Thanks to everybody who took the time to throw in their two cents worth about how they’d approach the job of continuing to rebuild of the Edmonton Oilers if they were sitting in GM Steve Tambellini’s chair.

We got 146 responses in total, many of them detailed and lengthy, to the item I wrote Jan. 9. As I suggested at the time, Jason Gregor and I will be re-hashing and reviewing what we think are some of the better responses submitted during his show today (Wednesday) on TEAM 1260 — we’ll spend a segment or two on it between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

We welcome you to listen in and call in during the segments, particularly if your submission is one of those we’ve picked out for particular praise or pointed ridicule.

Given the framework — that trades hinge on finding a trading partner and, all other things being equal, a new rink won’t change that free agents would rather not play where it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey — there were a lot of takes worth noting.

There were some goofy ones, too, although none of them as bizarre as Darryl Sutter’s astute moves involving Olli Jokinen down Highway 2 in the City of Cows on his way out the door.


— Richard: "First I would put more money and people in pro scouting. After watching Fraser and Foster play 40 games its clear that this is an area that needs big improvement."

— In Hall We Trust: " Suggest that Tom Renney give Dubnyk a few more starts. This would help determine if Dubnyk has what it takes to be a starting goaltender one day and it would keep Khabby from getting hurt with a lighter workload."

— John Chambers: "PENNER OR HEMSKY: Depends. Do they want to be here? What can you obtain for them? Boston, LA, Nashville, and maybe even Columbus are reasonable trade destinations . . . "

— Racki: "What’s the most obvious need in terms of personnel? A face-off/PKer specialist. I think most needs can be eventually address internally, but I think there’s enough turn over with these guys, and they’re cheap enough, that we might as well just go out and acquire one somehow. It wouldn’t take us from last to a playoff team or anything, but it would sure ease the burden on the team and help with a few wins. We could use a shutdown d-man badly too, but the need can be addressed through prospects possibly (in time)."

— DangerMan: "- I’m asking Jones if he wants come back, 2yrs, 1.4mil/yr."

— Bryan: "Also in the summer is the time to have sit downs with Hemsky and Penner and flat out ask if they want to be here long term. If they express a desire to move on, you look at moving them. If they want to stay, you look at re-signing them. However Cap space is king and if the number get too high, you have to think about the impact in two years when Hall, Eberle and Paajarvi are out of their entry level deals."

— reaperfunkss: "I will stay out of the "big name" fee agent market for players from other teams so i don’t run into the Chicago situation of having to gut the team after winning because of 2 bad contracts. (Campbell and Hossa) Big ticket free agents are fun for fans to debate but overall they seem to be detrimental to your team especially if you have a lot of young up and comers."


— Trakor: "If I was an NHL scout instead of a GM one player that I would tell my boss to target is Nick Foligno. He only has 13 points in 42 games this year and his career high is only 32 but the plays the game the way as Brandon Dubisnky or Ryan Kesler. He just hasn’t broke out offensively yet. Might be an opportunity to buy low."

— Cutterov: "To Dallas Jim Vandeermeer Taylor Chorney Andrew Coglanio. To Edm Marc Fistric 3rd rd pick 2012."

— DBO: "Move foster to the Canadians. They need help on the PP (with Markov out) and they just lost a top 4 dman in Gorges. Foster has size and PP pedigree, so getting a solid prospect out of the Habs would work with Foster. Add Jacques to the deal (French Canadian with size, which Montreal lacks) and maybe Montreal makes it happen for a decent prospect."

— RedArmy: "Omark, Stortini to NJ for Clarkson."

— Mitch: "See what it takes to get Gaustaud or Drew Stafford from Buffalo."

— Cervantes: "The Canucks need to move a D, rumours say it’s Kevin Bieksa. No one is really sure what they want, but it’s not likely to be a massive package, given his contract and the bind the Nucks are in. Our second round pick is almost as attractive as another teams first, and with a prospect or two to bolster their depleted pool, it could be a deal that ends up done."


— Byron: "1st rounder for Iginla. I think Calgary’s in rebuild mode, and they would love that pick. Iginla has put up 37 pts in 42 games. More than any Oiler."

— Oilnutz: "- Tom Gilbert sent to the Blue Jackets for Mike Commodore and Jared Boll. – With the rise of Petry, Gilbert (and his contract) are dispensable. Mike Commodore brings a great attitude and is a veteran shut down defenceman. He has a cup ring and would be a great mentor for Smid, Peckham and eventually, Plante. Oh and rumor has it he has asked to be traded??? Jared Boll will bring a toughness that has been lacking. He stands up for his teammates and would be an improvement on the 4th line. If Fraser, Stortini or MacIntyre needs to be throne in to get it done, then so be it, but I think Gilbert should do it."

— Oilnutz (encore): "- Andrew Cogliano sent to the Islanders for Zenon Konopka. – This wold be a trade of a project guy, who somewhat lost his way for a tough 4th liner that can win face-offs. Once done I would offer Konopka a 2 year contract for about 6-800K a year. Again if spare parts are needed to get it done so be it."

— spOILer: "Get Penner and Hemmer signed for decent money and term. Nothing longer than 6 years but long enough we should be in contention. 4.5 for Penner, 5 for Hemsky. Put a bonus on Penner’s for fighting majors."


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  • Late to the party… couple random idears…

    Gilbert Brule to PHX for Scottie Upshall.

    Zack Stortini & a 3rd round draft pick to PHI for Dan Carcillo.

    Andrew Cogliano, Colin Fraser & Kurtis Foster to T-dot for Francois Beauchemin & Fredrik Sjostrom.

    Jim Vandermeer to ? (NYR) for a 6th round pick.

    JF Jacques to MTL for an old pair of Celine Dion’s panties.

    Have a chat RE: Hemsky with…

    BLUES – Could Patrick Berglund (6’4″ playmaking Swedish Center) be an intriguing starting point? They have lots of young talent.

    BLUE JACKETS – Jakub Voracek (straight up?)

    THRASHERS – Zach Bogosian?

    RANGERS – Dubinsky/Callahan & Del Zotto?

    Any other legit offers that fill needs (#1C, top pairing D).

  • Lowe has been promoted to Ring Leader of Katz Group Fantasy Park in downtown Edmonton, Tambellini to VP of Shmoozing Operations. I have been promoted to GM, call me Fast”Chainsaw”Oil.

    I have identified my core, based on the factors I want my players to have: to be dominant, be able to skate, have appropriate size, be patriots. I will overlook some of the above for EXCEPTIONAL ability only.

    My team doesn’t work properly, it is weak, small and unbalanced, and has been on life support for decades. There are many redundant players and many roles not filled. My owner will spend (wisely) to have a winner. Time to alter the dynamics a bit.

    My core, based on my player profile is:
    Horcoff (good but untradeable now)

    I don’t trade high value (1st & 2nd round picks) unless I REALLY like a deal, but I will give value (who I don’t want) for what I know the team needs (perceived overpay).
    I have 13 players on the active roster I can move, most of whom still have value in the eyes of other teams.

    I need 2 really good centres with size and speed
    1 great D
    1 or 2 truculents that can play a regular shift
    1 RW top 6
    1 goalie (maybe Dubnyk is it)
    Based on this I need 6-7 players/1st round lottery picks in return, and will use the farm and signings for any role spots open.

    The only reason I can’t turn 13+ good or promising players and picks into 6-7 in return is me, but I won’t let that happen. If I can’t wheel and deal, I’ll eat my ego with risotto and I will hire an assistant immediately that can.

    I will keep the farm stocked with a mix of up and coming rookies and seasoned AHL veterans, and create a culture of winning through will and hard work, with class.

    By building a great team and creating a great environment and winning games, I believe I can retain many of the new players because they will want to stay on a contender with friends. They will be paid well, but not all look to the market for the maximum payday, kind of like in Detroit.

    With the lottery picks (before the team stops having it’s own) and new core players traded for, my team will look something, but not exactly like this in 2-3 years:

    Vande Velde?

    Strudwick (got ya)


    Building this team is absolutely do-able and I think is a lot better than the current version – drive, leadership, skill, speed, size and grit. I will look like a genius, or perhaps a fool. Consolation – I can’t be the worst – there was Milbury!
    Now where’s my phone at?

  • G.M. For the Day

    Circa Trade Deadline 2013

    Going into the trade deadline in 2013, I forsee the following current Oilers still on the roster.

    (please forgive the spelling of certain names)

    Goalie – Dubnyk

    Defence – Whitney, Peatry, Gilbert

    Forwards – Eberle, Hall, Pearvie, Horcoff, Hemsky, and Omark

    I would target a top 2 UFA Defenceman by spring 2012, and if possible, draft Larrson in 2011.

    I would target Landis and possibly Picklic to be centers on this team by the Trade deadline 2012, thereby allowing subsequent drafting to be foccussed on Defencemen.

    Lastly, by 2012, there will be a number of experienced goalies (in their mid 30’s) becoming UFA’s and would target one of them.

    Thank you in advance

    Dave P.