In junior high or high school voting always seemed to be a popularity contest. You had the hot chick or the jock running for class president even though in most cases they were more interested in winning, rather than actually doing anything. I’m sure there were some who ran, and won, who really wanted to make a difference and improve the cafeteria food, or change the dress code. Today, I’m sure the Pres. argues for the right to update your facebook status in math class, or to wear belly shirts or other serious matters.

The scary part is that some of you probably voted in junior high, but you don’t vote now. I don’t care who you won’t for to be honest, and I have no interest in trying to influence your vote, but if the country was to put a sports slant on voting I bet many of you would get to the polls before they close.

No political party is going to make all the right decisions, because the voters will always have differing viewpoints on many issues. Some want better health care, others want to improve education, some want the federal government to fund arenas, some want to make "Hippie Whiskey" legal or you might want the death penalty. I truly don’t care what you stand for, as long as you feel the need to stand up and be heard.

Today we have the HONOUR, yes it is an honour, not a privilege, to vote. Ask people in Syria, Egypt or Libya if they’d love the chance to have a say. Some of them were willing to sacrifice bodily harm, or even death, in order to try and gain the right to vote.

To get you in the spirit of voting I came up with a few topics that might garner your interest.

To get you in the spirit of voting and not be worried about being questioned on who you vote for, the comment section will only be for your response. If you question or rip someone for their answer your post will be deleted. Today you only vote for what you like without fear of people questioning who you like or dislike.

  1. Should the NHL get rid of the Instigator rule or keep it in?
         Yes…. No
  2. How many times can the CBC camera pan to Carrie Underwood before it gets awkward? 
    Once a period….After goals…Every commercial break….NEVER
  3. Who is the hottest female  on TSN?
    Kate Beiness….Jennifer Hedger….Sara Orlesky….Natasha Staniszewski….OTHER
  4. Who is the hottest male on TSN?*****
    Ryan Rishaug….James Duthie….Jay Onrait….Gino Reda….OTHER
  5. Who will be the next Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup? Why?
  6. Did you vote yet?
    Yes, I love my country….No, I’m lazy and think it doesn’t matter

Keep in mind I did say that no one will be allowed to rip others for their votes, but if you voted No for question six, I will admit in advance I’m disappointed in you. It is easy to say that none of the parties have your interests at heart, but then vote for the BEST of a bad bunch. The only way you will ever see change is if you do something about it.

Go vote, and remember once you vote then you can bitch and complain about your party or any other one. That is the best part about voting, it gives you the right to demand change.

*****I believe in equal representation and that is why I asked who is the hottest male on TSN. By no means are those four answers meant to sway you in your thinking, or lead you to believe that I think they are the four hottest guys at TSN or better looking than the other guys.***


  • MC Hockey

    Fun times here at FN! I gotta say:
    1. Not even sure the point of instigator rule and don’t think it is called consistently. Bye!
    2. Every Comm Break, Underwood is a hottie!
    3. Natasha Staniszewski (mmm…exotic and sexy!)
    4. Ahh, don’t really care which male is hot!
    5. Calgary will bounce back in 2011-12, finish around 6th and suprise their way to the cup. Lots of fire alarms will be pulled in opposting team hotels (LOL).
    6. Yes I voted, but that was first time in many years.

  • Derzie

    1. Let the bashers bash.
    2. When Fisher trips or gets checked
    3. All of the above
    4. None of the above
    5. Calgary
    6. Voting in Alberta is akin to spitting into the wind. So, no.