A few months ago we threw out a super strange video that seemed to show a cross dressing time traveller talking on a cell phone in the middle of a 1930’s street. That was debated amongst the Nation brain scientists and ultimately resulted in a hung jury as to the authenticity of the footage.

In 2011 we present you this.

Apparently Jerusalem had a very interesting evening back on January 28, 2011. A bright speck in the sky was seen by thousands of people, several of whom uploaded video onto YouTube that shows – well give it a watch to see what it shows.

Says MSNBC: "As dark UFO videos go, this clip showing flashing lights over Jerusalem is certainly a puzzler. A bright speck seems to descend toward the skyline, around the location of the Dome of the Rock (also known as the Temple Mount). This version of the Jan. 28 clip shows two side-by-side videos, captured by observers who were virtually side-by-side as well. "Have fun debunking this one," the YouTube user who posted the video writes."


Conspiracy theorists consider this video – coupled with the fact thousands of people seem to have witnessed the same incident from numerous vantage points and angles – as the ultimate proof that Jodie Foster was right in the movie Contact.

Those opposed to the footage say it was faked – the elaborate work of a hoaxer type working in the shadows on behalf of some shadowy organization of UFO hoaxers. We are of the mind that the footage above is one of the crazier things we have ever seen. The fact that it shows three synched video feeds from three different vantage points is crazier still.

Bottom line: If we believed in the cross dressing time traveller 7/10 on the "it could happen" scale, this UFO sighting is easily an 8/10.

Give it a watch and prepare to have your mind blown.



Remember the rousing debate that engulfed us all last summer once we knew the Oil were picking first overall? Remember how we personally thought the Oil should have picked Seguin over Hall and how we may or may not have wept bitterly at the 2010 Draft Party?

Yeah well turns out we were dead wrong.

Fact 1: Hall is absolutely destroying Seguin on the scoresheet. Yes, yes one plays for a force in the East and the other plays for the "Oilers" and is given opportunity on a different scale. We understand that caveat.

Fact 2: Hall is improving in all aspects of his game as the season wears on. He is becoming increasingly difficult to knock off the puck, competes along the boards for loose pucks and can bench press a Volkswagen if called upon in the weight room.

Seguin? Not so much.

We had an interesting chat with a fellow close to the Bruins over the weekend and asked him about our summer love back in 2010. He recounted a tale of a Mr. Tyler Seguin who may have flash and dash with the puck, but doesn’t compete nearly hard enough to be an elite NHL player.

He isn’t physical, doesn’t always back check and is floating enough to grate on the nerves of his Beantown teammates from time to time. Overall he is showing there is a lot of meat remaining on the old "development bone" if you will. 

Meanwhile Hall continues to become a beast and could damn well pot 25 goals in his rookie year while thrilling lady hearts all over town.

Thank the big baby Jesus that the Oilers picked Taylor Hall last summer in the draft. This buys MacGregor all the faith in the world as we head towards the second 1st overall pick in as many years. We have no idea who is going to go number one, but we have some faith in the fellas assigned to figure it out.

Seriously though. Is that a UFO?

  • yawto

    This is the fist i’ve seen of that ufo sighting. It is also my first fist. (as he pumps his fist repeatedly and wakes up in the middle of the night giving himself a high five )

  • Deaner

    Even weirder is the fact that I had a dream last night where Eberle was traded (don’t remember to who or for what) but I was happy with the return :s. Shoot me now!

  • Freezing Weather Fan

    Well holy shizzlesticks.. This might be the first time a four lettered word that begins with f, (the one not allowed on tv) is allowed on here. Cause I’m pretty sure even my mom might pull out an f bomb over that possible ufo vid.

  • Being wrong about Hall vs Seguin isn’t the worst thing, but one rookie year does not a career make. Hall is leading this race big time, but it’s a marathon not a sprint. Still lots of hockey to be played for these two.

  • Clyde Frog

    If Ladislav Smid can get himself a sweet European hat trick before the end of the year I think we will have conclusive evidence that UFOs have visited the planet earth and apparently are strong supporters of the European Love Machine’s hockey skills.

    That or someone invented a flying pig, either way I am mostly happy…

    Goooo Smidder!

  • Puritania

    I heard that there is an application in some mac book that can produce the same graphics of that UFO vid. Not saying it is real or isn’t, just saying some research about that feature would help clear things up for me.

    As much as I love the idea of contact with aliens it’s just hard for me to think that they would be so interested in us. Humans are a very selfish race in that we think everything in the universe revolves around us. I think an alien race would be so incredibly advanced that they would see us more like how we see insects than as “equals”. Not to mention many cosmologists and theoretical physicists hold the view that aliens would be a predatory civilization much like our own. Many think that they would not come to say hello, but would come and just jack our sh*t.

    It’s a very interesting topic, I’ve wondered if we’ve been visited why everything is so vague. For example, why would a civilization so advanced care if we see them? We are in no position to stop them from doing anything they wanted to us. Everything seems so hush hush to me. On the flip side, one would think that if aliens were to visit us we should not be able to see anything. If we as humans are dabbling in invisibility at this very moment, a civilization that advanced would have it perfected a very long time ago. We are just scratching the surface with this technology.

    Either way, if it was or wasn’t a real UFO the discussions to be had are very interesting and very fun. We need to ask these questions and look at things from a different perspective if we are to have any real meaningful dialogue.

    Kudos to Wanye for bringing these neat topics to the Nation.

    • Why does everybody think that just because an alien race has mastered time travel it means that they are more advanced than us in ALL aspects or that they must be thousands of years older than our civilization? I have a theory that perhaps their civilization could be younger than ours, maybe instead of fighting each other for thousands of years they’ve grown and worked together as a society to better themselves, they’ve mastered space travel and found us and they don’t want to make contact with such a hostile race, perhaps they are scared of our weapons because they haven’t been inventing killing machines for the whole of their existence…

      Anyways, good thing we picked Hallsie!

  • Craig1981

    Anyone with a better memory remember what the rumour mongers had the Oilers trading to Boston for their pick to get both Hall AND Seguin?

    I seem to recall something like Eberle and Hemsky for pick #2 (Seguin) and Ryder. Is that correct and did we ever hear if there was any truth to that rumour?

    • ClosetGM

      I heard the same thing Eberle and Hemsky for the number two pick. When i heard that i almost threw up and was seriously nervous that Chiarelli would change his mind. You got away with one there Tambi. I saw it reported on tsn at the draft so take it form there. I think we can all see that even trading Ebs for Seguin would have been a huge mistake.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Oilers put a number of proposals in front of Chiarelli last summer, Ebs and Hemsky wasn’t one of them. Peter did ask for Eberle and Hemsky the day of the draft but thats when talks broke down. The Oilers did all they could to aquire that pick, we’re all breathing a little easier with Tambellini saying no to that proposal.

  • Craig1981

    I hope Hall teaches us we take the best player at the draft npot the postion we think we need or size. If Adam Larsson is good, Couturier is big, but if RNH is the best player I think last year shows you take him

  • All I know is the last Oilers Game was UFW – Un-F*ckin’-Watchable.

    BTW – That video has already been slayed as a hoax. Too bad because the sooner we admit extraterrestrial life exists, the sooner we’ll get on to more important things – Like why Khabby plays so damn much despite being the suckiest starting goalie that ever sucked.

    • I don’t think it has been hoaxified by any one of particular science cred has it? I have looked high and low and see only bloggers ripping it apart. And my time as a blogger has taught me anything – do not trust the opinions of bloggers.

      As for aliens being violent – here is the opinion of a blogger:

      If they have the technology for interplanetary space travel it would stand to reason that they have had the technology to destroy themselves too. Therefore any aliens travelling as far as Earth must be peaceful, as they have had the means to wipe themselves out for years.

      And finally this is one of the more classic comment strings in awhile imo.

      • Puritania

        I see your blogger comments Wanye, and raise you a Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku double whammy!

        Hawking postulates that aliens might simply raid Earth for its resources and then move on: “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach.” He concludes that trying to make contact with alien races is “a little too risky. If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”

        World renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku warns that the chances are that any alien life advanced enough to reach our planet is likely to be predatory in nature. He argues that human beings as the top of the food chain on this planet are predators and any intelligent life form, especially one that is capable of the advanced technology necessary for space travel is also likely to be predatory.


        (I love these discussions)

  • DJ Dynasty Handbag

    that video is something else, as was the “time traveller” one (that still has me rather perplexed). here’s another one that happened over new york back in october…

    i do not have interweb skills to make this a direct link, so the ol’ cut n’ paste will have to do.

    as for hall v. seguin. i liked hall as our #1 pick when it happened, and i like him as our #1 pick even more as the games go by. you could question whether we needed a centre more than another winger or whether he plays too recklessly for his own good but one thing you can’t question is the intensity in his eyes when the game is being played – he wants to win. that is a quality we need alot more of on this team.

  • bigrroberto

    Because the draft topic is brought up again I’m going to relay a little story from this afternoon.

    The wife and I had the day off today and went for a pizza buffet and The Rock. We were seated at a table right next to a table with 7 kids and an adult. Upon closer look it was Rebels coach Jesse Wallin and all the Red Deer Rebels captains and top players. RNH was among them. Two thoughts. 1, RNH is definately small, but looks like he has room to put on more weight. 2, it was obvious they were having a team meeting over lunch and it was really neat to watch the boys all hunched over listening intently to what the coach had to say.

    My pick is we take RNH and watch in awe as he wins face offs and sends perfect passes to Hall for years to come.

  • Puritania

    Well said Ender.

    That is a nicely worked analogy.

    I don’t know whether a Type 3 (or greater if such a type should exist) civilization would be predatory or not. I do know however that it would be foolish of us to believe that they would not be.