With back-to-back wins over the Vancouver Canucks, I’m guessing the Edmonton Oilers have been romping through the showers in the team bathhouse with more flair than usual in the last four days.

At least that’s what one is led to believe based on this Facebook page, www.facebook.com/group.php, posted by somebody alleging to be a fan of the Calgary Flames. What’s next with this crazy internet thing, pictures of naked women?

With the Oilers coming off 4-1 and 2-0 wins over the Canucks and with a chance to officially eliminate the Flames from playoff contention tonight in Calgary, I thought I’d do some research.

I typed "Flames eliminate Oilers" into Google looking to refresh my memory on the circumstances of how Calgary bounced Edmonton from post-season contention a few years ago and got the Facebook page as one of the results.

As if fans of the Oilers need yet another reason to hope their peers down Highway 2 will be joining them on the first tee box a week from after their Flamers spit the bit yet again in the latest instalment of the Battle of Alberta . . .


I’ve been hanging around the Oilers dressing room for the last 22 years or so, and I’ve seen a lot with my own two eyes in that stretch — much that I can’t and won’t mention here.

I’ve seen the depths of despair. I’ve witnessed joyous celebrations. I’ve seen Joe Moss battling for the title belt. I’ve seen guys take pies in the face and watched epic ping-bong battles.

I can say without hesitation, though, I have never witnessed any of the post-game activity — not that it’s a bad thing — this particular Facebook page suggests. I have not once heard Liberace music. Frankly, I don’t believe it, even if it’s right there on the internet on one of the world’s most popular websites.

Then again, I’ve been told repeatedly since I waded into this blogging thing that my eyes deceive me, that what I have and haven’t seen isn’t necessarily so, that I’m just not looking deep enough. Perhaps some of the advanced stats guys can help me reconcile this.

Oilers win 3-2.

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  • Mantastic

    i really hope we’re down after 2 periods only to come storming back in the 3rd, just to give the flames the slightest bit of hope only for the oilers to rip out their hearts, oh how sweet that would be.

  • striatic

    Hate to say it, but I’ve actually been hoping for the Flames to make the playoffs, just to get another Canadian team in the mix.

    I’ve been out of Alberta way too long.

    After seeing that Facebook page and seeing the jersey photo above, all I’m hoping is for the Calgary Flames and their godforsaken fans to find a dark hole to crawl into and quietly die.

  • m3sh

    I would gladly give up these past two W’s over the Canucks for a W over the flames. Actually I’m finding it hard to think of something I wouldn’t give up for the win. Just too many friends and family members who are Flames fans, this would be a crown jewel from a disappointing season to hold over their heads all summer.

    Also looks like I’ll be stuck watching the Flames feed on Sportsnet West, Ughhhhhhh, only have cable where I’m at, no Sportsnet Oilers.

  • Hey Robin, with all the arena debate what is the chance someone would publish an article on the economic impact the Edmonton Oilers hockey club brings to the City?

    Charities, jobs, restaurants, hotels, pubs, etc, etc, etc. Not to mention the jobs that will be created by the construction of the arena itself.

    I haven’t seen such a report, might be interesting to see what the team really does mean to this city. Then maybe the 450mil won’t seem that harsh…. just a thought

    • Bucknuck

      Matthew, should we also do a report on all the benefits created in the city by ATB or CWB? Or any other business for that matter?

      Having the head office of CWB in our city almost certainly provides more jobs and spin-off economic benefits than having a hockey team, new arena or not. Having a major bank’s head office in Edmonton also adds prestige to the city. Should we build them a new $450 million headquarters?

  • Game on tonite . Oilers instigate using superior speed and tenacy as Oilers plant Flames defence into the glass and boards all nite . Flames retaliate, lose their cool , play stupid and spend a lot of nite in penalty box . Iginla plays goal suck all nite hanging out at center ice and our end of ice only to be covered all nite and shut out . Oilers win out 5-1 in a physical fight filled nite at the corral . Might Reddox and Vandevelte break out tonite to add to Flames troubles ?

  • Bucknuck

    Wow homophobic jokes are super funny and clever! This could have been an intelligent article on homophobia in sports. Instead there are cheap Liberace jokes. What was the point of this article again?

    • To help people with lives as empty as yours fill their time by visiting websites so they can piss and moan about how something was written, why it was written etc etc etc.

      We will be running the 17-part series on homophobia in sports you want sometime in June.

      In Parts I-X, the greatest academics in the world will offer opinions on the social and economic implications of some buffoon (or buffoons) starting a stupid Facebook page suggesting Oilers players are gay.

      In Parts X-XV, we will speak to players who have had gay slurs uttered at them on the ice in actual NHL games. It’ll contain 700 interviews.

      In Parts XV-XVII, an ON panel of writers will rehash parts I-XIV, wag their fingers at the authors of the Facebook page in question like mom used to do when she found you rifling through the magazines in the bottom drawer of dad’s dresser and make that “Tsk tsk” sound that drips disapproval.

      • m3sh

        Ahahaha! So true, dunno why people bother to post comments that can only be construed as impotent whining… SYS, you can you always just start your own blog on homophobia in sports, ~I’ll be sure to visit.~

        ~BTW, that sounds most intriguing Bronte. I await parts X-XV with much anticipation.~

      • Adam D

        Wow super touchy Robin. Telling me I have an empty life because I dared to question something you wrote is petty and immature. I didn’t criticize you personally, so why are you attacking me personally?

        I have so much respect for this blog because sexism and homophobia and all the other crap isn’t allowed like in most others. I respect you Robin as a journalist. Although I’m questioning that after your unnecessary personal attack.

        I honestly don’t know what the point of this article was. Those jokes were cheap, I stand by that comment. I’m sorry if it upset you. I expect better from this website. And yes I can take a joke. I think Wanye is hilarious.

        I don’t actually have an empty life. I am a gay Oilers fan wiith a partner. I read this blog daily. I care about this issue – sometimes it is not easy being a gay sports fan. I look forward to this series. Buy this article and your response to me were embarrassing.

        • Spare me the fake indignation.

          A Facebook page suggesting the Oilers are gay is stupid. Anybody with a brain, including the people who set up the page, knows that. So is Ghost Riding the Whip and a lot of things that are written about and commented on here.

          You have “respect” for this blog because sexism and hompophobia and all the other crap isn’t allowed here? You might want to check out the dagmars on the dame in Lowetide’s DD item or the ice girls in Gregor’s stuff. It’s all good. This isn’t the library at Harvard.

          You can take a joke and you think Wanye is hilarious? No you can’t and Wanye isn’t hilarious, he’s impaired.

          Lastly, I don’t care what your sexual orientation is and I don’t imagine anybody else here does either.

          • Wax Man Riley

            “Lastly, I don’t care what your sexual orientation is and I don’t imagine anybody else here does either.”

            When more people realize this, the world will be a better place. We are all human, that is the bottom line.

          • book¡e

            The Facebook page is not stupid for suggesting the Oilers are gay.

            The page is stupid because it is suggesting that being Gay is an undesirable state.

            I can only imagine the same ‘page’ from 1940 with all of the ‘Oilers’ with black faces. Wow, what a tremendous insult, putting blackfaces on white people.

            Its the same thing.

            Anyway, Robin, I make this point only for conversational purposes, not as criticism. I am fully aware that everyone who is a part of the nation are well informed and progressive (as in everyone formally associated with the nation…)

          • stevezie

            I assure you my indignation was not fake, which Is the only reason I referenced my orientation. Because this is an important issue to me. I questioned why you would criticize a homophobic facebook group with more gay jokes. The context wasn’t great. I felt there was a lack of real discussion. Did I call you a homophobe – of course not. Constructive criticism doesn’t have to be construed as an insult.
            I said I respect the blog, you throw Gregor under the bus. All I was saying was that compared to most sports blogs, this is a safe space. You felt the need to post about this facebook group. I was hoping for a more intelligent conversation. I recall posters being banned for making personal homophobic attacks against writers on this blog and the discussion that ensued. My comments were sincere and I was insulted. Bit of a shame but oh well.

        • Wax Man Riley

          I think the cheap Liberace jokes were made in jest and to highlight how ridiculous a Facebook page like that is. The article comes across as a parody in itself.

          • We have a winner.

            I must admit, though, I had Liberace on the brain even before I saw this Facebook thing because an old friend of mine who covers the Canucks zinged me in the Oilers dressing room yesterday morning.

            He looked at my shoes and said, “Did you pry those off Liberace’s cold, dead body?” *

            *not intended to make fun of cold, dead bodies.

      • book¡e

        Robin, until your reply I didn’t really even think about this (I guess because I didn’t go to the facebook page you linked), but I think that there is a danger in accepting the use of gay euphemisms as a form of insult by one NHLer to anther simply because it commonly occurs.

        Identifying an entire group of people and then using that label in a derogatory way is harmful as it impacts the self esteem of those individuals whom the slur represents (not necessarily those who are at the receiving end of the slur), many of whom are struggling with things like being ostracized by family members and so on.

        Let me state ahead of time that I can anticipate how much you will appreciate this comment and how it enlightens you. You’re welcome.

  • ubermiguel

    About that picture at the start of the article, you know what hurts more than the Flames jersey? The Pronger jerseys in the background. I wish they made those 3rd jerseys still.

  • O.C.

    *for those who missed it – the chant at the Oil game last night (late in the third)…

    “First Round Exit!!!”

    I predict a SMACkdown or two tonight.

    (is this the gdb thread?)

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    Some Flames Fans do not have near the class of the players whom represent them. That is a sad truth, I so admire so many Flames players such as Lanny and Jerome. That Facebook page is so sad, If I was a Flames Owner I would sue for defamation that would get rid of the page. If we send them golfing It really won’t matter will it?

  • John Chambers

    That’s fine. I can sit here comfortably knowing that their comeuppance looms. I bet the Flames wish they had exchanged Ingila for Schenn and a pick mid-season, ending the year in the draft lottery poised for better days rather than on the apron of respectability and the playoffs.

    It won’t be long until we surpass them in terms of talent, and beat them 52 – 8 in contests for over a 10-year period beginning in 2012-2013. It’s like watching somebody continue to pound liquor and inhale lines well after they’re past the point of severe intoxication … they’ll be lucky to even wallow out of their own filth into the shower the next day.

    “Beware of the man who works hard to learn something, learns it, and finds himself no wiser than before. He is full of murderous resentment of people who are ignorant without having come by their ignorance the hard way.” – KURT VONNEGUT

  • John Chambers

    Brownlee, I saw you in the background during the Raffi Torres post-game interview.. looked like you were about ready to bash Torres in the back of the head with your recorder. I would have done the same after hearing those words come out of his mouth.

  • Horcsky

    ~I’m still waiting for Willis’ advanced statistical analysis and Lowetide’s baseball slang before I judge this merit of this article, and the facebook page in question~

  • stevezie

    Yeah, you’re making fun of the page because it’s incredibly stupid, but consider the Book;e’s parallel. If the page had said, “The oilers are black.” And you responded, “trust me, we’re not black”, wouldn’t you be missing the point? Wouldn’t the proper response be, “What’s wrong with being black, you backwards-assed cousin-humping rodeo-clowns?”
    Are you honestly saying that you can’t see how mocking people by implying they belong to a certain group insults that group?

    *I’m aware the oilers are probably the blackest hockey franchise of all time. Once upon a time this would have got us mocked, it took a concentrated effort to move past those days.
    **I’m also aware of the rumours floating around about some of our retired numbers to. So what?

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    Well one thing is for sure. I’m not using google ever again. I could see if that was an update link, but come on that shouldn’t be on the first page of links on a search engine.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    If the Oil eliminate the Flamers tonite, that will be the cherry on the top of a perfect season, if you can believe it.
    We already beat the Flames and Canucks at least once, whilst finishing 30th and picking the Nuge. Not a bad little season. I just hope we can repeat our success next year.

    Please, I don’t want to ever know what goes on in the showers. Ugggh.

  • Adam D


    Please don’t associate a picture of myself while visiting Skyreach in 2003 with that Facebook group, there is no connection between the two. Making wild unproven claims about a rival team, is disrespectful. Those that take issue with the Jersey, please talk to Mr.”FlamesSuck” the next time you are at Rexall and let him know your equal displeasure in his jersey, you should be able to find him near section 235 if his seats are still in the same place.

      • stevezie

        looks like youre right, that pic was from the pre-season game in 2005 (Sept 16th), not 2003, which I have another similar picture of.

        Way to nitpick the year, and ignore the rest of the post…. you sure youve written for the NHL? I realize this is a simple blog, but it seems like youre more accustomed to usenet and forum trolling, based on your responses.

        • Wax Man Riley

          Your name is “GuyInThatPicture.” You tried to slam Brownlee for some random picture that he probably got off of Google Images. Being called out is fair game, no?

          Do you really need to sling insults?

        • You gave an account of something that didn’t seem to add up because there’s no reason for the Oilers Store to have a Pronger jersey in 2003. I asked a straightforward question based on that. That’s not nit-picking.

          You went from a previous post that started with “Please . . . ” to “sure you’ve written for the NHL?” based on this simple question: “Why would the Oilers store in the photo have a jersey with “Pronger” on it in 2003?”


  • Bucknuck

    i thought Robin was just pointing out how ignorant some flames websites can be and trying to elicit some rivalry related feelings. The makers of the website are losers for many reasons, and not only for being Flames fans.

    The article itself is a parody, so I wouldn’t take offence.