Now that trade deadline day has come and gone with the usual pomp and circumstance, we can stop and take stock of what has gone on for the Mighty Oil. It was a big day yesterday – in fact it was the busiest day in the history of OilersNation.com.

Say what you want about the Dustin Penner trade, it has people talking.


We cannot recall a poll in this history of the Nation that divided us all so cleanly. Everyone seems to be split on whether or not Colten Teubert, a late first round pick in 2011 and a conditional pick in 2012 is sufficient return for Dustin Penner.

Even more divisive is what this trade means to the Oilers in the next few years. Does this mean the Oil are already resigning themselves to be a basement dweller in 2012? Is Hemsky the next player out the door?

Will the playoff version of the OilersNation design ever see the light of day during our lifetimes?


Some folks –  notably Oilers brass – have convinced themselves that the team is on the path to victory. Much like ol’ Batman here riding a unicorn atop a purple sea and jumping dolphins, they fearlessly look to next season with a can do attitude.

For them, trading Dustin Penner is no more than a continuation of the rebuild which looks like it will net a first pick overall for the second year in a row. When the Oil are ready to contend – they contend – Penner would have been too old, too expensive or otherwise unsuitable when the time comes.

"Better to get rid of him now," they say "and get a D man who will be around when Eberle scores 35 goals and another 15 in the playoffs.* "


A secondary third of the OilersNattion believes that this trade was a bust. This could be for several reasons – either they believe Penner should not have been traded at all, or that the return was paltry in comparison to what a 32 goal man could fetch in the trade market of their mind.

Some folks are calling for GM Steve Tambellini’s head as a result of the trade that saw the Oilers leading scorer dealt to a Western Conference rival that is starting to look like "where Oilers go to be awesome when they are run out of Edmonton."

Say what you will about Mr. Dithers, at least we don’t have to read quotes like this one from Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon with regards to his approach to the trade deadline: "This team hasn’t done anything in 10 years," Tallon told NHL.com on Feb. 4. "It’s not like we’re a championship team."

That’s the man in charge of the team folks. Yikes.

The wonderous Black Dog Hates Skunks has a great summation of this faction on the site here. Big ups to David S for pointing us in this direction.


The remaining third of Oilers fans will undoubtedly roar with laughter at the witty graphic above. To them, the Dustin Penner trade is a draw. This could be because of the fact that ol’ Teuberto hasn’t suited up before their very eyes as of yet and as such they cannot get a grip on who exactly is coming back the other way in this trade.

Or they may believe that Penner wasn’t suited to Edmonton in the long run and getting anything back in return should be considered a tie. Or they may be so beat down by the 5 consecutive years of shitanusly bad hockey that their care-o-meter is starting to point towards "meh" each and every day.


Is that the big man is headed back to where the Oilers found him – the sunny beaches of California. He was treated badly by the bulk of Oilers fans for the first while he was here, but held up under the freezing spotlight.

He shovelled in 93 goals during his time in Copper and Blue and left many a hilarious quote on the dictophones of the Edmonton Media. Not too many can say that.

Farewell Dustin Penner. Your departure has been as divisive as your time as an Oiler and we for one will miss the debate now that you are gone.

And you Colten Teubert? Well, we don’t really know what to make of you.


*Actual dream had by Baron Wanye von Gretz IV during the holiday season.

  • Chris.

    Chris: Hey Steve, why did you trade Penner for picks and a prospect years away from producing at the NHL level?

    Steve: Well Chris, we are rebuilding.

    Chris: who will mentor and support all the raw rookies, sophmore players, and supposed vetrans who are still well ahead of their prime playing years next season.

    Steve: Well Chris we are naturally reluctant to trade away young players, or prospects, or picks for established NHL players at this time but we have some cap flexibility and hope to sign a free agent or two this offseason.

    Chris: but don’t you always have trouble bringing people in via free agency without massive overpayments in both money and term?

    Steve: That is why we are rebuilding. People will want to sign here when we become a winning organization.

    Chris: wouldn’t having Penner under contract next season help this team win more, thus making the team a more attractive destination?

    Steve: The thing is: we’re rebuilding. 10 years from now that first round pick we got for Penner could be a 30 goal scorer.. .

  • Clyde Frog

    I love how everybody has written poor Teubert off.

    He is horrible, mediocre, a future Matt Greene!

    How do you know this?

    He is 20 in a profession where most aren’t expected to perform until they are 23+! His numbers are ok, not wonderful… But there are many examples of players finding their game later in their career or regressing on their vaunted junior/AHL numbers.

    But wait! In his rookie year he is only a 3-4 in the AHL, on a deep league leading team, how could he be any good at all?!? Because, they are developing him slowly like a successfull teams do? Letting him adjust to playing against much bigger, stronger, older and more aggressive players as apposed to handing him the keys to the rink…

    I’ll wait until he gets into our line-up and starts to perform before I’m willing to cross the kid off.

    We could lose this sure, but declaring it a loss on day one when I am willing to bet you have all watched less than 3 games he has played in, just seems crazy.

    I am starting to believe there is a Penner curse… Its not the player fans hate, just some sort of horrible curse or hex Burke* placed on the Oilers causing them to hate everything associated with the offer sheet! Every player traded for or drafted with the fruits of that offer sheet will forever be doomed to the hate of the majority of Oiler Fanboys.

    I think I shall call it the Purkenner effect…**

    * I am going to go out on a limb and assume he sacrificed at least 4 goats to ensure this is a lasting curse/hex…

    **I’m not sold on the name, feel free to update/correct it depending on your ability to come up with witty names for such things.