Have you heard of the radio? Have you heard of NationRadio? Why not give it a listen – it really is a heck of a show . Cam Connor, Bob Stauffer, Jason Gregor, Kent Wilson and Jonathan Willis round out the guests for the week of April 23, 2011, joined as always by the legendary Lowetide.

Segment 1 

Former Oiler Cam Connor discusses his upcoming appearance on the gameshow Wipeoout. Watch him scrap 1977 style in the clip below.

Segment 2 

Jonathan Willis discusses Nugent Hopkins advanced stats for the Red Deer Rebels this season amongst Entry Draft related things.

Segment 3 

Kent Wilson from swings by to discuss his epic 6 part series on the rise and fall of Darryl Sutter.

Segment 4 

Bob Stauffer from 630 CHED and Oilers Lunch discusses the U-18 Championships and gives his take on the Oilers strategy heading into the 2011 Entry Draft and in the context of larger rebuilding plans.

Segment 5 

Jason Gregor from the aptly named Jason Gregor Show discusses the insane first round of the 2011 NHL Playoffs and makes a case that the Oilers need to draft a forward with the first pick in the draft. He also looks down the roster and analyzes the squadron looking ahead to next year.

Segment 6 

A rebroadcast of an interviews on the Neilson and Chase Show with Oilers Coach Tom Renney.

Full Podcast 

The entire glorious episode in its glorious entirety.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Bad News Bilodeau and the baby bulls. They had a pretty good team that last year. Pat Riggin,Rob Ramage,Mike Gartner,Rick Vaive etc. Paul Henderson must’ve had some laughs with that group.

  • O.C.

    Cam Connor Notes:

    When I was I kid, I remember Cam Connor was a plug who was inserted into the lineup and scored an overtime goal that wasn’t pretty, but sunk the Leafs… his only point of the playoffs.

    Dave Hodge was clearly ticked. When there was an ugly goal in a later series he said it wasn’t as bad as “that Cam Connor goal.”

    Cam played few games that year for MTL, and fewer in the playoffs. He did not play in the final. There was some kind of rally by the players because the NHL rules were that you don’t get your name on the cup unless played a min number of regular season games or a game in the final series.

    Never heard how that ended up… the year was 1979.

    That was also the last season for Ken Dryden. The last year of the WHA too. Too bad… woulda been cool to see Gretzky match up once against Ken Dryden.