I Love Paris in the Springtime

A kid from Paris–the one in France–who owns a Spanish sirname is the most sought after free agent in the game today.

Some time today (or possibly tomorrow) it’ll move on the ticker: Merrimack center Stephane Da Costa has signed with an NHL team. According to yesterday’s Dreger Report there are at least 20 NHL teams interested in the player, and other sources have all 30 teams knocking on his agent’s door.

He’s 21 years old, 5’11, 180 and went 14-31-45 in 33 games this season in the NCAA. Da Costa has been playing in the USA since age 17 (he played for the Texas Tornado of the USHL. The Ottawa Senators are considered to be the front runners, but the Oilers could offer the same thing the Senators can: money in big bundles and a chance to play in the NHL right away.

Should Da Costa sign and play in the NHL, he would be the first NHLer from Paris, France. There have been 5 other French born NHL players and they are listed here. There have been 3 NHL players from Paris, Ontario: Syl Apps Sr, Jay Wells and Ken Ellacott.