Trade Target: Bogosian

This is Zach Bogosian. 20-years old, he plays the toughest opposition available, has size and can handle himself. And he might be available.

Nick Kypreos has connections and a twitter account, plus he’s an NHL Insider. When he tweets:

  • "Bogosian hasn’t officially asked to be traded but it’s been noted he’s not happy and would like change of scenery by next season."

I start thinking about ways to get him on the roster. Nothing against Adam Larsson, but if the Oilers take him with their lottery pick this summer it will be followed by at least two or three years of development. Defensemen develop by sundial, history tells us that much. Bogosian’s growing pains are already well underway and a true defenseman is coming out the other side.

How good is Bogosian? Well his boxcars this season (47gp, 4-7-11 -16)  aren’t spectacular but he’s not a one trick pony either. What does he do? He handles the heavy lifting in Atlanta, as this chart shows (chart here) and if he’s available the Oilers have to take a look at it. imo.

I’m not suggesting the Oilers trade their lottery pick for Bogosian, but a package of picks and players might be enough to pry him from the Thrashers. 6.03, 205 and his scouting report shines:

  • Has great mobility. Owns a huge shot from the point and sound offensive ability. Is very aggressive and capable of shutting down opposing forwards.

That from HN.

  • 5cups7years

    You cant compare Nilsson and Omark…..
    Omark does not even have full NHL season under his belt despite being 23…Nilsson has showed up for as many games as Omark played.

  • Peterborough

    Tams probably suffering from trade overload with Hemsky and Penner possibly available ? Those players Tams might want to unload he probably is getting little to no action on . Can he parley the two to make a deal(s) ? I don’t think he wants to let Penner or Hemsky go . Penner and Hemsky’s value to other clubs is probably highest this trade deadline. Maybe Tams should declare both are untouchables , and get on with trading some other bodies, and lessen the overload ?

  • Hemmertime

    Unless the Oilers plan on unloading Gagner and or Eberle , i see no reason to be drafting Hopkins this year . I think it’s safe to cross him off the Oilers draft list .

  • Hemmertime

    I don’t care who they keep. I just want them to learn how to win. And if they are aiming for the first overall again in the draft, they are not learning how to win. There is such a thing as habits. Make wining a habit…!!!…You just might like it…we might also.

  • Peterborough

    LA? used to be above us but with only Schenn and Bernier as 8 prospect I don’t think they are above us but they certainly are top 3. Big points in junior?? you mean like Robbie Scremp did? The kid is good does make there top 20 your just reading an un-updated report!!!