Final Battle of Alberta – Nations Live Chat

Oilers have a chance to knock the Flames out of the playoffs for good tonight, for once enlivening the ancient Calgary, Edmonton rivalry. Join us at 7:30 and let the hate flow through you, Alberta hockey fans…

  • Chris.

    Just to put out there but for next year I would bring Steve Staois back next year. I would rather have Steve than Strudwick and with his career almost over you could probably get him for Strudwick money. He is a hardnose guy and a great professional who can help mentor the tough kids coming up.

  • Chris.

    2 wins against canucks meant nothing. losing again….against calgary proves this team is a 30th place team and has a loooooooooooooooong way to go before they’re no longer considered worthy as the league doormats. until then……what a pathetic team !!!! have-been-boozin looks absolutely brutal !!! Dubnyk should be given the # 1 job based on his play and consistency. Why can’t he be given another start tonight ???? Maybe Renney needs a time out for himself !!! Buy out Khabby !!! He’s useless now !!!

  • Bucknuck

    Barons losing tonight not that shocking. When you have something to play for (like the Flames), losing to an AHL squad is just embarrassing…Remember the night where the Flames worked the Barons, only to worsen their draft order…

  • D

    Somehow you get the feeling Oilers were more interested in finishing deadlast than winning that game last nite . My 5-1 score was not that far off , other than i had the Oilers on the winning side of game . Backlunds comments appropriate when he declared the opposition was not an NHL club they beat !

    What year in he future might we see a legitimate NHL club in Edmonton rather than a glorified AHL club surrounded by draftees ?

    Now we are guaranteed one of top two players in draft whom is our top two choices ? I’d say the only one whom might not turn out down the line because of a slight bone mass body structure is RNHopkins . He might turn out to be the best , but for now he is definitely the biggest risk by quite a bit .

    • D

      Madjam, my guess is Backlund was referring to the fact the majority of the Oilers players are injured, and that Calgary literally played against an AHL squad.

      To answer your question, Game 1, next season is when we will see an NHL squad. The same squad we saw up to game 27 this season, plus a stud d-man or new first line center.