OOOO! It’s a cold one out there today. Judging fromt the size of the snowbanks that accumulated while we were away, it has been a hell of a couple of cold weeks. 

In fact, it is being called by some the most snow in memory for Edmontonians – one that will be remembered for a long time.

The winter of 2011 is so memorable that recently released rapper Gucci Mane took it upon himself to embrace the cold, getting "BRRRRR" as a part of his recent facial tattoo.

Classic. Oh Gucci Mane, your tale is so bizarre it deserves being discussed in place of a meaningless 43rd game of the year against the Kings. Go on you say? You got it.

"Gucci Mane (was) committed to a mental health treatment facility after he filed a “Special Plea of Mental Incompentency” in a Georgia courtroom yesterday. The plea claims that the rapper would be unable to “intelligently participate” in his probation revocation hearing; his condition is currently being evaluated at the facility."

After a several day evaluation in the mental institution, the charges against Gucci were dropped and he was released back into society. How do you celebrate this narrow escape? How do you begin to show the federales that you are anything but "mentally incompetent?" Why, with a face tattoo of an ice cream cone that reads "BRRRR."

"According to Gucci’s spokesperson Kali Bowyer, the image is "a reminder to fans of how he chooses to live his life. Cool as ice. As in ‘I’m so icy, I’ll make ya say Brr.’".

Cold as ice Gucci! Come up here to E-town and we will show you what BRRR is all about.


Damn these skilled Kings for all eternity and bless the Oilers for keeping ELPH hockey alive through the holiday season and into the new year. Even though the Oil have less points than they did at this point last year, we can’t help but think they will have a better second half than last time around when they compiled a 0-42-0 record and led to hundreds of thousands of TVs being turned off all throughout the OilersNation.

There is far more to be excited about in 2011 if you ask us.

Look at the Oil, way down there in the TSN rankings. It positively warms the heart. And you – you over rated wind bags LA, look at you so high among the league’s elite. Someone won’t be getting a lottery pick this summer. Tsk.


29th place in the league power poll means one thing Nation: stay on target. 

Yeah, there is danger. Yeah, you might end up splattered against the hull of the death star. But you are on the right course for ultimate victory.

It’s game time. Dubnyk starts.

  • Mikey "miraclehands" - Team FIST

    i would like the oilers to move forward next year without Gilbert back there….either through trade or if no one wants his useless set of skills or outragous contract then loan him to the div 2 german league.

  • Mikey "miraclehands" - Team FIST

    So………I see Brown and Smyth are the after hours guests and think…”what, guys from opposing teams are the guests???”
    Yeah, one too many beers…

  • Ethan Kortbeek

    Kevin Weekes is just awful. Honestly CBC hires the worst ex-hockey folk. But really Kevin…I know you read this blog for tips and opinions on the oilers, please shut your face. You played what? 30 games in the show over 18 years? Useless. Also you were a goalie, not a very good one either, and your thoughts about forwards, even defencemen are usually mistaken. I just want you to know that I hate you weekes. Seriously just awful. CBC really poo pooed the bed with that hiring.

    Props to PJ. You’re a straight beaut.

  • Gilbert – consistently inconsistent ! What a waste !
    Gagne – too small and inconsistent – started too young and forced to stay pro by management ! (Brule replica !)
    Jacques – his time is Done !! send him back to the minors or waivers !
    Brule – marginal, often inconsistent. Not useful enough on a team full of pluggers !!
    Vandermeer – not much of a top 6 defenseman !
    Jason Strudwick – ditto ! But keep him just for the kids development in the locker room
    Foster – hasn’t lived up to expectations !
    Fraser – ditto for his expectations !

    On the bubble:
    Cogliano – on jury wait….depending if he FINALLY starts to develop into a very useful player…and stays there !

    Other Reasons:
    – 3 rookie defencemen not to mention a very poor defensive corps after Ryan Whitney !
    – very young core of new forwards still learning the game !
    – small forwards who get pushed around and lose puck battles !…not to mention a couple of them who the play dies with !

    Management – despite having done many changes…needs to do several more. At least 4 more !!

    Result: the reasons why the Oil are where they are !! Another listless and pathetic losing season !!

    • Ethan Kortbeek

      Wow, I almost had a seizure attempting to read this jumble…I’m confused by all the exclamation points. trying to understand the basis of your argument, and what I’ve gathered is the team isn’t very good? Trading Gange(r) would do what exactly? Pretty sure he has delivered appropriately for a 21 year old. Thats barely man status and he’s doing well. Casting him out would be detrimental for the long term plan of the team.

      also I’m pretty sure Vandermeer wasn’t dressed tonight. The rest of the defence, at least the “veteran” parts seem shaky i’ll agree, but call ups (Petry, Chorney) and Thed have looked pretty decent for having poor defence partners.

  • DoubleJ

    Gilbert had a bad game. Renney is over using him. But he’s been great since Whitney’s been hurt.

    Foster is the one reason the Oilers PP sucks. He stays out there for the most of the pp, he can’t keep it in the zone he doesn’t score. He has 3 goals in 42 games.

    Why can’t we use 4 forwards this isn’t crazy. Other teams do it.

    This team pp get way better as soon as we move Foster to the second pp unit. I also hate the way he tries to direct the guys out there. Just worry about your job Foster.

    • Brownlee loves the word meow

      meow you started this post off so poorly.

      .. but ended it very nicely.

      Gilbert has had 43 bad games in a row this year. The guy is clueless. The only difference between Petry and Gilbert is that Petry actually takes the body, and seems to know what he is doing…Gilbert does not. What a waste of money, he is growing horcoff talent. He should packaged up and traded for someone that is useful.

      • Horcsky

        I still don’t get why people say Gilbert isn’t physical. Not only does he pin his man and use body position to strip the puck every time along the boards in his own zone, but last night was not an example of a soft d-man. Perhaps you didn’t see him punish Ryan Smyth a few times in the corner?

        There are different kinds of physical. Smart, positional use of your body to bump guys off the puck (a la Gilbert), good timing on when to lay a big hit (a la Doughty and Peckham), or running out of position trying to hit everything (a la Jacques). I know which type I want my d-man to be.

        Gilbert hasn’t been great this year, but 43 games in a row? You go too far sir!

  • Ethan Kortbeek

    I like the fire from pruritis ani. This team has got more holes than swiss cheese and you can thank their pro-scouts and Mr. Tambo for signing guys like C.Fraser, Mr.touch-icing Foster, Mr.Arizona Khabi,and Strudwick. A top three draft pick is probably in the bag but some of the young talent probably need better supporting cast to nurture their growth.

  • Brownlee loves the word meow

    Can someone explain to me what Gilbert did wrong on the Kopitar goal and the Stoll goal (his 2 pinches that he’s getting blasted for)?

  • Jodes

    Pretty painful to watch tonight I have to say. Dubnyk was pretty average, and the D.. well they looked pretty lost out there, regardless of who was on the ice.

    Now with Whitney going for season ending surgery, Gilbert will be our #1 D man. That is truly sad.


    The future may look bright, but without quality veterans, we’re screwed. I don’t get that “when this team starts winning, vets will sign here” BS. I can’t see it happening.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    would Commadore be that much worse than the likes of Foster, Gilbert,and when healthy Vandersmeer? If i was ST after last night watching Foster Id be on the phone double time to claim Commadore then send Foster down

    • Calvin

      YES commodore would be awful here …no please don’t say such things … Foster is not THAT bad for one point eight per year til next year and the RED WIG comes at three point seven five per year…a 31 year old who’s playing for a paycheque and royalties on hairpieces for idiot fans …it would never work and we’d just being crying about whata dud he is …

      • O.C.

        Agreed. Commodore is equally as bad, if not worse. Even if half the salary is eaten by CBJ, he creates a problem, not solves a problem.

        Next year… Petry, Marincin, will step in as options 2 and 5 with Whitney 1, Gilbert 3, Theo 4, Smid 6 and Chorney rotating in. There is NO need for anything other than a loaner to get thru this year.

      • a lg dubl dubl

        actually thanks to re-entry waivers where the Oil would only be on the hook for half of the 3.75 mil he’s making, which is the same bling as Foster is making. I only brought him up because watching Foster and Gilbert TRY and play defence is like having sand in my eyes, Foster couldn’t hit the net if he was 1ft in front of it and Gilbert THINKS he has an offencive upside that “makes up” for his piss poor defence. Sure Commadore is 31 but maybe he’d come around again playing in front of his hometown and play like he did when he was with the ‘canes back in 06. and yes foster IS THAT BAD

  • Calvin

    Leand Hands: “Also happening every game is Gilbert skating up…looking for a pass..gliding…looking…couple strides…looking…nope still nothing apparently..takes stride..dumps puck while everyone is standing still on the blue line…ends up just handing the puck to the other team..”

    This annoys me to no end also, and the last 5 to 6 weeks he has been much better, but little relapse tonight.

  • Horcsky

    I’ve become a huge Petry fan…along with him there are a number of other prospect defencemen in our system and i’m thinking with PATIENCE we will be alright on the blue line in time …he will more than likely stay up because of the impending Whitney ankle surgery

    oh and when we get one more piece

    Adam Larsson

  • Horcsky

    Penner…he looked sparked up in LA LA Land…does playing in Disneyland today have anything to do with it ? i smell hattie for 27.

    i LOVE being alone on here !

  • Calvin

    …and speaking of targets or bounty hunting ? with Smac being such a bad skater will there come a time in the heat of battle late this afternoon that there could possibly be some “incidental knee contact” with one Corey Perry?

    jus sayin’

  • Invariably there is much excitement lacking in this ELPH thing. I get that the Kings are a better team, (compare the bottom six on each roster and the arguments dead), but this gutless and heartless thing,,,,, night after night,,, is simply sickening.

  • “…Sure Commadore is 31 but maybe he’d come around again playing in front of his hometown and play like he did when he was with the ‘canes back in 06. and yes foster IS THAT BAD…”

    LDD…I did neglect to think on the half price part,thanks but y’know he was at the peak of his career in ‘o6 but i’m thinking an NHL Dman puts on a ton ‘o miles in five years. I see that he’s doing a ‘sheldon’ now but in Springfield and THEY haven’t played him yet so…for me Foster at least isn’t, as they say, disgruntled…

  • Other than having a cool last name–similar to a computer that I once bought back in my junior high days, Commodore is no answer to our d needs.
    I would love to have someone really mean back there. Wiesnewski would’ve been nice but I’ll pass on the guy from fort sask….