s work–my business picks up this time of year) I allowed myself a look at capgeek to see if "The Who By Numbers" would give me a clue:

  • Oilers: Souray (5.4M cap hit times 2); Cogliano (RFA, 1.113M a year ago) TOTAL: 6.513M
  • Caps: Fleischmann (2.6M times 1); Nylander (4.875M times 1) TOTAL: 7.475M

Not bad. Not bad at all. Add a pick and we’ll take Nylander’s wife! Then I’m reminded that those damn Canucks are involved (freaking Canucks, get your own rumor) with Kevin Bieksa:

  • Oilers: Souray (5.4M cap hit times 2) Cogliano (RFA, 1.113M a year ago) TOTAL: 6.513M
  • Caps: Fleischmann (2.6M times 1); Nylander (4.875M times 1), 2nd rd pick TOTAL: 7.475M
  • Canucks: Bieksa (3.75M times 1) TOTAL: 3.75M

Oilers get Bieksa and Nylander (plus 2nd for taking Nylander family), Canucks get Fleischmann, Caps get Souray and Cogliano.

OILER BENEFITS: Offload the Fonz (as named by Bob Stauffer earlier today) and get back an NHL calibre defenseman with one year left on his contract. Also receive Nylander, for which a nice draft pick should be included. More free dollars next summer, but Mr. Katz won’t be able to rotate the tires on the Batmobile this winter.

CANUCKS BENEFITS: Make room for Willie Mitchell by sending away Bieksa (they’ll need to IR Salo and make sure his household receives everything Ron Popiel ever offered) and get back a nice piece up front. More moves to come, but it makes Vancouver better overall and they do save $1.15M on this deal.

CAPS BENEFIT: Offload Nylander ("getting rid of the Albatross, sowing the seeds of discontent!") and Fleischmann for a nice tough defenseman with a leather jacket and maybe someone who can help up front in Cogliano. They also save some money (about 1M) depending on how much Andrew C. wants for his next contract.

Possible? Probably not. A nice dream? You bet.

  • The Other John

    Sorry Nate

    You laughed because it was Steckl? you laughed because it was Brownlee’s idea? or because you had a better idea on a defensively sound penalty killing face off winning center?

  • I would not like this trade from an Oilers perspective. We take more salary than we give, and we only get 1 useful player back. Cogliano’s value is greatly undervalued in this proposal, I say this because TSN was reporting that we offered Cogliano for the 15th overall but pulled out when McIlrath was taken prior. If Cogliano’s value = 15th overall, then would anybody deal Souray + 1st for Bieksa, Nylander, 2nd? I don’t think so.

  • The Other John

    If we are dealing with Washington, they have 2 very good third line centers who are STONE COLD KILLER in the face off circle. Steckl and Boyd Gordon, do anything necessary to pry one of those 2 face off studs off their roster.

    That tweak makes a good trade a GREAT trade

    I like Bieksa a lot and would do this trade to offload Souray. But picking up a third line face off killer……….GRAVY

  • gr8one


    But really, it will be interesting to see how this plays out, supposedly Willie Mitchell is on the cusp of deciding where he is going to sign, and word is both Washington and Vancouver are in the running, yet Vancouver would pretty much have to trade Bieksa to make bringing back Mitchell feasible. So if Mitchell ends up signing with Washington I guess it would take them out of any trade talks at all?

    It’s all a potential love triangle that makes my head hurt.

  • According to another site regarding this rumour, this was just speculation by a journalist from the globe and mail. Adler then picked it up from his comments.

    There was never anything that came directly from someone who is connected; so this rumour has no legs.

  • Why wouldn’t Washington trade for Kaberle?

    More skill, reasonable price, and not a band aid. Fleishmann could be that “top 6” guy Burke’s been holding out for, and both are UFA next summer.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m in favour of any trade shipping Sheldon Souray out.

    • Because Burke’s demands are pretty ridiculous. I’m sure they’d want him, but they probably haven’t put together a deal that the Wizard of Oz liked for ~the best player on the planet~.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    whether we ended up with Fleishmann or Bieksa, i would just like to see Souray gone! and if Cogs goes too, oh well, we really don’t need him anyway. hey, we could re-sign Mr. Hillary Duff if Cogs were moved!!! 🙂

  • The problem is, Washington doesn’t HAVE to get rid of Nylander… he doesn’t currently count towards their cap.

    So in fact, by moving Nylander and picking up Souray, the Caps would actually be taking on Souray’s $5.4M without subtracting any dollars from Nylander.

    Take Nylander out of the equation in favour of another contract that actually counts against their cap (Jason Chimera – 1.875M?), and things suddenly make more sense… at least imo.

  • I’d do it, from the Oilers standpoint and the Caps standpoint. I question it from the Canucks standpoint though. Damn, would I love that deal to go down though. Although I have no desire to see Nylander here. I’d hope that they would just waive him to be honest. I let bygones be bygones with Comrie, but not so sure I could with Nylander (and wife)! But even if we were to just dump Nylander for nothing in some way (waived, demoted, traded for peanuts – which wouldn’t be possible, but just sayin’), that’s still a good deal for us. Bieksa for Souray+Cogliano… sure, I’d do that.

  • Souby

    I am not sure about putting Bieksa in the mix but I actually posed a very similar trade idea (Nylander/Souray/Cogs etc.)to Brownlee and Gregor a while back to see what kind of response I would get. If they could do this type of a deal with the Caps then I say go for it!

    One response I did get pointed out that while the cap hit on Nylander is 4.875m, his actual salary is only 3m, compared to Souray’s cap at 5.4m and salary at 4.5m. I am not sure the Caps would take on an extra 1.5m in salary and give us Fleischmann but with Cogs thrown into the mix it could happen.

    *Crosses fingers, says a prayer and hopes Souray is gone before traing camp begins*

  • Acumen

    I like it.

    I’ve always had a healthy respect for Bieksa, and in this deal he fills Sourays role on the back end well with the added bonus of being a right handed shot (can play off of Whitney or Smid).

    Getting Nylanders dead contract is cool with me too, I don’t expect us to be loading up for a cup run this year. Losing Cogliano without any futures coming back kinda sucks, but as long as he’s going to Washington it’s cool. If he kicks ass as a Cap, it’s fun and awesome. If he kicks ass as a Canuck, I break things. Not cheap things either, significant things. Like my friends new iPhone.

  • Well, you always get a free pass if you quote Johnny Rotten.

    God save the sex pistols they’re a bunch of wholesome blokes
    They just like wearing filthy clothes and swapping filthy jokes

  • Reggie

    Well, anything to ditch Souray by the start of training camp is a good thing.

    If we get a real center and a decent dman to boot. It’s like winning the lotto again … lol