Our thoughts are with the people of Japan today in the wake of the terrible earthquake and tsunamis that have hit during the past 24 hours. You can make a donation to the International Red Cross here. Living in Edmonton may bring -30 degrees for 11 months of the year, but you can all to often see how we are very lucky to live where we do.

And now the photoshop contest entries.

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Send out a call to arms for photoshoppery and the Nation comes through in flying colors. We had 34 entries – suck on that FlamesNation – and we have made the executive decisions to whittle it down to the best 16.

There were several others that should have made the list but the images were quite small. As when a lady is choosing among gentleman callers – bigger is better Nation.

We are going to refrain from revealing the artists behind each work to keep this from becoming the "I love Commander Ender" lovefest it would undoubtedly become. The art must stand on it’s own merit.

And now the Top 16.

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It it’s original widescreen version it is clear that this person took a ton of time to create 5 individual pictures. Seeing Eberle with the Cup created a tent in our pantaloons so large it damn near put a hole in the roof of Nation HQ.

Ah the old Stanley Cup – UFO comparison. Both are matters of faith around these parts and those interested only in facts have no place in the debate.

We have a soft spot for someone writing in Paint on pictures. Rebuild indeed.

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Turning the Oilers brain trust past and present into nurses is a classic move. Numbering the babies in their crib boxes is a priceless move too.

We love a good Star Wars reference and this one definitely fits the bill. The dark side calls.

We damn near punched the monitor when we saw that this person had made Heir Jordan the wussy youngest brother from home improvement. He is easily Jonathan Taylor Thomas in the equation. Then we saw K-Lowe was the mom and all was well.

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This is a classy poster that we would have printed and hung in Nation HQ next to the Eberle pennant over our desk.

Hopefully the text on the sheet is legible – this was a big image that didn’t take kindly to shrinking. The face matching on slap chop – Tambo denotes particular skillery.

The only entrant who took the time to make it sexy. Look at thos gams! 


More Star Wars, more Eberle insults. We suppose that Princess Leia did get handy with a lazer gun towards the end of the show and we seem to recall she scored 30 in the second movie. Fair enough.

This is hilariously/tragically on point. Everything else makes up such a small part of the plan.

We would be first in line to buy tickets if the Oil actually put this on a billboard.

Look at all the cute little Oilers! Look at Eberle there with his little skates! Easy Wanye, don’t tip your hand here about which ones you like best.


This poster has a hilarious cast listing on the bottom. Hopefully it too can be read. "The remains of Shawn Horcoff" is listed as an actor. Classic. Also points go to having included Larsson already in the plans. And so it begins.


A final entry are to be added. There were issues with the image sizing but we can all agree it was worth the wait.

This is monumental.


Make note of your favourite five in the comments below. We will eyeball this and nominate the top 5 for a weekend of voting prowess. Remember – $100 beans in free booze and food from Hudsons to the winner. A big thank you to everyone who entered, we will be doing this again for sure.