TGIF Nation. On this fine Friday let’s talk dual charitable drives and give a NationRadio update. Reading blogs sure beats working don’t it? Ooh yeah.


Pictured above with his favourite pooches is Baggedmilk – one half of the legendary website JSBM. Somehow or other they have landed a sweet pair of Oilers-Stars tickets and an XL Oilers Jersey.

Rather than quickly trading them for a fistful of GalaxyLand ride tickets and two large spools of cotton candy – they have kindly decided to auction them in support of the World’s Longest Hockey Game on Gregor’s show today.

"When Brownlee wrote that article the other day" baggedmilk explained via bbm, "we were seriously impressed that these guys are going that hard in the name of the Alberta Cancer Foundation. We lack the skates and fitness required to play as well as the motor car needed to travel to the rink, but we do have Oilers tickets. And a brand new Oilers Jersey. So we decided to donate that instead."

And some tickets they are Nation. For the game against the Stars on February 15 you could be sitting in "Ballers Row" – Section 134 Row 8. And you can be lookin oh so fine in your brand new Oilers jersey. How JSBM ever laid their sticky-with-candy hands on seats so prime we will never know, but mad props to them for stepping up and donating them.

The bidding will take place on Gregor’s show today and will end by 6. Call in and place a bid will ya?


Speaking of pictures of big hairy beasts that can rip you to shreds with their pointy teeth, get a load of Steve MacIntyre with pink hair. This year the Oilers pugilist has followed in the footsteps of Ethan Moreau and Ales Hemsky before him – donating his time and hair to the wonderful cause that is the St. Valentines Day Massacure in support of Cancer research.

Our good friend Roni is involved with the Massacure and took time from her day to email us about what a beauty MacIntyre is. Apparently he is a fine gentleman and is quick to land a hand wherever needed and has quickly become a favourite for everyone involved in the cause.

If you haven’t mentally spent all your money on JSBM tickets and the Oilers Jersey already, you might want to consider swinging by the Massacure website and sending a few bucks their way. If not to support a good cause, to placate the angry smashing of Big Mac there who has a short fuse and probably won’t stand for sluggish donation rates.


It wouldn’t be a Nation production if there wasn’t 11th hour drama would it? Hell no. Lowetide is ready to make his trimphant return to the airwaves. He has the first show all lined up – sweet guests included – and from what we understand it is going to be a hell of a kickoff.

The issue at the current moment is the Pint. Apparently you need to have something called an ISDN line activated to be able to broadcast live on the radiola. Apparently these lines can be turned on and off like a light switch and the line at the Pint is currently turned off.

You are probably thinking "but Wanye – shouldn’t you have figured out several days ago that this damned thing needed to be turned on?" To this we would reply "sure, but we have been busy doing other things for the show."

And to that you might ask "oh really like what?" We would reply "lots of things, like imagining Jordan Eberle being a guest and thinking of how to work it into conversation with really hot chicks. And doing lots of air karate in precelebration of the show being awesome. It has been a full week."

Then you would shake your head sadly and walk away.

The show goes live tomorrow as planned Nation 12-2 on Team 1260. If you miss the airing or don’t live within the broadcast area we will be putting it up on the site next week for you to download to your hearts content. It may broadcast the first time from the station is all. Is that such a big problem?

*shakes fists at the Gods of ISDN lines*

  • Ender

    Lowetide and the Oilers game at the same time. Win-Win. Well, Win-ELPH anyway. I’ll be listening.

    [imagines Eberle mic’d-up and doing an interview with LT while scoring on a breakaway and winking at hot chicks.]

    [wonders if Eberle’s skates are fitted with ISDN lines.]

    • Horcsky

      I never even thought of that. I wonder if that was taken into consideration with the planning for the debut of the show? I would think most fans will be watching/listening to Hockey Day and the Oil game.

      The good thing is people can check out the archives. Always amazed though at how little some people seem to use the archives. Like all the requests to shows like Oilers Lunch, Tencer’s show or Gregor’s show to replay interviews people missed. Which are archived on the site and often times on the Oiler website. Seems like it is usually mentioned the requests to replay interviews come by way of Email. So these people apparently have internet.

      Anyway whether it be live or the archive I am looking forward to listening to the show. Best of luck to LT and company with it.

  • Horcsky

    @ Wanye

    “Our good friend Roni is involved with the Massacure and took time from her day to email us about what a beauty MacIntyre is. Apparently he is a fine gentleman and is quick to land a hand wherever needed”

    Unfortunately, MacIntrye has not ‘landed’ any hands when the Oilers have needed him to this season.

  • Reality Check to the head

    I would listen to the Nation Radio show, but I will be attending tomorrow’s game against Ottawa for hockey day in Canada. I wonder if the launch could have been better timed.

    Oh well, I wish you luck and will tune in when I can.


    • Le Fixe!


      I’m certain the launch could have been better timed. I am also certain IDSN lines cannot be toggled on and off on a Friday afternoon.

      See how much we are all learning about the radio business already!?

  • Jamie B.

    Actually a whole bunch of them are doing the Hair Massacure: Hall, Eberle, Omark, Peckham, Petry and Paajarvi too.

    Good on the kiddos for being involved and realizing that hair is clearly not a requirement for getting with the ladies when you’re 20 years old and playing in the NHL.

      • Hemmertime

        Same thing I thought. But would still have to roll with it. Hall’s said that there has been no rookie hazing really this year. If their “hazing” is part of a cause to raise money for charity I think that would be a great idea. Could also have been initiated by a rookie too.

  • Hemmertime

    anyone remember game 1 this season, GLORIOUS GAME#1….I di believe bigmac landed a FEW that night! And best of luck from the slums of BC for the launch of NATIONRADIO!

  • Hemmertime

    In the history of Oilers Nation, there has never been a better caption than the one below the feature photo in this article.

    Brilliant. Humbling to be in the presence of greatness. AND you owe me a new keyboard. 🙂