Draft 2011: The Who, by Numbers

This is Ron Chpperfield. He was the number one rated player (by the Hockey News) for the 1974 Amateur Draft. Chipperfield scored 90 goals in his draft year, an awesome total in any era. He was an outstanding offensive force in the WHL but was passed over by several NHL teams (finally going 17th overall to the California Seals). Why did the projected number one selection go so long without being selected? 

There were three main reasons for Chipperfield’s being selected late in round one instead of the top of the draft:

  1. The WHA was very aggressive in their procurement of "name" players and Chipperfield was a very famous junior. He would in fact sign with the Vancouver Blazers (photo, above) and play the heart of his career in the rival league.
  2. Foot speed: Chipperfield’s ability to score goals came from outstanding puck skills. Sublime passer, quick release, he was a gem in the scoring zones. However, he lacked the foot speed  needed to flourish at the NHL level. In fact, the 1974 draft boasted several slow forwards (Jack Valiquette also went in the first round).  
  3. Underage players available: For the first time, and as a result of the WHA drafting teenagers, the NHL allowed their clubs to select one underage player in 1974. These kids had to be selected in the first two rounds. Nine of the 16 names announced before Chipperfield were underage selections: Wilf Paiement, Rick Hampton, Doug Hicks, Pierre Larouche, Lee Fogolin, Mario Tremblay, Jack Valiquette, Dave Maloney, Grant Mulvey. Chipperfield was in fact the 8th "of age" pick in the 1974 amateur draft.

Back then, we didn’t know any of that. All we could do was stare at the Hockey News that told us Chipperfield was number one and compare it to the Hockey News that listed the selections. The process today doesn’t resemble the old timey draft in many ways. The most notable is that any fan with internet access and a passing interest would be more capable on draft day than some of the poorer NHL teams of 1974.

Nation Radio is back on the air at noon today. The draft will be part of the proceedings, but there will be some other interesting items. Scheduled to appear:

  • Brian Sutherby. We’ll discuss a wide range of issues, including playing through an injury (ala Nathan Horton) in big playoff games and why you can never get a straight answer during playoff time.
  • Craig Button will give us an idea about which prospects are making a late impression and just how much a prospect can change minds with a late burst. We’ll also ask about how important a solid combine can be for a draft eligible.
  • Mario Duhamel, the coach of Drummondville (QMJHL). We’ll talk about Sean Couturier and his season and dig a little deeper to find out why he fell during the year despite a quality season.
  • Ian Walker–Walker Big Talker–will give us insight into Vancouver’s Stanley frenzy and offer the latest on Manny Malhotra and how the Canucks are dealing with a long layoff.
  • Ted Wyman from the Winnipeg Sun drops in to talk about the slow process that is the Thrashers sale. Wyman is following the process and to my eye is lapping the field in terms of coverage.
  • Mike Speidel–best known  as "speeds"–will offer insight into this year’s draft and give his opinion on the top group and where they may land.

As always, emails are a huge part of the show and you are welcome to offer questions and comments at nationradio@theteam1260.com any time this morning. We’re also available on twitter. Wanye will be live in studio tweeting back and forth with the Nation.

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    Morning FIST!

    LT, you should ask Button why he’s hyping Huberdeau so much when the most magnificent of all Magnifecent Bastards sees him as a second liner.

    Edit: Damn it, phanuef!

    Edit 2: LT, can you also ask him what it takes to trade up in the draft in general, and perhaps in this one, into the top 8?

  • I was projected to post first overall but slipped back to sleep.

    Couturier looks like he plays at 1 speed. Not a bad thing necessarily, and it shows he has excellent hockey IQ. You just can’t draft him 1st overall but I’m in favor of trying to move up to get him at #5 .

    LT, Tyler Seguin’s getting valuable experience in the playoffs and his skating appears to have improved, is it fair to compare Taylor/Tyler straight up next year?

    I figured it would take Seguin about 3 years to be on par with Hall in the NHL, now I’m not so sure???

  • Horcsky

    Another reason not to be pissed about Seguin getting a ring, is that he had one of the all time great playoff games for a rookie and helped turn the series in favour of Boston.

  • paul wodehouse


    LT told me if Sequin was figured into the picture with our #1 and whoever it took to get Seguin that would make Seguin THE best player in the draft and the Beantowners just wouldn’t be happy about that …so he thinks that just ain’t gonna happen …

  • paul wodehouse

    hey Shane don’t y’think Savard’s done? Last i heard he can’t get outta bed without a headache…he hasn’t been on skates in months…

    it’s why Matt Cooke should be dead…IMO Seguin was always going replace Savard…

    • Yea I heard similar, IMO he’s probably done, with symptoms that long I cant see a doctor clearing him to play. And as far as Cooke goes I just dont understand why guys dont go after him a bit more.

      • Its such a shame. You would think that the guys in the Boston dressing room who played with Savard would say “Ok boys, new rule: unless its playoffs, any time we take the ice against Matt Cooke, he’s not allowed to leave until he’s been punched in the mouth. Tell him it’s for Marc. No exceptions.”

  • 9 Inches Uncut

    Whose this Sequin guy I keep reading posts about?

    All those 70s and early 80s players would cause a lot of hair pulling from the crew on LT’s blog that think you should just pick players based on their point totals.

  • Bucknuck

    The oil need to show progress next year, jonathan willis is right it starts on D, here are my potential moves:

    1) Sign Anton Babchuk UFA D great numbers and still young to a 3-4 year deal 2 mill/yr Age: 27 Height: 6-5 Weight: 212lbs NHL Seasons: 4 Good shot/35 pts w/11 goals +14

    2) Trade Hemsky to NYR for Marc Staal Height: 6-4 Weight: 209lbs + 8 29 pts – solid D and positioning signed 4 more yrs @ 3.9 MM

    You can now move Gilbert to Colombus + 19th overall to get their # 8th pick.
    Pick Hamilton/Siemans with the 8th overall – future D coming up: Petry/Teubert/Hamilton/Marincin.

    D is done – stay tune cause the forwards are next

      • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

        Westcoast oil – Making sure you read Marc Staal, not Eric. Hemsky for Staal was a rumor prior to trade deadline, it is not that out there. Whats changed, NYR are interested in jagr, Hemsky trade makes signing Jagr a little easier, NYR need to make some moves it might also take our 2nd round pick as well.

        Whether you trade Gilbert or not is a side note:

    • Bucknuck

      Any attempt to restructure the D that trades away Gilbert to get more prospects is moving in the wrong direction. There is nothing wrong with Gilbert on a second paring. Trading players for draft picks is what got the Oilers in this mess.

  • Bucknuck

    Bucknuck…There is nothing wrong with Gilbert on a second paring..???
    Dude you need to give your head more oxygen.. Trading Gilbert for NOTHING is still riping of some team..