To further the announcement graciously made on our behalf by Lowetide, the OilersNation will be coming to a radio near you as soon as this Saturday. OOOO! The City grinds to a halt with excitement!

During our two year courtship of Lowetide we always had it in our mind that he should return to being a kickass radio personality. We knew that he had been in the game in years past, had a one-in-a-million point of view on the game of ice hockey and was kicking it here in E-town. Marry the Lowetide with the radiola, sprinkle in regular guests and you are staring down the barrel of a damn decent show went the logic.

So as part of our wooing we made wild promises like "joining the Nation Network will put your articles in front of hundreds of thousands of eyes every month! We can open new doors together! One day we might be able to pay you in actual cash!"

And lo and behold we have been able to deliver on 1 of 1,500 promises: NationRadio launches shortly.


Like many Oilers fans we are too young to remember the glory days. With the exception of Dr. Randy Gregg we haven`t even laid eyes on half of the players, let alone are we privy to the stories of days gone by.

In these heart stopping days of Exciting Last Place Hockey, we thought it would be sweet to gather legends of Oilers broadcasting together and have them shoot the breeze and remember the past 56 years of Oilers hockey.

And not just the 80`s heyday either. 

Nick Stadjuhar deserves a biographic 30 minutes. So does Jeanshorts` hero Jason Bonsignore. What ever happened to either of those two anyways right? RIGHT?



A great many of the Oilers broadcasting legends that are around the team are retiring by the bushel to count their sky high piles of money. The problem is – despite thousands of hours on the radio or millions of newspaper articles – once these folks retire their point of view and memory banks will cease getting any play.

This is the other objective of NationRadio: Get the legends to download their brains onto the internet for all eternity. Then in the year 2045 when someone wants to fondly recall the 1994 Entry Draft, they have only to come to the Nation Network to breathlessly remember the year when the Oilers took Ladislav Benysek in the 11th round.

Remember him!? SQUEE?


Yes, NationRadio is the big announcement that we were itching to make. Yes, it will be available for download here at OilersNation and ultimately on iTunes – once we can figure out "how to upload things to iTunes." The Nation bought the airtime and we are free to rebroadcast it for all eternity on the internet, interwebs and the virtualcortexNet (coming in 2050.)

It will be broadcast live on location at the Pint Downtown from 12-2 PM and yes you can go down there and watch the magic if you are so inclined.

And with that we return to our lobbying efforts to get other legends on board to be regulars on the show. If you live next door to an Oilers media legend kindly print off and tape the following letter to their door would you?


  • Twiggs

    Man it would be great to see this show make it onto the weekday schedule eventually. Maybe after Greggor while some of us poor suckers are still driving home from work. Very exciting announcement though! I can’t wait to listen in and hear the heckling from ON faithful who made it down to the Pint for half a dozen mid afternoon pops.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Since the powers that be probably won’t even be awake by noon on Saturday, i’ll stop by and christen (dust) Alans workspace with a bottle of glitter at noon Saturday to honor this glorious day.

    Pouring 4 ozs of glitter into the air intake won’t jam/gum up the motor on my leaf blower, will it?

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      rosscreek never mentioned anything about it. He has at least 3 or 4 years of pride parades for experience, im sure he would have mentioned any issues

  • positivebrontefan

    Hate to throw a wet blanket over your kickoff event, but you guys do realize the Oilers are actually playing on Saturday afternoon? It’s a noon start of all things. I honestly can’t remember if we’ve ever had such an early game time ever before. But we do on Saturday.

  • bigrroberto

    Can’t wait! I work Saturdays and this will be nice to listen to over lunch.

    On a side note. Red deer rebels play medicine hat tigers tonight on shaw tv. Will be a good chance for everyone to watch RNH.

  • Dear Nation,

    Please have your show air during the week on the Team 1260. It can air from 10:00am – 12:00pm.

    Everyone who is sick of hearing “yea, yea, yea, yea” 100 times on Fridays, and other annoying sounds during the rest of the week.

    • Twiggs

      I might get ripped for this but I strongly disagree. Ya Rome rambles more than most would like but he offers a view on sports that we don’t get from anywhere else in these parts. I was actually pretty chapped when they cut the last hour of his show on the Team. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Team’s morning show, Oiler’s Lunch with Stauff and Greggors show. Rome just has a different pace, diffenernt delivery and touches on differenc subject.

      I would love to see ON radio during the week though!

  • ubermiguel

    Available as a podcast? Live at the Pint? An oral (hi-yo) history of the Oilers? Lowetide’s excellent analysis? This is going to be awesome. Bravo Wayne!

      • Jamie B.

        Ironically the Oilers play ANOTHER early afternoon game next Saturday too. I don’t know what the reasoning is behind that. Maybe something to do with it being on Sportsnet so they’re not allowed to conflict with HNIC.

        There is nothing I loathe more than early afternoon games. I should never have to set an alarm clock to watch hockey unless it’s international.

  • positivebrontefan

    Will it be a valentine edition ? What’s the format and rules ? Contraversary, conflicting views and instigating allowed ? Prizes and contests ? What will be the shows rating – adult or otherwise ? Will there be a “knot hole section ” for the kids to get involved ? Will you be covering Oil Kings as well ?

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans


    noon this saturday the pint 9th & jasper Lowtide hosting OilerNationRadio show til 2pm in the bar at the same time The Oilers play The Sens at noon

    …bring your own Hello My Name Is sticker…

  • yabut you said: “…It will be broadcast live on location at the Pint Downtown from 12-2 PM and yes you can go down there and watch the magic if you are so inclined…”
    hmmm in the face of logicANDradio history

    i’ve read the citizens here… more than just I was thinking of the time to be had launching this sucka upright…righteous like…
    what it is?

    there’s going to be 4 ounces of glitter shot through a wind machine man…~someone said gregor was gonna have Octane there~

    …i think

    • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

      Probably too late but…

      PELHAM >>>

      You never answered my questions. All you managed to do was make a retarded smart-as* comment and re-hash what was in the article. Kudos.

      I’ll dumb it down for you because maybe I’m too dumb in these modern times. Is this radio show actually being broadcast on the radio? You OK with that question?

      sorry for the late reply…

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Plenty of friendly faces await you at The Pint. Last time i stopped in, there was a beautiful blonde (i think, forgot my glasses) seated at the bar, i cozied up next to her, she seemed receptive, so i nibbled on her ear, then she farted and flew out the open door.