Winner winner chicken dinner! After a heart pounding race to the finish line we have our inaugural Photoshop Contest Champion.


After fending off a last minute charge from the Home Improvement entry – sparking hilarious conspiracy theories that the poll was ‘fixed’ – H.O.P.E has won out in the end.

Should it come as a surprise given the fact that hope is all we have around these parts? Cling tight indeed.

Who is the newly world famous author? Should it come as a surprise that it is Commander Ender? As one of the founding Citizens of the Nation, he dominates the commentary on such a regular basis that it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he has now turned his First Officer’s ambitions towards the photoshop contest and dominated there too.

Clever concept, sexy design and an inclusion of Jordan Eberle. Yes, this is the coolest thing Ender has done since he karate kicked the Admiral who had been taken over by a parasitic trilobite that one time in his guest quarters.

Well played Sir. We will be in contact to arrange your $100 Gift Certificate to Hudsons.

That was an extremely fun contest, we think it will become a regular thing around these parts. Thank you to everyone who entered and everyone who voted. As the Oilers abandon all things entertaining down the stretch, it will be up to us all to entertain ourselves.

Just like the pioneers used to do before the invention of the Nintendo DS in 1873.


The average NFL team is worth a billion dollars and every single team is profitable. The Superbowl is regularly the most watched TV show of the year – if not the history of television. So of course they are going on strike and are running the risk of having to lose part or potentially all of a season of football.

If the NFL goes on strike, this represents an incredible opportunity for the NHL to grow its sport among the millions of NFL fans – pictured above – who will be seated in front of their 72" flat screen TVs, snacks in hand with nothing to watch. As one of the only games in town, the NHL could flex its sudden muscle in many US markets and bltiz their way into the hearts and minds of American sports fans.

If we ran the NHL we would be heading over to Spike TV’s offices and trying to pay our way onto the airwaves with some sort of NHL reality based TV show. Same with other national channels like ESPN or even local TV channels operating in different NFL markets in the US.

They would certainly be interested in free programming given the state of the economy in the US. Give it away or pay to get it on air – just get it on the TV by any means necessary.

We would also be cracking open the war chest used to currently subsidize the Southern US teams and embarking on the largest US promotional blitz in the history of the league. Billboards, TV and radio ads, skywriting planes high over the City. Whatever it takes to get people interested in NHL hockey in the absence of NFL football.

We would bill the sport as violent and would show footage of league heavy weights going toe to toe in super slow motion with shedding guitar riffs and booming bass played in the background. There is going to be an unprecedented opportunity amongst a Nation of couch potatoes down South who will be looking for someone to follow on the telematrix. Why not the best sport on Earth?

ESPN would be an excellent place to start. Analysts have taken note that ESPN “is probably the least affected financially, despite its reliance on sports.” That’s partially because fans will tune in there to see whatever has taken the place of the NFL, and ESPN wouldn’t have to pay big money for game rights – or perhaps pay the fees but get them back later."

"Whatever has taken the place of the NFL" has to be the NHL. By our count 17 separate NFL markets also have NHL squads. Some of these markets – Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Arizona particularly – are in dire need of growing the fan base. Having the pills to step up and market the game heavily in the next year could be the difference between life and death for some of these teams.

By the graces of the Gods of Sports and Network TV, the NHL has been handed a golden opportunity in the US. Let’s hope they capitalize on it.

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    Oh. It appears I have posted a comment prior to others posting a comment.

    I agree with your assessment of the NFL situation, Arizona excluded. The Phoenix Coyotes* should not step up.

    *2011 Winnipeg Jets.

  • Twiggs

    Definitely a great opportunity but would this just peak interest for one season? I think that many people who would tune in during the lock out might just tune out again once football restarts. Its worth a shot though, hopefully enough new fans would choose to watch the greatest sport on earth even once the NFL is back on to make the $$$ spent on the marketing blitz worth while!

  • Oilers4ever

    Meh… NFL sucks, so who cares… none of those teams would have a hope if they had to play CFL rules… whereas if the CFL teams had four downs to get 10 yards me thinks there would be TD’s almost every drive, even if you took away the one yard off the ball stuff…

    Nice job there Ender… I forwarded the link when that came up to a dude at work here who doesn’t regularily check this site (stupid Flames fan).. 🙂 Yours was the best in his opinion as well so job well done.. if I ever need a website developed… hmmmm… 🙂

    • Scuba Steve

      This is why you don’t drink before noon.

      The worst NFL team would wipe the floor with the CFL all-star team.

      The CFL is amazingly inferior to the NFL in terms of actual athletic ability.

      • book¡e

        I agree that the talent in the NFL is far superior. Prior to the 1980’s it was a lot closer, but the cash has grown in the USA and things stagnated here.

        I like the Canadian game better,but we have to be honest, we basically get the rejects from the NFL.

    • book¡e

      “Meh… NFL sucks, so who cares… none of those teams would have a hope if they had to play CFL rules… whereas if the CFL teams had four downs to get 10 yards me thinks there would be TD’s almost every drive, even if you took away the one yard off the ball stuff…”

      Thats a good one, Peyton Manning and Ricky Ray the perfect 1-2 punch. Peyton could do all the throwing, play calling, take the snap on all the important plays..and Ray….could keep Manning’s waterbottle full at all times?

      Anyways, I don’t see the NFL being locked out too long, too much to lose. This is all just wishful thinking. However, I would love/hate to see a multi-year lockout. It would be great if some actual players came to play in the CFL, to show all those who think the CFL is a superior league some reality (kind of like saying the swiss hockey league is better than the NHL, bigger ice, slightly different rules, etc). On the other hand I would still miss it.

      Also, nice photoshops by everyone, I quite enjoyed them.

      • Oilers4ever

        Say what you want about the NFL.. I will give them credit that the good ole boring 9-6 scores don’t happen as much… But if you can’t get 10 yards in four downs every time.. thats running 2.5 yards per play.. then there is seriously something wrong with your team and players… saying that any NFL team would wipe the CFL allstar team is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard.. they can barely move the ball using 4 downs… how the hell would they do it in 3… and their dbacks couldn’t cover on the wider field either… oh wait… they all use steroids so they might have a chance.. oopss, forgot about that.. ouch.. bet that hurts…

        • NFL players are bigger, stronger, and faster than CFL players. NFL teams wouldn’t need 4 downs to beat up a CFL team. But the NFL does not play CFL teams, they play other NFL teams, full of equally massive and fast players, thus resulting in the need for 4 downs.

          It’s a different game, but trying to say in any way that an NFL athlete is not far superior to any CFL athlete is the biggest joke i’ve ever heard.

        • Did you ever realize that the NFL defensive players/coaches/strategies are better as well?

          My beer league games usually see about 15 goals hit the board, and that is fifteen minutes stop time, with no slapshots. Bring on the NHL all-stars

          And yes all NFL players use steroids, 100%, as tested.

  • Ender

    @ David S
    [tips hat]
    Thank you, Sir.

    I actually changed the caption after the initial submission; for anyone who cares, there is an updated version here that I personally like a little better.

    The contest was a lot of fun and I was really impressed with the quality of the work that came out. I wish there would have been more catagories; several people deserve some recognition.

    I can’t wait to find out which artist belongs to which entry so I can offer them props.

    To everyone who voted, thanks for taking the time. This is part of the reason why the Nation is as exciting as the Team we follow.

    A Toast:
    To many more memorable moments on the Nation. May we someday actually celebrate the unveiling of it’s Playoff graphics together. Cheers.

  • Eulers

    Methinks Wanye has great designs of following his near namesake down to Arizona and starting Coyotes Nation: the Liechtenstein of the League of Nations.

    Thanks for design, Ender! Any chance of a larger file size to hang in our homes or screen print onto our tear-stained pillow cases?

  • RLH

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but the U.S. masses of football fans won’t easily sway to hockey just because there is no NFL to watch. Instead, you will see an upturn in the ratings for college football games, many of which are shown on ESPN already.

  • The new CANAM league could be formed with 3 teams in each Canadian province playing CFL rules . Or,they could stay where they are playing CFL rules under CFL new franchises and be paid CFL cap wages . The latter would bring about a quick settlement .

  • Ok I hate to drastically change the subject here but no one seems to be talking about our lineup(or lack thereof) for tomorrow nights game.. If Horc, Bru and Jacques can’t go than that only gives us 9 F’s by my count.. Are there going to be callups(possibly tanking OKC playoff hopes??) or are we going to dress 15 players a la NJ Devils or or or……..I’m scared!

    • Mantastic

      if you read the oilers team today on their website, the barons have a game tonight and after the game the oilers will be calling up players, it’s against the rules to ice less then 12 forwards unless it’s due to salary cap issues.

  • Do we really need to go through the old CFL v. NFL chestnut again?


    Different number of guys on the field, different rules, different sized fields. There are elements and skills in common but the games are different.

    ~Next thing you know we’ll be talking about Horcoff’s contract~

  • DK0

    Not to overly generalize…

    *commence overly generalizing*

    But many of the people watching the NFL love it because it is built for ADD people. You literally watch 6 seconds of play, then take a break, grab a beer, grab some nachos, ok next play. Boom big hit ooooo high five, you want another beer? more nachos?

    These are the people the purple puck tried to cater too. Hockey is just plain too dense of a game. It’s the progressive metal of the sports world *whips hair out of eyes, pushes glasses up nose. ‘You guys just don’t get this album cause you like that mainstream stuff’*. It’s just not built for mainstream consumption and since it’s one of the hardest sports to stuff in-game advertising on, you don’t get that corporate push to get people watching. I can only imagine Bettman sweating the lost ad revenues every time a game goes over 10 minutes without a whistle.

    *end overly generalizing*

  • Ender

    The CFL is to the NFL as the the KHL is to the NHL.

    On a related note, I’d pay big money to see a CFL vs. NFL matchup game – as long as they were playing Canadian rules. I harbour no illusions that the CFL team wouldn’t take a beatdown, but it would still be good for a laugh watching the Americans trying to adjust to a different-sized field, watching their inadvertant third-down gambles in the first quarter, and seeing the surprise on their faces when the Canadian team put a ‘rouge’ on the scoreboard.

  • dangersuede

    I did watch the video, and i still find both things funny.
    I also want to be Malcolm Tucker from the show the “the thick of it” when i grow up so who knows what my deal is

  • dangersuede

    The concept was nice. Congratulations. I would like to see all the photoshop entrants be made available to print to the Oilersnation. It would be cool to display some of them at work and at home. I would be in favor of a Oilersnation draft party. Maybe at Shanks or The Pint or whereever. I think the Oilersnation would enjoy a night out.Sell tickets. Make part of the proceeds go to a charity.Give away some swag. Enjoy some b.s. and toast one to Wayne and the gang at Oilersnation.Make it happen Wayne.

  • positivebrontefan

    Nice job to all, congrats Ender, We should get that printed on a t-shirt, it would sell, I would wear it.

    Wanye, thanks for not putting my “photoshop” entry in, first of all it was not worthy even though you said you have a soft spot for a “paint” edited picture. We don’t need to see any more collapsed buildings right now. Even though I entered it before the earthquake I still felt horrible.

    NFL vs CFL is a tired argument, different game and the talent is in the NFL, not to say that there isnt any talent in the CFL but come on…

    I dont think the NHL would make much ground up, it is consideered a niche sport in much of the States and College ball is way bigger in the states than the NHL no matter what sport, basketball, football, baseball…