Amongst the entries for the photoshop contest that ends tomorrow, we received a bizarre email containing the photo above.

A female (!) reader who wished to remain anonymous wrote in and said "I was in the ladies room at a bar in Edmonton and I saw this graffiti on the wall of the door. At first I read the message as ‘free L’il Wayne.’ But after looking a second time I realized it said ‘Wan-ye.’ I don’t know if this is a Nation reader or someone who misspelled Wayne but I thought that I would send you in evidence of something cool."

That is super bizarre anonymous lady. The fact it is written on a steaming pile of stylized dung – complete with fly – is even more classic. Colour us all impressed at Nation HQ.

Thanks for sending it in.


What are you doing at your desk today that is so important that you can’t doctor an image up for the photoshop contest?

$100 in Hudsons Swag goes to the reader who can create the best poster advertising "the Oilers rebuild plans."

So far we have a piddling 7 entries. FlamesNation readers had 18 different options to choose from, despite the notable handicaps of cheering for the Flames, lacking the motor skills to operate a mouse and being 1/10 the size of the OilersNation.

7 entries for $100 dollars in free booze? In this recession? We never thought we would see the day when people didn’t leap at the chance to get greased on the free. There are several folks that we are shocked haven’t entered thus far – Towel Boy and resident photoshop Champion for one – but what we lack in number of entries we have made up for in quality.

We will post all of the entrants tomorrow afternoon when we arise from our royal bedchambers and send the gaggle of ladies we score tonight home. Then we will gauge the final 5 based on comments and put it to a vote over the weekend. The winner will be awarded his/her prize on Monday.

Send your entries post haste to


Khabibulin has alternated between looking "good" and "eye shatteringly terrible" this season and last night’s effort against the Capitals falls squarely into the latter category. Sure Ovechkin & Co were executing dizzying passing plays at will and sure Tom Gilbert looked like the highest paid defenseman in Minor Hockey Week.

But at times during the game ol’ Nikolai looked shockingly bad. The fourth goal? Was he even inside the faceoff dot when the puck eventually went in? How much does Martin Gerber get paid again? What is his record?