It’s only Tuesday, but the rumors are flooding in. Last night, the Ryan Smyth story broke and frankly has to be the best headline for Oiler fans in years involving an established player. Today? The exit list.

First of all, it’s best not to talk about the players who have little or no value. Nikolai Khabibulin, Sheldon Souray and others have issues that lower their trade value. Last season as an example, many Oiler fans thought ST could trade some overpriced and underachieving veteran for value; in fact, prospect Riley Nash was cashed in for a pick in the top 50 but the veterans were either bought out, traded for an impending buyout or hung around for another season of mediocrity in Edmonton, OKC or Hershey.

According to a story by Michael Russo, there are a few Oilers in play.

  • Ales Hemsky: Veteran will enter the final year of his contract in the fall and it is unknown if he’ll re-sign. Columbus has a pick in the top 8 and Scott Howson would be very familiar with 83. I suspect this trade would only happen if the right player is available at the time of choosing.
  • Tom Gilbert: There’s always a need for veteran defensemen with a nice range of skills. Gilbert is a finesse defender who can move the puck well, has mobility and is a very good shot blocker. NJD and Detroit might be teams interested in Gilbert.
  • Andrew Cogliano: I  think Toronto will be very interested in Cogs, and with #25 and #30 that might be stronger currency for other NHL teams. I’d be a little surprised if Cogliano leaves, as coach Renney seemed to be growing him into a 2-way player (or trying like hell to, anyway) and at least on the surface there seemed to be progress.
  • Sam Gagner: I am a little surprised to see Gagner’s name here, the Oilers have a solid young center and they don’t grow on trees. However, with RNH likely in the fold Friday night the organization may feel they can afford to send him away.

Personally, I’d like to see the Oilers add Ryan Smyth today and a veteran center like Brooks Laich on July 1. The top 14 forwards might look like this (C-L-R):

  • Horcoff-Hall-Eberle
  • Gagner-Smyth-Hemsky
  • Laich-MP-Omark
  • Cogliano-Hartikainen-Jones
  • Brule-Fraser

Defense is still a major issue, and Super Bowl Sunday is a big one too, but there’s a veteran on every line and some of these kids are really good.

  • As I read some good post here, I cant get past the fact how easy we are as Oiler fans to just eat this crap of rumors and speculation up! Myself included!

    I was going to post how Hemsky should be traded in a UFA year (If unsigned)for a high 1st round pick.

    But really, if the Oilers are rebuilding as they say they are, should they be trying to make the team significantly better this year? why? we have massive hole’s to fill still, unless you can trade for 4, top 4 defense man, 4 good bottom six forwards and draft 2 top 6 forwards this year. Then stay the course 1 more brutal year in the bottom 5.

    If the Oilers management were to make us competitive this year,then the ability to draft quality franchise defense next year is impossible. Stay the course.

  • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

    Also why trade for Ryan Smyth? he’s a UFA next year and assuming he wants to come back we get him for free, why give up a roster player or pick? doesn’t make sense to me plus he would make us better.

    • Oil Kings 'n' Pretty Things

      Who says you have to give up a roster player? If Tambo deals Sheldon Souray for him, LA could buy out Souray for the same money and save $850,000 more in cap space (than they would have received from a Smyth buyout) that they could use for other pursuits like signing Doughty.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Dealing Souray for anyone is a pipe dream! it’s not happening no matter how bad you want him gone.
        If you were L.A and know Souray will be bought out, or next year become a UFA why would you get rid of a roster player for him?

    • Quicksilver ballet

      He could be had for a song Wes. Taking Alex Plante in return would allow them the full 6.25 cap room next season. They could also ask for Fraser,Foster or Brule just so they could buy them out and spread that minimal cap hit over two yrs. I don’t even think it’s a matter of if now, it’s just a matter of when.

      • It depends on what they get. Would you give up Hall for Seguin and Skinner? We won’t know if the scouts know something we don’t until a few years down the road. Maybe giving up on RNH in order to get Larsson and Couturier is the way to go? Who knows, but yeah I feel a little sick too heh.

        All i can say is that prospect “Litdabed” to be drafted in 2014 looks like the next Gretzky! Now if we can only think of a tanking slogan…..

        • In the Grease

          Lol. I believe LT had spelled prospect’s name is spelled “Littdabed”… wouldn’t want to start falling into the Gagner/Ganger trap already…

          And I’m already pushing “Fail for Nail” for 2012’s tank slogan to anyone who will listen.

          Also, does anyone else feel themselves slowly slipping into a coma when listening to Tambellini speak in public… someone please replace the cream in his morning coffee with “5 Hour Energy” Drink….

      • In the Grease

        Possibly quite puke-worthy indeed.

        What would a trade down with Florida look like?

        Tambellini said in the press conference it would have to be a “no-brainer”, which is fodder for comedy in and of itself given the source, but staying on topic, any reasonable guesses?

        I might be able to choke back most of the vomit if it were…

        To Edmonton:

        3rd pick

        To Florida:

        1st pick
        31st pick

        I know it would mean Tallon giving up possibly 2 young premiere defenseman (if they had Larsson targeted with their pick), but he does have a track record of 2nd round home runs in drafting D, plus may feel Gudbranson won’t sign, and he gets back a former first round D prospect in Plante… so maybe?

        Oilers could grab Huberdeau….

        The bucket will be within reach on Friday.

  • Bucknuck

    Speaking of rumours, I am curious what type of money Stamkos is going to get. It’s funny that he isn’t signed yet, and it makes me wonder what kind of money he is looking for.

  • DieHard

    If you think a 35 year old Ryan is going to transform this team from a 30th place finish to a mediocre fringe playoff team, then you’ve lost your mind. Yes, he’s an upgrade, yes he will help, but he will not single handedly muck up a rebuild. Truthfully, Smytty is an old dog. An old dog, with mediocre skills at best in his prime. He’s not a great skater, not huge, has a muffin shot, and adequate hands are praise. He’s a man who has made a great career for himself by being a very good hockey player who thinks the grimmie side of the game better then anyone since HOH Dino Ciccarelli. He has a bag of tricks, tips (literally) and subtle parts of the game within 7 feet of the net that are invaluable. This is the kind of thing he can pass along to T Hark, Hall to some extent, and every other player wearing copper and blue. From his snake around a D man move, to deflections, timing, screens, and very importantly work ethic and professionalism. If you think these lessons won’t carry on for years after he’s gone, you’re again, insane. If he’s willing to come aboard now for personal reasons, he’s will to stay after UFA for a discount, and he will be our old man Mark Recchi who pulls out 7 pts, in the Stanly Cup Finals and retires. These are the moves that will cost us a 4th round pick from what i’ve read, and go along way to restoring this franchise to it’s glory. To not do it is to set us back, and become an annual joke.

  • Bucknuck

    two rules of thumb for recent Oilers drafts and July 1st activity.

    – they don’t want veteran players
    – they always talk about making a move up the draft order but they never do it.

  • Lowetide

    What time is the actual first pick made at? I know it starts at 5pm on TSN but, what time do the Oilers actually make the pick? 6pm? I am driving to Lethbridge friday and don’t want to miss it! I would have my father-in-law PVR it for me but, then I would have to explain what a PVR is, then what a remote control is, then what batteries the remote control needs, no don’t press video source, okay then what input are you on, what do you mean there is no audio, which remote are you using…

  • LT,

    Stop pumping the “Let’s sign Brooks Laich” balloon. It’s not going to happen.

    Would it be great if the Oilers could sign Laich? Absolutely. That being said, why would Laich, a impending free agent with his choice of teams, want to sign with the Oilers?

    There is a far better chance he returns to the Caps, or goes to another real contender, before he even explores the possibility of signing with the rebuilding Oilers.

    Please stop wishing for Laich, stick to what might realistically happen.

    • Bucknuck

      I hope the Oilers Sign Laich, just so LT can say “stick it.”. Not that he would, because’s he’s classy and stuff… but… you know.

      They would probably have to overpay for Laich, and they might be able to sell our “rebuild” better if they get a veteran or two in the next few days. Someone like, say… RYAN SMYTH.

    • Little Buttcheeks

      With the cap increasing and that type of player in demand, there’s little chance the Oilers are going to get Laich.

      Not because he wouldn’t come here, which is speculation – but because he’s going to get a multi-year big contract, which we’re not handing out at this point in the rebuild, especially for a 3rd line center.

      As for the Florida rumor, that wouldn’t surprise me.

      As per Steve’s quotes “that can bring to us something that we don’t have, that maybe isn’t there right now but maybe a couple of years from now is going to be obviously elite.”

      That doesn’t especially match up well with RNH.

    • Truth

      Now if Tambi could do this over and over trading for a second round pick each time all the way out of the first round, the Oil could get RNH AND every single pick in the second round.

      Genius really. Who would call him a dummy then?

      I wish.

      However, if STU believes Larsson, Huberdeau, or anyone else is the best talent and RNH is a lock to be picked by COL I would hope they make some sort of a deal.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Went back and looked at the 2008 draft class. The Oil gave up their 1st, 2nd and 3rd rd picks for the offer sheet to Penner. The Oil 1st rounder was the 12th pick. Anaheim traded the the 12th pick to LA. LA swapped the 12th for the 13th pick plus a 3rd round pick from Buffalo. Buffalo then grabbed Tyler Myers. The 13th pick was Colten Teubert (kinda full circle).

    LA already drafted right shooting Drew Doughty so not getting Myers was not a big deal at the time. The Oil had the 22nd pick, so they were comfortable losing picks to sign Penner. But looking back, I’m sure both LA and Edmonton would have been happy to have Tyler Myers.

    It’s always risky to trade away 1st round picks as well as trade down. It can result in feelings of severe regret.

    • Souby

      I don’t know how long that took you, but thanks for the info. If we could go back, I would love to have Myers in Oiler silks. Too bad hindsight is always better than eyesight!

  • Fee Logolin

    Staffer was floating the idea of Brule going to LA for Smyth as the key components of a deal. Let’s assume RNH goes #1 and PLAYS for the Oil this year. Is Gagner expendable then? Is he attractive enough to Columbus to get #8? Might have to take back a salary like Commodore to do it? Then #8 & 19 to get into Top 5 again?

    Start year off with


    A guy like Fiddler would be a great 3rd line center, or Cogs fits in there.

    D gets a bit better too? Lots of assets??

  • Little Buttcheeks

    I would be very much in favour of those lines. I would like to add 2 veterans who can play in our top 9. I never figured that Smytty would be one but the fan in me can’t help but hope that this happens. It’s not often that you get the chance to right a wrong and heart left Edmonton way too early.

  • Lowetide

    I can certainly understand the idea about not listing Laich, but in order for all of us to talk about needs and filling holes you have to talk about known players.

    Let me re-phrase: A Laich-type player. 🙂

  • Lowetide

    I don’t think Cogs will ever be a legit 3C or 4C, I think if we can move him for even a high second then thats fine. Sign Konopka or Fiddler (Hopefully not too hard) and we already have a bigger center who can actually win a faceoff.

    If the Oilers trade down from #1 I will lose it.

    I hope they don’t trade Gagner but if we got a good return then ok, if we drafted RNH then I think we could look into trading Hemsky and moving Gagner to RW (I think he would make a better RW then C, he is a good player but not a good center).

    Lastly LA will not trade Smyth for guys they are going to buy out, he plays in their top six and they have cap space, they might do Smyth for Brule and Cogs or something like that (Brule and Chorney) but they won’t give him away.

  • Lowetide

    LT In your opinion do you think Hemsky alone gets 8 from the jackets? Or even 9 from the Bruins?

    I don’t think he does and I like Hemsky but given his injuries and the UFA status I don’t see a team trading a top 10 pick for him.

    • Lowetide

      I think Columbus should be all over that trade to be honest. Bruins not so much, but I think Hemsky is worth either selection. If Howson could somehow be assured Hemsky would sign long term, that trade (Hemsky for #8) would be outstanding value for the Jackets.

      • Lowetide


        (agreed if Hemsky signs with the jackets, if thats the case I think 8 and something is in order if Hesmky doesn’t Im not sure about the 8th pick, Hemsky helps the jackets but I dont know if he makes them a playoff team and by no means a contender so for a one year thing 8th overall might be steep).

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Think i’d rather have the Oilers bring in Rick Rypien rather than Konopka. Rypien atleast has NHL wheels underneath him. If MacIntyre isn’t in the lineup atleast there’s still Rick to deal with the piss’n vinegar issues.

  • Lowetide

    LT Or Bownlee:

    If the Oilers take RNH and in camp he holds is own and plays well (as in is a top 6 or 9 player and plays on the PP) but lacks the physical side at the moment to play center with consistency do you think it would be better for his development to play wing his first year or better to go back and play center at Red Deer?

    • Lowetide

      My opinion is that if he’s ready then you keep him. I’m not certain that he’d have an easier time making the club on the wing, imo C is the weakness.