What’s Taking So Long?

Early summer has given way to mid-summer, and the truth is that a long walk these days will reveal a few leaves beginning to turn. We’re reaching a point where the unsigned restricted free agents should be getting signed. Unless. Unless there’s a problem.

The Edmonton Oilers have three restricted free agents who remain unsigned: Sam Gagner, Andrew Cogliano and Liam Reddox. According to capgeek, the first two are among 5 rfa’s making one million or more who remain unsigned. In recent days we’ve heard both Gagner and Cogliano express that they’re eager to sign and get to training camp. Cogliano added that he is confident that he’ll return to the Oilers (if trade rumors had value he’d be Gretzky).

The other 3 rfa’s among the top 5 (Carey Price, Bobby Ryan, Peter Mueller) and Martin Hanzal (6th on the list) are all what we could consider important parts on their respective team machines. Its still early, but not that early. If this week slides into next and Gagner and Cogliano remain unsigned then I think it is fair to assume that money (or something else) is in play. Gagner and Cogliano are important players to the Edmonton Oilers, and getting them signed in the next couple of weeks is job one.

As a long time Edmonton Oiler fan, I’ve learned to be cautious in regard to contracts. It can get ugly in a hurry. Paul Coffey taught us that much.

  • Renegade

    I am not concerned because Gagner and Cogliano can’t go anywhere, so there was no hurry to talk to them from Tambellini’s perspective. Its called prioritizing tasks, and since both players can’t file for arbitration signing them was probably down his list of tasks that needed to be done.

  • EasyOil

    Is there a date they have to be signed by? I see Gagner signing at around the $2m mark, Cogliano shouldn’t be any more than $1.5m. I’m a huge fan of both these players, and have the utmost belief that both can be impact players, but whilst they’ve both had success through their entry-level contracts, they surely can’t have much to point to if they’re asking for any more than I stated above… Cogliano especially.

    Both are players with something to prove, along with pretty much the entire team, and I don’t care how the team does results-wise next year – I just want to see some fire in the team…

    Play like they know’re capable of, fight to prove to the city that they’re worthy of wearing that crest, and earn their place in the City of Champions.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    Ok, done..

    Here’s what I think, I think if S.Gagner is asking for anything more than 2.5 per year for two years he’s a little over his head, as for Cogliano I say 2.0 Million Max, even that’s a stretch..I’d give him one year.
    Who knows why it’s taking this long, but it is still early August, I would start getting worried/pissed off if they aren’t signed by Aug.20.