The alternate title for this graph could be "indifference v hatred of the suckitide." You pick.

We were having a chat with some of the boys last night regarding the Oilers win over the Stars last game. "How come you didn’t Ghost Ride after the win" asked our one buddy, triggering a debate about where the average Oilers fan’s head should be on February 17, 2011.

The way we figure, we are collectively at a turning point.


A great many casual Oilers fans have long since given up hope or care for the 2010-2011 season. Some of the crew roll their eyes and tune out if the Oilers game is mentioned at all. "I don’t care a bit about the Oilers these days. I wrote the season off long ago and I have basically done the same already for next year" was one of the opinions thrown out in the rousing debate.

For these folks there is nothing to get mad about because they no longer follow the comings and goings of the squad. They may place some faith in the Super Kids, but have been so beat down by the Shitanusly Bad Hockey these past 5 years that they have literally tuned out.

Another sub-group within the indifference crowd are those who are convinced that things are going to turn out just fine and that we should all sit idly by and let the Mighty Oil rebuild on their own schedule. "The future is bright" they say. "provided you define the future as 2040."

These are the folks we can understand the least of the indifference peeps. Passionate enough to follow the team 24/7 they have given them a hall pass of competing on a night to night basis. They themselves are indifferent to the remainder of the season, why shouldn’t the Oilers themselves be too?


There is a second group of Citizens of the OilersNation who have taken a different approach to the winning free hockey being played by the Oilers. They understand the fact that the Oilers are two years into a rebuild but don’t accept the current lack of compete on the ice as a part of that process.

We count ourselves squarely among this group of people. It is only the revolution in positivity that has come into our lives since we saw the Justin Bieber movie in 3D* that prevents us from filling the pages of the interwebs with venom laced venom rants, detailing in great degree that the E in ELPH stands for exciting and not excrement. No, the Biebs would not want it to be that way and so we will sit on our hands for the time being.

Our very own Robin Brownlee made mention of this fork in the road in a recent article. "There is something a lot worse than the fear and loathing fans have expressed today. It’s called indifference, and once a lover scorned goes down that road, history shows that it’s tough to rekindle that flame."

Without putting too fine a point on the issue we will simply throw out the question on what seems to be a light day for articles on the Nation.

Where do you sit on February 17, 2011?

*Actual story, fantastic movie, wanna fight about it?

  • Petr's Jofa

    Sure Zarf boil it down for the passion riddled fan going about his life…watch or don’t, buy or don’t blah blah blah mate …bucknut knows his feelings…i’m sure you don’t…you ask everyone to listen so don’t me or him how to feel or for that matter what to do…yikes!

    how does one not offend when all he really wants to do is be offensive?

    that wasn’t too offensive was it?

  • DJ Dynasty Handbag

    i sit behind door #2.

    here on feb.17th, 2011 i would have to say that i feel exactly the way i thought i would feel at the start of the season. we’re in a rebuild and i’m prepared to allow that process to happen without jumping on and off the bandwagon. this isn’t a quick fix and we all knew that going into this season.

    i’m pleased with the progress of hall and eberle. paajarvi and omark have both shown me more than i fully expected from them as well (for the most part). peckham is showing he’s capable of becoming a shutdown type dman. dubnyk has been far and away the best of the two goalies. hell, even cogs has shown signs of life.

    with that said i’m not pleased with the overall amount of SUCK and lack of compete that seems to strike this team more often than not. i’m annoyed that ST has allowed the team to go through yet another season without addressing some glaring needs.

    let me put it this way…

    i’m a proud canadian. i love living in canada. however, i’m not such a fan of our government and some of the decisions they make. and that’s kind of how my relationship with the oilers is – i LOVE the oilers. i will stand behind the team in the best of times and in the worst of times – regardless of who’s steering the ship.


    ….taps mic….”this thing on?”…..

    i pay for nhl center ice just so i can watch every game….

    i get goose bumps seeing replays of eberle’s SQUEELICIOUS goal against the flames…

    i walked out of the room with 3 seconds left on the clock of game 7, 2006 just so i didn’t have to watch carolina lift the cup….never seen it, never will….

    i have a room in my house filled with oilers gear – cards, banners, posters, etc….

    when i played road hockey as a kid i was always the goalie. i had my mask painted in oiler colors and i wrote “ranford” in big silver letters on the shaft of my goalie stick….

    i still tear up when i see a clip of wayne gretzky in our colors – the only jersey he ever wore that mattered….

    i’m planning my next “vacation” to edmonton so i can see my team play live for the first time ever on home ice….

    my name’s chris….and i’m a proud member of oilers nation.

    • Honest to Goodness if I didn’t know you aren’t me I would have thought I wrote this.

      Cheering for the Oilers doesn’t mean cheering for any particular player, agreeing with the front office staff or Coaches.

      The concept of the “Oilers” is larger than all of that. All personnel involved are exactly that – personnel who can come and go. The team lives on and is much larger than all of that.

      That is what I am a fan of too dude. Very well put.

  • Tron

    Door #2 all the way.

    I pay the big bucks to go to these games whenever I can. Went on tuesday vs. Dallas and just bought some Row 1’s against Atlanta. Seeing the kids play makes it all worthwhile.

    While the throw up that was last weekends games did anger me, being there for the home W filled to the brim with rexall beers made me all smiles again.

  • Confession time: I was one of those guys in the late ’90s and early ’00s that said: “If The Oil want to contend for a Cup they have to suck for a couple of years, get some superstars in the draft, and grow a legitimate cup contender for years to come.” I thought I had the patience to handle a rebuild but, hey, it was the late ’90s, Friends was still on TV and the Trappers were still in town, no doubt ample distraction should a reload take place. Fast forward to the 2nd year of a rebuild and, man, this is hard.
    There’s one reason I am still watching Oilers’ hockey in February: because for about 7 minutes in the 2nd period of that game against Dallas (approx. 630 to 1530, google it!) we got to see what the Oil are going to look like when they are good, and man it was deadly. Seriously good stuff. If I had given up on the season for even a second I would have missed that teaser and probably lost my faith in this rebuild for good.

  • Ender

    I just did a quick calculation on our win% and was pretty shocked. If someone had asked me this morning “Ender, without looking, the Oilers this year have won on average 1 out of every how many games this season?” I would have probably guessed 1/6, 1/7 . . . I was amazed to see we’ve actually flat-out won 17 of 57 contests, or a dazzling 30% of our games. That’s WAY better than I expected. It also doesn’t serve my ultimate desire for the rest of the year very well.

    Developmentally for the kids, the best thing for them would be to win a lot of games and to gain a ton of personal confidence doing it. Unfortunately, that would blow up our chance of picking anyone very good at the draft.

    The best thing for the Magnificant Bastard would be for the Oilers to finish with 1 point less than the 29th-place team. The way that Ottawa is playing, that won’t be easy but if any team is capable of doing it, it’s the 10-11 Oilers.

    The most entertaining thing for moi would be having the team do something memorable – something no Oilers team will ever repeat. Winning 1 out of every 3 of the remaining 25 games might accomplish as close to everyone’s objectives as possible, but it sure as hell won’t be very exciting. On the other hand, losing every freakin’ game down the stretch – and losing them badly – well, it would be awful for the rookies, but it would sure catch everyone’s interest and cause a stir. Things would happen behind the curtain, let me tell you. Trades would be made, deadwood would be cleared (not all of it from the ice level), and out here journalists would document the new standard for ultimate futility.

    Yes sir, that would be entertaining. Not the best thing for the team, I agree, but entertaining. No one likes a train wreck, but everyone will hang around one and watch for hours.

    Maybe if things got bad enough, it might even scare Pat Quinn into showing his face again. Nothing says “Nothin’ frickin’ matters anymore” like ol’ Patty showing up in front of the MSM in a desperate last-ditch effort to get people to forget, even for a single day, just how bad a hockey team can really be.

    If you’re going to be bad, at least be good at it.

  • geoilersgist

    I too continue to bang my head on door 2 in hopes that soon door 3 will open up on its on and I can walk through with hurting myself. My girlfriend is not a hockey fan at all and doesn’t understand why I still watch every single game even though we loose. I just tell her look I was raised cheering for the oilers I was around for 3 cups being won and I’m going to be here for the next ones. As hard as this season is to watch and the harassment I take from friends as I live in Calgary I always have hope that things will turn around again when I see Hall, Eberle and Magnus playing. Oilers for Life