Amidst reading about how Charlie Sheen has passed four consecutive drug tests, we happened to stroll over to today. And lo and behold if they aren’t having a laugh a minute down there over a photoshop contest that Kent Wilson put together.

"Anything Calgary can do Edmonton can do better" we screamed aloud and ran from the room at top speed.


The fact that Flames fans are making photoshop entries advertising a Steve Staios trade is 1/2 hilarious and 1/2 a major relief up here. With all the scorn directed at Oilers management, it should be mentioned that shipping Staios to Calgary was a minor miracle.

Don’t get it twisted, we love Steady Steve as a character guy and clucked discouragingly when he was traded. But one year later it is clear that Staios is past his expiration date. Often dissed as being "slow" "old" and "tainted with the stink of being an Oiler forever," number 27 has not been a fan favourite in Stampede City this year. 

And how much does he make? And when does that deal expire?

Classic. Suck on that Flames fans.


Back to the photoshop being funny and the contest we are going to run up here. With all of the focus being on the plan of ol’ Steve Tambellini (and his Sith Lord Darth Lowe) we thought it might be pertinent to have a poster contest "advertising the rebuild plan in Edmonton."

Won’t that be good hearted fun? Sure it will.

We talked to Hudsons and they think it is a hilarious idea too and they have bucked up $100 in Gift Certificates to the winner. The entry deadline will be March 11 and then we will narrow it down to finalists and put it to a vote. FlamesNation had 18 entries in the contest, surely we can blow that out of the water*

Send your entires to – if you are a sexy lady looking to display her wares, the same email address will be happy to take all photos you send it’s way.


*That’s what she said.