Colten Teubert

Colten Teubert was selected 13th overall in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, nine spots earlier than Jordan Eberle. He was one of a number of highly-touted Kings prospects prior to being traded to Edmonton in the Dustin Penner deal earlier today.

What kind of player is he?

From THN’s 2008 Draft Preview:

Teubert is a classic defensive defenseman who excels in the shutdown aspect of the game and plays with a pretty wide mean streak. “He’s not as polished as [Luke] Schenn, but he’s meaner than Schenn,” one scout said. “He’s a nasty guy to play against.” One scout said Teubert might tumble on draft day because he can be a little erratic and compared him to Bryan Marchment. Another scout wonders what all the fuss is about with Teubert. “I think he’s a little overrated,” the scout said. “He has pretty average hockey sense. He has good size and mobility and he competes, but I think his hockey sense keeps him from being a top pick.”

Those quotes have held up pretty well since draft day. I’ve seen early comments on Teubert placing the emphasis on where he was taken in the NHL draft, but the reality is that Teubert is not a marquee prospect at this point. If the Oilers wanted to turn around and move him at the draft, I’d wager heavy money that they would be unable to turn him into another first round draft pick, despite the time he has spent developing.

Physically, the strengths are the same now as they were on draft day. Teubert has good size (6’4”, 195lbs), and he’s still a nasty player. He’s willing to drop the gloves, although he isn’t really a brawler (four fights so far this season in the AHL). His straight-line speed and acceleration are pretty good for a player of his size. He’s a right-handed shot. Teubert was also the captain in Regina and despite occasional questions about discipline leadership has been mentioned as a plus all down the line.

Unfortunately, the negatives in his game have not disappeared. Teubert’s offensive game has been non-existent as a professional. Questions about his decision making still exist. His skating is generally a plus, but as McKeen’s put it a few years ago, “he can be sluggish in pivots and vulnerable to outside speed.”

Ultimately for Los Angeles, Teubert was expendable. Alec Martinez made the jump to the NHL from Manchester earlier this year, and Jake Muzzin has seen action in the show as well. After those two, the Kings had Vyacheslav Voynov, who is enjoying a tremendous season with Manchester (59GP – 12G – 28A – 40PTS, +15) as well as Thomas Hickey. Derek Forbort is also in the system, although not yet at the professional level.

In the Oilers system, Teubert’s best comparable is probably Alex Plante, and I imagine that he’ll slot in at around that spot on the depth chart – behind Jeff Petry and Taylor Chorney, but still an option for an NHL recall. I don’t expect that we will see him playing for the Oilers this season, and given his age and the other options in the system it seems likely that he will start 2011-12 in Oklahoma City.

All things considered, Teubert’s a nice prospect but not a spectacular one, with most estimates having him as a future depth defender at the NHL level.

  • Willis, do you really think the Oilers could have gotten Voynov, a 1st and a 3rd round pick from LA?

    I highly doubt the 1st round pick would have been in play with Voynov. So what’s the better return then? Voynov for Penner or the package we got?

  • Slapshot

    LA wins this deal today,Edmonton wins the deal at the end of this year and moving forward.Anyone who thinks Penner was going to re sign here should give there head a shake,he has a home in LA,his wife is an actress and it did not look to me that he was devasted like Ryan Smyth was when he was traded.

  • Hemmercules

    I hate these trades. We will never really know how good the return is for a couple years and we get to watch one of our top players go to a playoff team. For a team already wearing thin on fan patience this only makes it worse. Penner didn’t always look like he was giving 100% but I’m pretty sure his play will be missed here now that he’s gone. Cap space is all fine and dandy too, but for a team with such a huge problem signing ufa players, tons of cap space will only help with trades. If they want ufa’s this summer there will have to be some major overpaymnet for sure. I just feel like the rebuild got pushed back with this trade, big summer ahead.

  • Who dat

    To all who say, oh we don’t have cap space problems, or cap space is only useful if we sign UFAs, keep in mind the cap space we haven’t isn’t truly ‘free space’.

    In two more seasons, Hall, Eberle, and Paajarvi are up for negotiation. As of now, I think most people here would say we need to keep them. And the 900k hit is definitely going to go up, the only question is how much.

    • Crash

      Just for info sake….The cap hit for each of Hall, Eberle and Paajarvi is more than the 900k you have listed.

      Hall’s hit is 3.75 mil, Paajarvi’s is 1.525 mil and Eberle’s is 1.16 mil.

      This is due to the bonus structures in their contracts. More than likely in their next contracts their bonus structures will be replaced with actual salary. Yes their cap hits will still likely go up or at least Hall’s and Eberle’s will but it’s not rising from 900k it’s rising from higher than that.

  • I wanted to comment about something slightly off topic, but people have been wondering why players like Vandermeer (who I know was fully expecting a trade) were not moved.

    I believe that, given the emphasis placed on the team in OKC, these players were not moved specifically to aid in the development of defensemen on the farm by a) helping OKC stay as competitive as possible, and b) allowing guys to keep developing down there so they aren’t forced into NHL action early and pushed into the deep end.

    I could be wrong, and maybe I’m giving management too much credit, but I think keeping those guys here could potentially do more for the development of our future defense than drafting a couple of extra third rounders.

    It also might not help at all but at least if this was their thinking it shows some semblance of a plan and a serious dedication to maintaining the farm as a good place to learn hockey. I can get behind that.

    • Horcsky

      Also, as Stauff suggested on Oilers Lunch yesterday, it might make sense to resign vandermeer for another year. We do need actual NHLers on D, and while I was a huge Vandermeer hater at the start of the year, his play has been much better of late. He’s also a +2 on a team that’s had 57 more goals scored against them than they have scored. Not too shabby.

  • Crash

    Those of you who like this deal have your head in the sands and don’t have a good understanding of the value, or lack thereof, of prospects and draft picks.

    Teubert isn’t a valuable player. He has a 50% chance of becoming Peckham. Since Peckham has very little real value, Teubert has a 50% chance of having very little value.

    The first round pick has about a 20% chance of being a real player.

    Odds are that we just traded Penner for nothing. On what planet is that a good deal. The only way you can like this deal is if you have an unrealistic assessment of what mid range prospects and late first round picks are worth.

    And stop with this nonsense that the reason the Oilers suck is because they are too small and not tough enough. The Oilers suck because there players aren’t good enough. Getting big players that aren’t good enough won’t make any difference.

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Interesting use of statistics. There have been many high value players drafter in the bottom half of the first round of the draft and after as well. Teubert may never turn into a top 4 defenceman, but he may be a solid stay-at-home defenceman, a piece that is needed in any puzzle.

      If you’d like to discuss value, how valuable is a solid player earning more than 4 million dollars (Penner) on a last place team that will not likely have a significant rise in the standings for the next several years?

      The Oilers may or may not have won this trade, but it is certain that they haven’t been shafted.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    The Penner experiment didn’t work out like we hoped, with all these magic beans we’ve received maybe we can plunder another teams top 6 forward or a 2-3 d’man, might as well make some lemonade with these lemons.

    We should try and extend Vandemeer for a couple years, maybe he’d hang around for 3-3.5 over two yrs.