On a day that will eventually become a National Holiday in Canada – we celebrate Gretzmas as invented by Citizen Charlie F of Lethbridge and his crew of Oilers Fans.

For three years running, Charlie has been kind enough to send pictures of his outdoor hockey game celebrating the Birth of #99.

As he explained:

"Gretzmas is right around the corner (Jan. 26th), and as usual me and the crew in Lethbridge are gonna get bombed, play hockey, and exchange Gretzky related gifts afterwards. Last year I got "Hockey My Way" starring Wayne & Brent Gretzky with Defensive drills by Kevin Lowe, circa 1984."

Everyone wearing Gretzky jerseys and drinking Hot 100 while playing outdoor hockey in Southern Alberta. Could there be anything finer?

Answer: Yes there could be. Sexy chicks could be involved too as seen above.

So while TSN and SportsNet and the "corporate fat cats" are celebrating Gretzky’s 50th Birthday with the pomp and circumstance befitting the Great One passing a milestone – our thoughts are in Lethbridge today with the inventors of Gretzmas.

Have a great day Charlie from all of us at the Nation.

  • DJ Dynasty Handbag

    all of this celebrating the great one’s birthday must have gotten to me because i swear there was a fantastic brownlee article i was just reading that now seems to have disappeared.

    WANYE? did you delete brownlee’s article to post yours fist?

      • DJ Dynasty Handbag

        and quite the gift it is. this site is my connection to a whole new level of oilers hockey. living on vancouver island i don’t run into many fellow oil fans. so thank you (and the nation in general), not only for this gift of this article, but the gift of

        *single tear*

        *goes back to reading brownlees article and some of his own “herbal magic”* heh. ballsy

        • Bucknuck

          Nice to meet you, fellow Islander! There are a number of us Oilers fans here on the island, so the nation is well represented! You just have to find us.

          I have a number of Oilers logos strategically placed around my bookstore (like the blanket on my chair so I always have the oil drop between my shoulder blades), and as a result the Oilers fans reveal their awesomeness to me on a regular basis.

          One day we WILL switch the channel at BP’s. It is our destiny.

        • Love to hear there are sane people in BC! I use to live in white rock and was there for the best moment of the franchise, a historic 2nd place finish in ’94. I was the only person cheering for the rangers/former oilers. Couldn’t stand their whole team but Odjick & the Courtnalls really got to me.

          PS – Wanye, great real life story. Love to see the fans get some play on ON other than the board

  • Hemmercules


    Thanks Wayne. Also the game is in Calgary at the Springbank Outdoor Rink today… I’m stuck working but it will be a great time.

    And by the way, my buddy Ray made up the name, he just took a job next to Flames Central, and texted me “I took it because they’re letting me put up an Oilers Central sign”. When I told him we’re on Oilersnation again, he replied “Kevin Smith is tweeting about Gretzmas”.


    Merry Gretzmas to one and all. Have a Fireball for 99! Cheers!