Did you honestly think that Tampa Bay was going to beat Washington in the second round of the playoffs this year? You dirty rotten liar. No one thought Tampa Bay was going to win. How dare you sully the good name of this website with all of your falsehoods?

All nine of the Nation writers in this playoff picking game – ignoring for a moment that Brownlee oddly refuses to play along – picked the Washingtons to lay a capital beating on the Lightnings.* All nine gentlemen picked the Caps to win and all nine are incorrect, including Lowetide who leads the pack with an 11-1 record through two rounds.

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*See what we did there with the Capitals pun? What quality writing.


1 – Lowetide – OilersNation – (8-0) (3-1) – (11-1)

T2 – Jonathan Willis – OilersNation – (8-0) (2-2) – (10-2)

T2 – Cam Davie – CanucksArmy – (7-1) (3-1) – (10-2)

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4 – Pat Steinberg – FlamesNation – (6-2) (3-1) – (9-3)

T5 – Jason Gregor – OilersNation – (6-2) (2-2) – (8-4)

T5 – Wanye – OilersNation – (6-2) (2-2) – (8-4)

T5 – Kent Wilson – FlamesNation – (6-2) (2-2) – (8-4)

T5 – Thom Drance – CanucksArmy – (5-3) (3-1) – (8-4)

9 – Steve Lansky – TheLeafsNation – (4-4) (3-1) – (7-5)

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And now for the expert analysis.


Seriously. What’s with all the sweeps? If you had told us that neither Eastern Series would go to a fifth game we would have cold cocked you right in the grill. We don’t tolerate unqualified speculation, particularly when it comes to the second round of the playoffs.

One can’t help but find both Washington and Philadelphia rolling over to be super strange. We can’t decide if it had more to do with the superiority of the Bruins and the Bolts, if an exacting first round had taken its toll on the two losing teams or if they just plain suck.

In any event the victors are well rested and ready to go to war in what will be a most excellent Eastern Conference matchup.


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How are these clowns through to the Conference Finals? Try as they might, the Vancouver squadron was able to stay out of it’s own way long enough to take down Nashville and amazingly face the Sharks now in the Conference Final. You had best believe that your ol’ pal Wanye is taking the Sharks to win the West. There is just no way the Canucks can keep this up.

Now that it has all been said and done we can end our annual boycott of round two and begin watching games again. Round one always rules, round two is lame and then it’s good from then on.

That’s what she said.

Go Oilers.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    It brings me great satisfaction to know that i finished well ahead of that sommbeach Kent Wilson, bloody Phlegms fan.

    Canucks in 7 and the travelling Roloson roadshow in 6.

    Like bjg says…..i’m out.

  • Oilers4ever

    I gotta stop sleeping for so long… The Canucks really beat the Preds and the Wings didn’t get by… totally not fair… Caps just proved that even with Ovie dominating in that series, he can’t do it alone… Glad I’m not the team with Backstrom’s big contract.. talk about a no show..

    Niemi is playing like last year… Sharks in 6..

    Boston.. can I say Vezina trophy winner.. Bolts beat the Caps cuz their goaltending is the worst in the league (other than maybe, oh, the Oilers)… Bruins in 5.. this won’t even be close folks… I give the Bolts one fluky home ice win.

  • Bucknuck

    There is nothing that makes me grind my teeth more then having Lord Stanley go to a city that has a small fan base. What a waste.

    Dallas, Anaheim, Tampa Bay, and Carolina come to mind as fairly recent destinations that really don’t give a crap.

  • here is the what my brain tells me…

    heatley who cares, with him here would we have (the new and improved) hallsy? nope so glad you are sucking rocks somewhere else DH.

    more players on sharks that won gold for CANADA than on the melting pot that is the canucks….be honest here anyone could have played goal for canada with some skill (louu…ser did not win it, he got a medal for being average).

    so no way to vancouver…no freaking way! just flat out NO! sharks in five.

    boston will win, i like timmy thomas that dude is cool. i like roli but TB ticked me off when the blasted omark (yes i hold grudges)…Boston in 5.

  • DJ Dynasty Handbag

    totally not related, but i thought i would pass this along…

    derek boogard was found dead in his apartment this morning. it has been reported and confirmed by micheal russo and nick kypreos. an announcment is expected later this evening.

    shocking news….thoughts go to his family. RIP.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    San Jose is now Canada’s team…Sharks in 6.
    Anybody remember when Timmy Thomas was an Oiler? ‘Nuff said, Bruins in 6.

    Now on to more pressing matters….
    If Atl moves to Wpg, and Det switches to the East, Wpg to the NW and which of the following two…

    Minny to the Central


    Colorado to the Central

    Discuss amongst yourselves

    *and post on the wall

    PS…R.I.P. Derek Boogaard

  • Wax Man Riley


    Look at the picture above. Remember that those are the fans you will all have to put up with bragging, and gloating, and feeling deserved, and basically being Van Fans until The Oil win again.

    How many Heatley fans do you have to put up with?

    ‘Nuff said.

    Sharks in 4. (Completely fueled by above comment.)

    TBay in 7.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    Boston is going to be in trouble if Bergeron misses any significant time. Good news is he’s back skating at least.

    If Bergeron is back by game 2, Boston in 6 otherwise Tampa in 6.

    San Jose in 7 just because the hockey gods owe me.

  • Spartacus

    Anyone who thinks they’re an Oilers fan and is currently cheering for the Canucks, please don’t bother cheering for the Oilers next year, you’re not really an Oilers fan.

    And please don’t come to the games in person.

    It already takes weeks to air the stench out of the Coliseum after the Canucks are in town.

    Madjam, you kill me. Do you even watch the games or are you just sitting around planning your next brilliant comment?

    This video isn’t from within our division, but the same rules apply: