Old School is one of the greatest cult films ever made. It is a classic, and everytime I see it on TV I watch it.  There are so many great scenes it is impossible to say which one is my favourite, but when Frank the Tank decides to "Do just one" at the frat party it starts a hilarious sequence that ends with Frank streaking down the street only to have his wife and her friends pull up beside him. Frank went to the party with the best of intentions: to stay sober.

"Well, um, actually a pretty nice little Saturday, we’re going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time," said Frank when questioned why he wasn’t drinking. I guarantee many of you guys found yourselves at Bed, Bath & Beyond after this movie, because when your wife or girlfriend asked you to go with her, you instantly thought of Frank, started laughing, and decided you needed to check the place out. 

You knew deep down it wouldn’t be that great of a place, but you needed to see for yourself, and tonight you will do the exact same thing. You know the Oiler/Wild game probably won’t be great, but you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching it to see if the Oilers will extend their STREAK to 16 consecutive losses in Minnesota.

The Oilers haven’t won in Minny since Jan 16th, 2007, and in the 15 games since then they’ve been outscored 54-19. Those are some ugly numbers. One of the few things worse than that might be if you experienced a "Mitch Martin" moment.

 "Sometimes you think you have true love, and then you catch the early flight home from San Diego and a couple of nude people jump out of your bathroom blindfolded like a goddamn magic show ready to double team your girlfriend.."

That would really suck.

Brownlee pointed out yesterday just how bad this season has been for the Oilers, and considering they’ll have eleven players dressed with fewer than 100 career NHL games tonight, and an offence that has scored 11 goals during this ten-game losing streak the odds aren’t in their favour that they will end either streak tonight.

But if Frank the Tank can outduel James Carville in a debate, then anything is possible. Isn’t it? Isn’t it?

"Recent research has shown that empirical evidence for globalization of corporate innovation is very limited and as a corollary the market for technologies is shrinking. As a world leader, it’s important for America to provide systematic research grants for our scientists. I believe strongly there will always be a need for us to have a well articulated innovation policy with emphasis on human resource development. Thank you."

Nikolai Khabibulin will start in goal, which means the rotation is out the window and Gilbert Brule will draw in for the injured Colin Fraser.


  1.  The Oilers signed Olivier Roy to a three-year entry level deal yesterday. He lost his starting job in junior this year, so I’m curious if they keep him in junior or let him back up in OKC next year. The Oilers won’t re-sign Jeff Deslauriers, and if Martin Gerber wants to come back they’d love to have him mentor Roy next year. If Gerber elects to return to Europe, the Oilers will need to find a solid veteran who can play at least 50 games and show Roy the ropes. Roy is a project at this point, and I’m curious to see how the Oilers manage his development.
  2. I’m still not sure why many think that getting rid of the instigator will bring on more fights. How many times have we seen an Oiler ask a guy to fight and he says no. If the instigator isn’t a factor, what is stopping a guy from turtling when Steve MacIntyre or any other Oiler asks them to go?
  3. I get a sense the Oiler will draft RNH, if they win the lottery, and then they will try to package a body and the Kings’ pick to move up around the ten slot , and take a D-man. The number 12 slot has been pretty good the past few years with Cam Fowler (2010) and Tyler Myers (2008), while  Ryan Ellis was taken 11th in 2009. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see this scenario unfold in June.
  4. Corey Perry is making a stronger case every day to be a serious contender for the Hart trophy. Jonas Hiller, who many felt was the Ducks best player in first half of the season, has played one full game since Feb 02nd and in those 25 games, Perry has 21 goals and 38 points. He leads the NHL in goals with 46, and he plays in every situation. He has 58 EV points to D. Sedin’s 59. I don’t think it should be a slam dunk that D. Sedin wins the Hart, and if Perry finishes with more EV points, I’d argue he has been just as valuable to the Ducks as d. Sedin has been to the Canucks.
  5. The Oilers ten game losing skid is their longest since they lost 13 straight last year between Dec 31st, 2009 and January 30th, 2010. In those 13 games the Oilers were outscored 52-24. The Oilers were banged up then, and they are now and there is a good chance they could set a new record for consecutive losses. The Oilers record guide says their longest losing skid is 11 games, back in 1993, but to me if you don’t win, even if you go to OT or the SO, it is a loss, so last year should be the franchise record. At the very least it should be tied for longest winless streak, which also was 13 in 1993.
  6. Liam Reddox has played 562 minutes without scoring a goal. He is averaging 14:47 TOI/game. I don’t see any reason why the Oilers offer him more than a one-year deal, with the expectation he will be in OKC next year. He works hard, but ultimately accomplishes nothing. If he is on the Oilers next year, then Steve Tambellini had an awful summer signing players. Reddox works hard, but he is not a guy who makes any serious impact in the game that makes you better; at least not in the NHL.


GAME DAY PREDICTION: I don’t see how the Oilers end their 15-game losing streak in Minny with this depleted lineup. They’ve played hard the past few games, but they don’t have much offensive power right now. Minny wins 3-1, but next year the Oilers will end the streak in Minnesota.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Most of you will spend the afternoon quoting your favourite moments of Old School. I can almost guarantee you that I will be watching it after the Oiler game, because I will need some laughs after watching what will probably be a lacklustre affair.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Early in the 2nd Cal Clutterbuck, the NHL hits leader, will take a run at Jordan Eberle and get a piece of #14. Wanye will burst up off the couch and unload a verbal assault at his TV, that is has Eberle stickers all over it, when no Oiler goes after Clutterbuck. During the 2nd intermission Wanye will jump on his mountain bike and peddle quickly to Staples where he will buy all the essentials to make a voodoo doll. He will spend the 3rd period, and the rest of his evening, inflicting pain on his Clutterbuck Voodoo doll. If the Oilers won’t stand up for his little Ebs then God willing Wayne will.

  • Release the Hounds

    did i see gilbert hit somebody? my god this is brutal 16 straight games in minasota,12 straight losses,finish the season 18 straight losses,and then next year will be the same lol. have a nice day!!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    We just keep running into hot hockey teams. Facing 12 hot clubs back to back to back like this must be some sorta world record eh.

    We can’t really be this bad, can we Steve?

  • stevezie

    Just a note about Perry- I don’t argue that he’s in Hart contention, but the idea that he deserves bonues points for being the only top t scorer without a teamate also in the top 5 is a bit misleading, as both Getzlaf and Selanne are scoring at a top-5 pace but have missed 10-15 games (not concurrently). Perry is having a helluva season, but he has had just as much help, if not more (Visnovsky), as the other guys up for the Hart.

    If St Louis hits 100 points I’d vote for him, just because I like him.

  • stevezie

    I actually thought that was a good game, it should have been 2-2 and going into OT except for 2 lucky goals by Minny.
    Has Smid set an NHL record for own-goals? I bet you he has JG, I bet you he has. It’s downright ridiculous. I don’t know if it’s because he’s not playing well positionally or just bad luck, but it sure costs us.

  • stevezie

    I went and saw RNH play vs the OK.
    Good little player, slick playmaker and passer. Great vision. On a PP setup, the team would rush up the ice and drop the puck back to RNH, and then stand at the blueline and wait for him to come in and setup. Unbelievable. Never seen anything like it. Made me think of the Oilers inability to set up a pp. Also, it didn’t look like RNH was quite 6 feet tall to me, but I could be wrong.
    Has anyone found out if there is something wrong with Couturier besides footspeed? For my money he sounds like a Jumbo Joe type player. His point totals were very good.