This is Brian Sutherby. 26th pick overall in the 2000 Entry Draft, a Silver medalist at the 2002 World Juniors and now 460 games deep in his NHL career. And today he makes his first appearance of a regular series over the summer on NationRadio.

Also on the show this week is James Mirtle, Terry Jones and Oliver Gabriel who has just been signed to a 3 year contract by the Blue Jackets.

Segment 1 

Lowetide recaps the week in the IIHF Championships and the NHL and reads some emails. James Mirtle from the Globe and Mail comes by to discuss a veritable potpourri of topics.

Segment 2 

Terry Jones from the Edmonton Sun discusses the Canucks playoff run and their chances at the Stanley Cup and possible US team relocation among issues.

Segment 3 

Why is this segment only 1:32 long? You will have to listen to find out. Hint: We don’t really know.

Segment 4 

NHL Veteran and Edmonton native Brian Sutherby begins his first of several NationRadio appearances discussing life for players in the run up from Minor Hockey to Junior Hockey to being selected at the NHL entry draft.

Segment 5 

Lowetide talks to Edmonton Native F Oliver Gabriel a Columbus Blue Jackets prospect recently signed to a 3 year deal by the club. He discusses his climb into the sights of NHL Teams and the mechanics of being signed to a pro contract.

Segment 6 

Lowetide discusses his Top Ten contest for the 2011 Entry Draft and unveils how he thinks the top picks will unfold.

Full Podcast 


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