That wasn’t all bad by the Oil tonight.

The third period like it was going to be a throw away – but a couple of quick goals and the Oil went into the final frame down by only a single goal. And it turned out to be an entertaining 20 minutes to round things out to boot. No need to change channels over to HBO or Fox tonight, the Oilers did a fine job of keeping us entertained until the final whistle.

Still, the squadron hasen’t scored a powerplay goal since 1982 and a loss is a loss. But on the race to the bottom of the ocean the Oilers are making it entertaining at the very least.



  • Petry had a great game and was given mad ice time by Renney down the stretch. This guy looked solid all night.
  • Gagner, Omark and Paajarvi-Svensson had some decent chemistry going tonight. Not too shabby at all.
  • You have to wonder why Tambellini was playing his cards so close to his chest with regards to Whitney’s status early in his interview. If the guy needs surgery, he needs surgery. Nothing should be kept more secret than the status of a player on the 29th place team in the league. Well played Admiral.
  • Chris.

    Tambellini has to hang on to his picks and key members of his young core. Everyone understands this. Within that framework, Tambellini is either trying his best to ice a competative team… or he is not.

    If he is trying his best: then he is incompetent… (as evidenced by the Foster, Fraiser, JFJ, MacIntyre, and Strudwick signings last summer)

    If Tambellini is not trying to ice the best team possible… then he is a disgrace.

    Either way, Tambellini needs to get the boot before this team wins Stanley. A winning culture must start at the top.

    • Eddie Shore

      To be fair, I don’t think ANYONE thought Foster would be this bad. As for the other guys, they are transitional and will be upgraded when our core is ready to make a push. There is no point in finishing 9th this year. None.

      • Wax Man Riley


        Why break the bank on a 10th-11th place season, when you can plug holes with…..well …. plugs, save money that won’t be made in the playoffs anyway, and give your young’uns top minutes experience.

  • Dan the Man

    I’ve mentioned this before, but I’d be curious to see how much teams like Pittsburg and Chicago addressed their needs while the were rebuilding.

    I don’t have the time to invstigate too thouroughtly but my guess would be that they didn’t, otherwise they wouldn’t have been as bad as they were for as long as they were yet most people speak of their process like it is the holy grail of the rebuild.

  • John Chambers

    What is Tammbo’s busness plan for the oil.

    Maybe as manger Tambo’s job is done witch was to get rid of the old vets becuse Lowe could’nt do it.

    It time to move on Lowe.

  • Wax Man Riley

    This is a bye-year for the Oil and Tambo. We all knew this at the beginning of the season. All the talk leading up to the draft and in the summer was about how we cannot expect a playoff year…The rebuild plan is to let the rookies play….We’ll fill with transitional players….And now everyone is pissed that this is what is happening.

    This was the plan for this year.

    Losing sucks, I agree. We haven’t had a ton to cheer about in E-Town the last few years, but this was the plan. It will get better. Playoffs in ’12-’13

  • Ender

    If Hall plays center, then I think it is obvious that Stu “the Magnificent Bastard” McGregor takes the BPA, which is what I believe he will do no matter what anyway. Do you remember the second round last year where he took Pitlick ahead of Maricin? They took BPA (at the time) over need, and I think we got lucky. Ender Rutherford, lol? It ain’t all what it used to be…there are a bunch of young high impact d man playing across our league. Best Player Available for the win!

  • Dan the Man


    I basically agree with your points about drafting Dmen, but it’s difficult to acquire young impact Dmen with many RFA years left where you can have some control over his contract.

    You can try the trade route and go after say Chris Pronger. 🙂

    Just providing some counter argument as I agree, probably best to get the best forward you can with your first pick.

  • Ender

    Better yet…what is the risk/reward difference between picks? If all three are the same and we need a d-man, then why not take him? He could be the next Lidstrom, so why not gamble, especially with Hall a first line center.

    • Ender

      Let me put it this way; you have your choice of 3 lottery tickets to buy.

      Ticket #1 pays a jackpot of $10,000 and your odds of winning are 1/25000.

      Ticket #2 pays a jackpot of $15,000 and your odds of winning are 1/50000.

      Ticket #3 pays a jackpot of $18,000 and your odds of winning are 1/100000.

      All three tickets cost the same dollar to buy. Which ticket is the worst purchase? I’ll give you a hint: the defenseman in the example is ticket #3.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    It was great to see Petry step up on a Duck player and try to knock him into tommorow, a brash move from a kid whose confidence is increasing week by week. Petry just seems to be getting better and better, seeing that aggression in his game this early was just a bonus.

    Tambellini should tell him to find a more permanent place here so he doesn’t have that AHL thing hanging over his head anymore.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Ender, how Jim Rutherford of you…

    I wonder how the cap, and inability to trade for franchise D-men will affect the drafting of D-men now

    Pronger is an exception to the rule, where a top 10 player somehow ends up being on 5+ teams before retiring.

    As I see it, there are:

    Tyler Myers
    Zdeno Chara
    Dustin byfuglien
    Duncan Keith
    Brent Seabrook
    Nik Lidstrom
    Shea Weber
    Chris Pronger
    Dan Boyle
    Drew Doughty
    Jack Johnson
    Erik Johnson
    Victor Hedman (potentially)
    Mike Green

    As elite “franchise” d-men. (Give or take 3-4 guys)

    Do you ever get the ability to trade for one of these guys? Because if you don’t, you’d better draft one, especially in Edmonton, where we don’t get many UFA’s, let alone franchise UFAs.

    Would Tampa be better if they’d selected Duchesne, or Hedman. Where would Duchesne (sp?) fit into TB line-up. We may not have that problem yet, but if Hemsky, Penner both get resigned, theres no more room top 6 in 2-3 seasons.

    And for that reason, I take Larsson

      • Ender

        To me that says that franchise forwards and D are both extremely hard to come by, and are almost completely unavailable by trade or UFA.

        I definitely agree that elite D-men take longer to develop, but thats the only way we’ll get one (is to draft one)

        Realistically, we should be looking at in the next 3-5 years

        Whitney, Gilbert, Petry, Marincin, Peckham, Plante, Smid, Chorney etc.

        Is that good enough to plug in a Hamuis/Ballard/ 3-4 D-man, and be competing for a cup?

        We need a 1-2 defenceman so bad, that its worth the risk.

        (I know, you can change the names and positions and say the same thing about our forwards, but I see less of a need in the top 6, as I do in our top 4 defencemen)

        We can agree that the Oilers aren’t signing or trading for anyone of consequence for the next 2-3 years, and IMO, I see defense as more of a problem

  • A big step forward for this team would be to acquire a couple of competent NHL D-men. They don’t have to be game breakers like Pronger, but we’re so bad back there as it is (witness Gilbert playing career-shortening 30 minutes games). THOSE guys you can pick up.

    We’re so weak on D that (as sad as it is to say), the goal should be competency. Save the first-round draft picks for the BPA. If you don’t need that player, then the least you have is a good bargaining chip or the sort of “hard decisions” GM’s dream about.

  • If Larsson is unquestionably better than the next best option then take him, if it’s close then the Oilers better take the Forward.

    NO, I do not consider Hall to be the Oilers’ 1C of the future after 3 games at the position. He can obviously play the position, it doesnt mean he’s best suited there. And even if he sticks around as a C and doesnt move back to LW, does that make the Oil deep at C all of a sudden? No. Organizationally the club is still weak down the middle.

    And I cant believe that we’re still talking about the draft being flawed. If the draft was changed to punish bad teams, as has been described above, then the league would crumble under the weight of half a dozen failed franchises.

      • It worked in Pittsburgh, Washington, and Chicago. You’re acting like building a team the right way is some crazy idea I came up with after eating a bad donair. Guess what. You cant build a winning culture around sh*t players. It doesnt work.

        Come up with a way to get good players here to stay and then we’ll talk.

        PS. The last person to assemble a group of good players here at one time was Kevin Lowe circa 2005-2006. Things have kinda gone sideways since then.

        • Chris.

          …And it failed in Atlanta, Columbus, the Island and elsewhere. Guess what. You CAN build a losing culture around good players… finishing last again, and again isn’t a fool proof recipe for success. And please: Stop applauding a strategy any fool can employ. Why does Tambellini even get paid?

          • So you’ve established that you cant build a winner without drafting a Centre to go along with your wingers, but you still havent come up with a better way to go about it.

            And again, you’ve contradicted yourself. If any fool can employ the strategy then why did it fail in Atlanta and Columbus?