Well if a surprise 5-1 stomping of the Avalanche on the road isn’t the strangest thing you have seen in awhile, hopefully this video of a (mannequin?) (lady?) fits the bill.

Because it is strange days Nation. Strange days indeed.


What exactly happened to the Oilers last night in Denver? Did they realize that the Avs are 25th place in the league and thereby far out of the Oilers weight class? Where did they find the pluck and determination to put 5 rubber scoring discs past something called a Brian Elliott?

No no no. This won’t do at all. This isn’t the same squadron that was outscored 13-4 by the Hawks, Sens and Ducks as recently as 11 days ago. This is a different team altogether. This team looked dangerous. This team was finishing checks, finishing passes and finishing plays with the biscuit tucked squarely in the basket.

Who the hell was that wearing the old Copper and Blue last night?

Eberle’s laser beam? Forget about it.

The fact Hall had 5 or 6 glorious opportunities and walked away with another 2 points in the can? Come on.

Foster going so far as to score another goal? What the business with that?

The only way we could recognize this team as our beloved Oilers Squadron was the iffy play of Tom Gilbert and even HE walked away with 2 points on the night.

Let’s all simmer down the winnery around here fellas. You may have cranked up the volume on the E of late but remember that the LPH in ELPH does stand for last place hockey.

This cannot continue against the Blues tomorrow night. They are all the way up in 21st place for heavens sakes.

Can it?

  • Jack Dupp

    paging mr. dithers…paging mr. dithers…5 days left…do not let a certain evident sloth like quality ruin an opportunity to alter the course of the oilers future…now don’t go coocoo for cocoa puffs but some change is good.

    penner, hemsky i don’t care, smid, cogs,no matter, gagner or be it gilbert listen to the phone offers make a decision and stop dilly dallying….please.