Nation Radio – March 05, 2011

Gentlemen! Configurate the wireless marconi devices. Adjust the settings on the broadcasting antenna. It’s time for Episode IV of NationRadio.

Segment 1

Tyler Dellow from mc79hockey talking the Dustin Penner trade and what it means to the Oilers rebuilding efforts.

Segment 2

JP Hoornstra from the LA Daily News discusses the Penner trade and its outlook on the Kings 2011 outlook as well as Oilers prospects playing for California ECHL teams.

Segment 3

Kent Simpson from Team 1260 examines the Oil Kings 2010-11 season and the WHL playoff picture. Lowetide also seeks an analysis of Oilers prospects playing in the Dub.

Segment 4

The institution that is Jason Gregor swings by to discuss the development of Taylor Hall, the Penner trade and what the Oilers are going to need to do to get back into the playoffs.

Segment 5

Brent Parker – President of the Regina Pats – discusses the friendship between Teubert and Eberle and breaks down the new defenseman’s skill set and potential in the NHL. Parker also discusses the Pats outlook for 2011.

Segment 6

Lowetide breaks down the Penner trade and what it symbolises to the OilersNation around the world. Also a rebroadcast of the Teubert interview from the morning show on Team 1260.

Full Podcast

  • Honest to goodness Lowetide is just knocking these radio shows out of the park. A major league baseball playing park too, not one of your grandma’s neighbourhood parks.


  • stevezie

    I demand more gossipy stories about the old days! Why is Boris Mironov such a legend? Every show should feature a 30 second Bobo story.
    Otherwise, yeah- slowclap.

  • I love all the talk about how useless a 1st round pick in the 20-25 range is. But how much everybody loves Eberle. Sometimes in sport as in life you have to roll the dice, take a chance because noway would have LA traded Tebuert and Eberle (talent) for penner, but that is the chance a possible 3/4 tough mean D and a possible top 6 and in Eberle’s case a top 3 forward would be a great return for a player who sometimes plays to his top 6 potential.

    • Peterborough

      I too am SHOCKED at how these so called experts undervalue picks. The “so-called” stats of picks mean nothing. This is the new NHL. Picks make it more frequently than in the past. If you want evidendence of how hard they are to aquire look at who has extra picks and what they had to give up to get them. Ottawa and Toronto are the only teams other than us that have two in the first.

      Please stop bringing in experts that think the game from 20 years ago. Its embarressing.

      No really, have some respect for your listeners.


      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        The value of picks comes from their odds of producing quality NHL’ers.

        Odds are very low once you get into the 20’s (really anything past pick 7 or 8). So in other words they don’t have much value.

        for every Eberle theirs a 2 role players, 2 borderline NHL’ers and 5 busts taken in the 20’s.