Canucks 52-17-9. 9-1-0 in their past 10 games.

Oilers 23-43-11. Winless in 11.

This doesn’t look good at all.

Even the normally brainwashingly positive Oilers website is having a hard time putting a spin on this tilt tonight

"The Canucks have the most points (113), most wins (52) and most road wins (26) in the entire league. They have scored the most goals in the NHL (253), allowed the fewest (177) and have recorded the top power-play and penalty-killing percentages (24.7% and 86.6%, respectively). No club has finished first in each of these categories in a single season since the NHL expanded from six teams in 1967."

Uh oh.


What can one really say about tonight’s match? The Oilers are in the same professional hockey league as the Vancouver Canucks and therefore technically have a chance in tonight’s game.

Like the Canucks, they have forwards, d-men and goaltenders that have climbed through the ranks of minor, junior and now professional hockey leagues and work hard year round for just such a match.

They are paid handsomely to play the ice hockey. They have access to top tier trainers and coaching staff who have the singular goal of preparing their team for games such as this.

Still – this doesn’t look good.



It gives us the shivers thinking about how this game could go down.

Sooner or later the Oilers are going to win a game down this injury riddled, 30th place stretch drive. No team loses all of their games do they? Still, with first place in the draft on virtual lockdown – one has to wonder where the team is going to find the level of fight required to compete against the high flying Canucks.

Kurtis Foster is returning to the lineup after missing four games with a concussion. That has to be viewed as a positive. Jordan Eberle remains a Golden God despite the criticism Gregor has rained down upon him of late. Ryan Jones remains a positive as does the play of Teemu Hartikainen.

But beyond that – yikes.

Still, stranger things have happened than the Oilers winning a hockey game. Remember that cat with only two legs?

  • FMS

    pavel bure always would make that behind the net play, but to him self, lol. im sure gretzky’s tryed that pass. oilers played like it was there biggest game of the year. oilers fans, canucks due to there opponent and 1st locked im afraid you didnt see the canucks most serious effort tonight. im sure theyll give you a show at rexall on tuesday.

  • FMS

    Yes!……Thank you Linus for proving that if you are vertically challenged you must be super slick. I would think “shy Sammy” should start feeling the heat……however with the love management feels for their “first born”of this rebuild, DO NOTget attached to Omark he will only break your heart……How many special players have started careers here but didn’t ” fit “or were underestimated?

  • Rob...

    In the next CBA I would love it if the players won the right to complain after the game about officiating without being fined. Given Omark’s talent for saying what he thinks I’d love to hear his take on the lack of respect he gets from officials.

  • Rob...

    Atleast Brule made the pregame without getting injured. There’s a guy who needs a 2 way contract and should play in OKC until he can prove like Cogliano that he can be relied upon to be in the lineup night in and night out. Will Liam reddox ever score? As much as I like his grit you got to be able to chip in on the offensive side once a year or so. Fraser? Has he played himself out of a roster spot this year with his underwhelming play? Can see him in OKC next year too. Dubnyk looked really solid last night. Omark does what he does. And will do it even better next year when the rest of the supporting cast comes back and takes off some of the heat from him. Harstky looks like all world. 3rd line winger for next year?

  • Dan the Man

    Who needs to sign NHL veterans when you have Vande Velde and Hartikanen? Those guys are stukds.
    I guess this means we will win the presidents trophy next year. I think that is how that works.

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    Yes Dan the man you are right, should have used quality instead of special and tried rather than started:) ( still have bud fuzz) . I’m sorry but I have little faith in the upper management.

  • NamelessNed

    I dont get the ‘respect’ thing. Shouldn’t all teams be treated as just that, a team. The officiating should respect the GAME not teams or players. That headlock on PRV was a prime example of WTF? like really? had that been Smid or any oiler against any other team it would be an instant trip to the box…this is just one example.

    And when people(other players, and ex players) say Omark has no respect for the game it boggles my mind. He’s being creative…not breaking any rules. THERE SHOULD BE NO UNWRITTEN RULES!!!

    Good game last night!!

  • NamelessNed

    One wonders what Omark’s stats would look like if he actually had legitimate snipers to pass to. I’m sure he gets a little frustrated with yet another Cogs clank off the post from dead in the slot. And yeah, I know it is the sign of losing fans to gripe about the announcers but that performance by Lee and Weekes was a new low in broadcasting. Not from a biased viewpoint but just because they are so WRONG so often. My personal fave was when Jacques in one of his rare positive moments feeds Tanner Glass his lunch and Weekes waxes rapturously about what a great thing Glass has done recognizing the moment and taking care of business. Since when does getting pummelled in a scrap lift up your team?

    • stevezie

      Agree completely. Not to be too hard on Cogs, who had a good game, but if Omark was even feeding Gagner there migth have been a couple more goals. On the other hand, not even Kurri finished every feed.

      • NamelessNed

        Agree but at least Kurri was scoring 40-60 per year. Cogs has taken a major step backward in his overall development and 10 goals from a guy who has had plenty of ice time this year (and has played every game) can’t be acceptable.

    • I was saying to a friend last night that playing Omark with a couple of guys who could finish would have him at 80 points a season* the way he’s been dishing out the prime rib this year. Gagner comes to mind, but I’m sure there’s others. He and PRV are sure locked in.

      *Of course we had a few beers in us by that time and the hot bartender wasn’t helping the rational thought process either.