Loyal Nation Citizen Faqu94 put it best on the twitters last night at 1:06 AM when he said "@WanyeGretz NationRadio? Yes?"

Yes Faqu94, NationRadio: Yes. This week’s guests include former Flames GM now NHL on the Fly analyst Craig Button, Kirk Luedeke, Guy Flaming, Matt Bugg, Cassie McClennan, Tim Currell and Greg Drinnan.

Additional credit due to ItsTheBGB who correctly identifed us via tweet as lazy. Would a lazy person text his roommate to turn the TV down from another room because he doesn’t feel like shouting?*

Segment 1 

Kirk Luedeke from Bruins Draft Watch is quickly becoming one of the regular guests on NationRadio and he’s back providing an update on the Top Prospects for the 2011 Entry Draft.

Segment 2

Former Calgary Flames GM – now TV Analyst with NHL on the Fly – Craig Button enters the octagon with LT with his take on how the 2011 Entry Draft will go down.

Segment 3

Guy Flaming from Team 1260s Pipeline Show and Coming Down the Pipe talks prospects and the NCAA Frozen Four.

Segment 4

Matt Bugg from – provides his analysis of a slew of NHL prospects.

Segment 5

A double dose of analysis from the American Blogosphere as Cassie McClennan from Raw Charge Blog provides Lowetide with some post season Tampa Bay Lightning analysis. Then it’s Tim Currell’s turn from Blackhawk Up Blog discusses the defending Stanley Cup Champions 2011 Playoff Hopes.

Segment 6

Greg Drinnan from the blog Taking Note does exactly as advertised discussing a vertiable buffet of Junior Hockey bits and bites.

Full Podcast

*This actually happened last night. So what? Wanna fight?