NationRadio – February 12, 2011

Sweet sassy mo-lassy. The radio is on the internets now! Everyone at NationHQ is thrilled to present for your listening pleasure the inaugural NationRadio show from February 12, 2011.


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Segment 1

John Short and Lowetide and the birth of NationRadio.

Segment 2

James Mirtle and Lowetide.

Segment 3

Lowetide talks about what Nation radio is all about.

Segment 4

Jason Gregor and Lowetide talking Oilers hockey at the intermission.

Segment 5

Jonathan Willis stops by to say Hello.

Segment 6

Jason Gregor stops by to say hello for a second time during the inaugural show.

Full Podcast

Subsequent shows will be uploading in the following days.

In the meantime, enjoy!