Class & Cowardice

If there’s anything I’ve learned from writing here at Oilers Nation, it’s that anybody taking the time to publish their opinions in a public forum is bound to take some shots now and then – some of them deserved, some of them not. A thick skin or alcohol, or occasionally both, are a necessity. There’s no reason to complain about that, particularly given that writing about a hockey team often involves critiquing players; turnabout is fair play after all.

Every so often, though, the startling discovery of something can throw a person.

Looking for an article I wrote a while back, I stumbled across something that managed to get under my skin, featuring a few regulars from this site. Traktor and GSC are familiar names on various online Oilers message boards, including this one. They tend to be highly sceptical of statistical analysis, and I’ve had various arguments with all three.

Still, one of the things I’ve prided myself on while talking to them was staying civil, and engaging honestly; i.e. I’ve tried not to assume motivations, to make arguments I considered honest, and keep an open mind when presented with new data. I may not always have been successful, but I have put an honest effort into that.

Unfortunately, I think I’ve been wasting my time. At least, that’s the impression I get from this conversation.

I won’t reprint everything written, since we do have some standards on this site. Honestly I’m not even the primary target: Lowetide, who has maintained a level of tolerance and civility that I have difficulty understanding, let alone emulating, is criticized in a harsher manner.

I’m afraid that despite years working in one of the least politically correct cultures on the planet – the oilpatch – I remain confused by what compels people to describe others in this fashion. I barely understand it when the people are personally acquainted, let alone when they’ve only ever discussed sports on the internet. It baffles me.

As far as I can tell, there’s simply no justification for that level of classlessness. Further, I see no reason to continue to bandy words with these people. Between the statements themselves and the cowardice displayed by those making them (do you think they’d make those comments to anybody’s face?), I’m done.

If there’s an explanation, I’d like those involved to come forward with it. If not, there’s no longer a place on this website for them. I’ve never seen the people they’re so casually tarnishing discuss them in that manner, not even in private.

  • Chris.

    This is so dumb. I can’t believe this is going on between grown men and not 11 year old girls. “Waaahhhhh! Somebody I don’t know, I’ll never meet and will never impact my life in any meaningful way said something on the internet that I did not like!” Seriously? Take a step back, everybody, and ask yourself if the fact that one stranger called another stranger a mean name is worth the amount of time and effort that has already gone into this.

    I don’t really come to ON for the boards, but I can tell you that as an adult, if I read something that I disagree with or that offends me, I move on. I certainly don’t lend credence to statements made by people who have never and will never know enough about me to make anything resembling a factual statement. To me, this is like the dude who hears a “Yo Momma” joke and gets offended as if his actual mother has been insulted. Again, adults don’t tend to have a problem with this.

    Obviously, for someone that clearly doesn’t give a rat’s ass about all this nonsense, I’ve written a fair bit, but it’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine. Otherwise intelligent people losing their minds because someone whose opinion they DON’T EVEN RESPECT said something that hurt their feelings. If it were me, I wouldn’t give them that kind of power. I don’t see why you would.

    Can we talk about Omark, now?

  • I guess every site has its ups and downs — this is crash and burn bad. I am disappointed that chose to center a discussion for an insignificant moderation issue.

    I bet no one would have noticed the missing users if this issue had been resolved with the parties involved and leaving the full community out of it.

    I am more so unclear after reading 5 pages of comments how this was positive for anyone involved, from moderation staff to casual lurker. I don’t see how anyone benefits from this and should hope there are not casual lurkers who have been turned off by normally high-quality content because of this low-ball “article”.

  • Hey Jw, I don’t always agree with everything, but your right, we are all OILER fans and there should be a certain amount on civility displayed. Also, this ain’t East bound & Down, you don’t win by yelling the loudest, people should keep that in mind.

    • Rob...

      Define uncalled for. I’m still holding a grudge over his tweets from the year that people here donated towards sending Brownlee->Greggor to the draft. That might make me petty, but I really don’t care, given his classless action.

  • MoneyForOil

    I made a account just to comment,

    anywho: I really a admire Wayne and the rest of the ON crew for making a business outta this bit*h! i love the site (more now that LT is here too).

    As a businessman myself, i ask why in the world would the mods/owners allow such a god damn cat fight to go on?

    It has totally change they way i view the credibility of Oilersnation and the names assc with it: JG, Brownly and LT.