Oilers/Red Wings Postgame: All Hail Devan Dubnyk

The game may not have been as one-sided as a superficial glance at the shot totals made it look, but there’s no doubt that without a heroic effort from Devan Dubnyk, things would have ended much sooner than they did.

Dubnyk stopped shots not just in quantity (making 42 of 44 saves) but also in quality, particularly in the third, where no fewer than six shots were fired from within five feet of the net – three by Tomas Holmstrom, two by Pavel Datsyuk, and one from ex-Oiler Dan Cleary.

It was the fourth time in five games that Dubnyk has posted a 0.925 SV% or better, although he has been rewarded with just two wins over that stretch.

Quick Thoughts

  • Steve MacIntyre was dressed but I didn’t see him take a single shift and the NHL game chart confirms it; Ryan Jones double-shifted in his place.
  • Jones played 24:50 and in all situations. He scored the Oilers’ only goal on an ugly shot (the lone blemish on a strong night from Jimmy Howard) after being denied on the breakaway moments earlier. He and Cogliano had the weakest scoring chance plus/minus on the Oilers although I didn’t think either played all that badly; perhaps the elevated ice-time was a factor.
  • It was interesting to observe the differences in shift length. During Detroit games I always focus on Lidstrom because he’s a joy to watch, and it felt like he was on the ice for long stretches. Sure enough, looking afterward, Lidstrom’s average shift was 1:00 long; no Oilers defenceman had an average shift length exceeding 45 seconds.
  • All things considered, I was impressed: the current line-up is a disaster, and keeping the game this close against a team like Detroit is a major accomplishment. I’d expected the score to be a little more lopsided.
  • Outside of the second period, the Oilers fired just three shots from the prime scoring area (between and below the hash marks on either side of the goaltender), and none from the crease area.  Of their four crease area shots in the second, two came off the stick of Jordan Eberle.


  • Jodes

    All things considered, I was impressed: the current line-up is a disaster, and keeping the game this close against a team like Detroit is a major accomplishment. I’d expected the score to be a little more lopsided.

    I wonder which team will show up for the Pittsburgh game? Tonight’s or the team that showed up against Philly and Washington. I guess we’ll find out soon!

    What a sh*tty way to end the game though. Brutal, just brutal.

    I know we have a depleted lineup and all but is anyone else concerned that we have only scored 1 goal in 3 games?

  • com on guys, u can’t leave khabby on the bench. sorry duby, we need more out of you. come on coaching staff, who cares how much khabby is making and that hes a vet. PLAY DUBNYK THE REST OF THE WAY, HE IS OUR FUTURE.

  • DoubleJ

    How can you not mention the ref’s? It was unbelievable how one sided it was.

    Erickson got away with murder all night. The Oilers would just look at a Detroit player and we got called. The only time the Oilers got a pp was when it was extremely obvious.

    The refs gave this game to Detroit. Dubnyk got screwed.

    I don’t like Detroit’s chances in the playoff’s when the ref’s will have to be more accountable.

  • DoubleJ

    I think if Jones gets a huge raise, we the Oilers fans will hate by the time he’s done here.

    He’s having a magical year, the puck is going in for him from anywhere. I highly doubt he has this luck next year.

    I like him, but honestly I think Reddox is a way better hockey player.

  • The Oilers played a sound defensive game. Ryan Jones is the type of player that is hard to find we should keep him. sure he gets lucky goals but he works his ass off.If they put this kinda effort next year we will be in the playoffs.

  • DoubleJ

    Jones Must stay, luck or not , he does bust his butt and
    is the type of 3-4 line guy we need. Reddox im sorry, i like him but he is too small and really what does he contribute ? Think about it. I take
    RJ every time before Red.

    Also, anybody notice how many seconds were left when Det scored ?
    THATS RIGHT 42 !!!!! The paper shows 43 i believe but the announcer
    stated 42..I SAW 42…

    I HATE 42

  • John Chambers

    Interesting that Dubnyk’s record is 10-10-7 for the nominal .500 mark. What would the Oilers record be if he had played 85% of our games?

    Over the course of the year I’ve repeatedly thought about how we need to acquire our G of the future, but we MAY already have him.

  • John Chambers

    This is the first time ive said it all year. The REFS won this game for Detroit last night. Absolutely a disgusting display of favortism in professional sports . Completely BS that the league allows it.

    Oh well… seems like Tambi, Rehabbibulin, Foster, the Hockey gods.. and now you can add the Refs to that list of forces doing everything in their power to assure us the 1st Overall pick this year.

  • John Chambers

    Red Wings 2, Oilers 1, OT: Pavel Datsyuk scored with 42 seconds left in overtime for Detroit, which tied it on a deflection in the final minute of regulation.



    GO AWAY DEMON 42 BE GONE !!!!!!!!

  • John Chambers

    The officiating last night was disgusting. Right before the Wings scored the tying goal, I believe Strudwick shot the puck and there was no whistle and then they scored. It was an atrocity. We had everything against us and deserved the win.