Every single Oilers fan on earth wants the 2011 Entry Draft lottery to go their way more than anything right now. But we are willing to bet not a single one amongst us would trade it for a real lottery win – like the one ol’ Brad Duke here pulled in back in 2005. Having said that, the winner of the first pick in the 2011 Entry Draft is:  


And boom goes the dynamite.

  • Crash

    If they can just stay relatively healthy and can add just one decent d-man after drafting a center with the 1st pick I think a run for the playoffs is more than possible.

    But if they trade Hemsky for more youth, playoffs next year will be a reach.

    • a lg dubl dubl

      Im on the wagon for DONT TRADE HEMSKY it’d be to premature IMO and he still can help the team in the long run, now if he tells ST get me the hell outta town then so be it, but if he wants to stay here and willing to sign a 3-5 yr contract why trade him.

    • Peterborough

      By reach do you mean impossible??

      Landeskog is the only forward if the draft that I see stepping in right away. Mind you I didn’t think Skinner would either . . .

      • Crash

        Well, I’d always say nothing is impossible but if we move another high end vet (Hemsky) for more youth it would make it kinda tough to move up much further in the standings IMO.

        Keeping Hemsky I think gives us a shot…as long as he stays mostly healthy along with most of the other top end guys.

        As far as who is NHL ready, it’s hard to say at this point..earlier this year everyone kept saying that Couturier was the one who was closest to nhl ready, now people are saying Landeskog…ya just never know, like you said, just look at Skinner this year, or Burmistrov, Fowler.

        I heard the interview with Landeskog today. He said he wants to take draws, so perhaps Landekog could move into the center position if he’s picked number one and turn into a Johan Franzen type.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    how did that lottery work exactly? a bit bewildered am i.

    regardless of that answer, we still need to take BPA. taking for need when we are supposedly so many years away from glory (i sure as hell hope we aren’t) is not necessary. we can always trade for void filling later.

    as for next year we do need new veteran leadership. someone who has one something consistently, played for a winner team for a starter.

      • Peterborough

        that was wicked cool! much obliged!!!

        didn’t really clear it up to well. maybe im dense this evening…is this groundhogs day?

        so the first team to move up 4 spots wins the draft? and if so then the placement you finshed in is your locked pick spot?

        • Quicksilver ballet

          The team that wins the lottery can only move up 4 spots in the draft. So only the bottom 5 teams have a chance at getting the number one pick. But all non-playoff teamscan win the lottery. New Jersey won the lottery but they were not in the top 5. Once New Jersey won the lottery, the Oilers were assured of picking first.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Let’s savour the moment, another first overall draft choice. Who will it be, BPA? And who would that be? Or will it someone NHL-ready, like Landeskog? We’ll know in June.

    In the meantime Wanye, when will the Oiler hockey operations people start assessing the 2010-2011 Oiler roster and the talent moving up the pipeline? There were a lot of parts on the roster that didn’t meet NHL requirements and, if this team is to compete for a playoff spot next season, should be moved. What will happen to the fragile, oft-injured players that can’t be counted on? These, along with Khabibulin, are impediments to success. Regardless of what Renney may wish, will all the coaches be back? Do they deserve to be?

    One thing for sure, the organization must provide complementary role players to support and protect the young talent, otherwise the purported rebuild will be a sham and the team will be destined for a 6th season out of the playoffs.

  • O.C.

    A month ago I said why not trade the number one for Seguin?

    I think the logic (still) applies in that you get a player with a year of seasoning, but now I’m thinking that RNH is > Tyler.

    Maybe it makes most sense to draft centres… draft ’em til you puke, then draft some more.

    You can always move em to the wing or to another team in another deal.

    And make a trade for a young stud defenseman.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    I was quite negative on RNH because of the low Even strength numbers vs Powerplay. But that comment by the unnamed Oiler office person saying that he has the best vision since #99 sure has me thinking. If he puts on 30 pounds in the next 3 years Oh-my would he and Hall be a wreaking crew. If drafted the pressure will not be as great because it seems than Hall & Eberle Will take a lot of the pressure. I know that many of the “old Oilers” used to say that being on the team years a go was great because Grets was so comfortable in the spotlight as that was all he had ever known and it allowed them to just play Hockey. I found the Dubnyk comment to be in much the same vein when he realized that JDD was basically out of the running and now he could just concentrate on his game. I really think we are in for some very pleasant surprises next year!

  • Kevin R.

    Yeah we sucked the most and got our due reward. If we can improve the defensive,gritty side of our team, I would be happy. Take RNH and see what happens at camp. Maybe he can put on some muscle over the suumer. He will have lots of time as the Rebs are done.

  • Chris.

    Watched the Lottery Draft Special on TSN. As mentioned, at least one scout told Bob McKenzie that RNH has the best “on ice vision” he’s seen since Wayne Gretzky. (Now don’t get side tracked everyone: the un-named scout didn’t say RNH was anywhere near as good as Gretzky; or even that his “on ice vision” was on par with Gretzky; he said best since Gretzky… as in the best he’s seen in a 17 year old in 30 years)

    I trust Stu a lot more than some anonymous scout; but if this is at all true, and if MacGregor agrees with this assessment, and if the Oilers pick RNH first overall… SQUEEEE! The potential impliactions are incredible. If Hall is the nouveau Messier (or even close): it will sure be nice to watch him play with Ryan LG Nugent-Hopkins! (Lesser Gretz… or Lil’ Gretz)

    When Bill Daly opened that envolope and I saw that the Islanders fell to 5th my heart absolutely sank because I knew the math strongly favored Ottawa moving up instead of one of the other team outside the top 5… it wasn’t untill that moment that I realized how badly I wanted RNH in Oiler silks. Heck, three weeks ago I was a Couturier guy. I guess you can say that I’m Hopkin’ on the bandwagon.

  • Chris.

    Once we pick the Nuge, I’d like to see him in #19. He’s been compared to Joe Sakic, why not take his number? Mind you, those skates are pretty hard to live up to as well.
    I think having Hall on the team will shelter Nuge a bit, not all the focus will be on him right away. Too many good young players to look at.
    Of course, look how quickly we tired of Gags when he didnt start putting up 80 pts right away.