This early posted edition goes out to our good friend -30- in the commentary. To say that -30- has been all over our jock about posting NationRadio late in the week would be an understatement. Telling us off directly, going over our head and appealing to Lowetide. He has made complaints via every channel. Well played.

And so this Episode of NationRadio is dedicated to -30-. She’s up bright and early for you Sir. To everyone else – this Japanese "music video" that our main man @ounyea tweeted at us earlier goes out to you.

Segment 1 

Dustin Nielson from the Team 1260 Morning Show drops in to give us all a look behind the velvet rope at his draft nerdiness. It’s intense and stretches back for years. Nielson also talks top players and his experiences as a MSM at the Draft.

Segment 2 

Matt Bugg from – outlines what is involved in preparing the Dobber Hockey Prospects Report where over 100 players are profiled for the annual NHL Entry Draft. Bugg also discusses the 2011 Entry Draft including players who might make a big move up the charts and who might fall down the list.

Segment 3 

Lowetide recaps the news of the week and reads NationRadio listeners emails. 

Segment 4 

Matt Fenwick from Battle of Albera blog talks about Calgary’s plans for the 2011 Entry Draft. Lowetide also taunts Fenwick telling him that "Winnipeg is only going to make it harder for Calgary to compete in the Western Conference" and then brings the arena into it.

Segment 5 

Kirk Ludeke from Bruins Draft Watch is forced to give an interview during the 2nd Intermission of the Bruins-Bolts game following a stunning collapse by his squadron. Lowetide steers the conversation expertly to the 2011 Entry Draft and the emergence of Ryan Nugent Hopkins as the consensus #1 pick.

Segment 6 

Lowetide discusses the Oilers fortunes when they have selected defensemen in the first round at the NHL Entry Draft.

Full Podcast 


This week’s episode marks the launch of a NationRadio twitter account. @itsnationradio will allow Lowetide and Guests to interact with listeners in almost real time. During the rest of the week we will be tweeting segments of the show and discussing guests for the coming week and taking questions.

This was the first time Lowetide had seen Twitter live. It was quite epic to be present.