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Sweet Lords have mercy. Fresh off a 3,500 km road trip from Dallas to Edmonton – one where we forgot our blackberry at home in the charger because of "Celebratory Collateral" after the Bruins Cup win – the busy season is in full swing. No time for tales of debauchery in the Big D – there is so much going on in here we feel like we can’t keep up.*

*That’s what she said


If we had real honest to goodness offices here at Nation Command – instead of the imaginary office complex deep under the surface of the ocean that exists in our mind – it would be dead empty right now. Five – count em – five seperate Voices of the Nation are in Minneapolis tonight holding it down and sniffing for scoops on behalf of all of us,

Jason Gregor and Robin Brownlee are down being wily veterans on behalf of the OilersNation. Pat Steinberg and Kent Wilson are down for the FlamesNation which also hilariously has a 3 hour Draft Special airing tonight on the Fan 960 in Calgary as part of the imaginary Coast to Coast NationRadio network.

The stalwart Robert Cleave is also down on behalf of FlamesNation on his own dollar to top it off- something we ourselves have not have the pills to pull off in the 3 years of the Nations. Mad respect for manning up and heading down there dude*

That also means that with the adult supervison out of town we are free to have Nation parties at the Pint. Meg Morrison is at the Pint off Whyte avenue tomorrow and we are raising the roof at the Downtown Location. So if you prefer the company of hot celebrity chicks you know where to go. If you prefer chugging light beer and "accidentally" walking into the girls bathrooms on a double dare fire on Downtown before the big pick goes down.

*That’s what she said


Speaking of being unintelligbly drunk – what exactly has Paul Holmgren done in absolutely blowing up the core of his team in Philadelphia? Trading your 26 year old Captain who is signed until 3045? Trading Carter too?

This is the work of a single evil force at work: the Cancerous Chris Pronger. Mark our very words. See what he does to a dressing room when his schedule allows him to stick around for more than a year? Guaranteed he divided the room into two and this is the result. What good is solving your goaltending problems – with a contract so large it originally looked like the budget for a City on the Moon – when you traded away your two best players?

Heads will roll from this in a couple years. Just watch.


When we came home to a flood of information from our Bruins loving room mate we almost sucker punched him in the face when he told us that this rumour was floating around several credible sources.

BruinsLover69: "You didn’t see this? You must be kidding."

WanyEberle14: "Dude we have been completely detached from all news for 4 days. We drove across the country like in Thelma and Louise."

BruinsLover69: "I didn’t even realize you were gone.* "

WanyEberle14: "Dude we have been gone for ages."

*Actual statement he had been living with his gf since the Cup Win as punishment for ignoring her since the season ended.


Ryan Smyth returning to the Oilers would be the best thing that has happened to the Oilers since they gassed #94 after "that thing that happened in tthe 2006 Stanley Cup Finals." Oilers brass has been quick to hide behind the rebuilding game plan for two full years – three years after they began rebuilding for real after letting the squadron fall to hell after a Game 7 Cup Run.

The flip side of having tons of kids on the roster and a back to back last place team is that we also have a boatload of Cap Space. Using some of the millions of dollars of cap room to sign the Greatest Oiler since The Great One would be a fine way to inject leadership and show that current brass does in fact remember what being an Oiler means and higher hopes than "keep getting first overall while selling out every game" for the next few years.

This has to happen. Did you know we started OilersNation originally as a Ryan Smyth protest site called bringryanhome.com? It’s true. Did you also know that we would gladly kill everyone we have ever met to save a single hair on his Blessed Head from coming to any harm? That’s true too.





Bob MacKenzie has said the following on twitter:

"It is not done but CGY is working to acquire Ryan Smyth. Smyth has final say with his NTC but it may be as close as he gets to EDM"

If the Oilers gas this and Smyth goes to the Flames – get ready for the happy go lucky in 30th place vibe around these parts to disappear.



Oh and in case that isn’t enough going on, the 2011 Entry Draft is in full swing tomorrow. Holy eff.

To the bar. It has been a long drive and tomorrow is going to be an even longer day.

  • Chris.

    welcome back Wanye, i see you didnt miss a beat… literally, blasting lil wayne at 3:45AM… dont worry, the guy at the end of the hall only had to be up in and hour and a half.

  • Chris.

    …and the Faith Tones look like they would come in handy during a flood or an oil spill. Just flip em over and start mopping up the mess. I bet those do’s could hold more water and oil in them than a case of Shamwow’s!

  • D-Man

    I just don’t see how the Flames can genuinely be interested in Smitty – short of Feaster losing his mind. They’re in a bad spot cap-wise already, and they’re an old, worn-out team. Smitty is exactly what they DON’T need right now. They certainly don’t want to be sending picks/prospects to LA for him given that these are in very short supply in Soddom at present (Lombardi surely wants pick(s) / prospect(s) given how much salary he’s just taken on with Richards and Carter).

    I’m all for Smitty coming back even if it’s an overpay for 1 year. I agree with previous posts to the effect that kudos for Tambo will be in order if he can get LA to take some salary in return, but I don’t really think that’s going to happen. LA just won’t go there – unlike Tambo & Co., Lombardi seems to run a competent ship. I would be content to see Tambo send back a 4th or maybe a 3rd (that would be stretching it), but that’s all. LA is in a very weak bargaining position with this one due to (a) the cat being out of the bag re Smitty’s trade request; (b) Smitty having a ntc; and (c) LA needing to dump salary.

    I didn’t like the return on the Penner trade. Hopefully Tambo doesn’t bend over again on this one. But he should definitely get ‘er done.

    • D-Man

      I agree with everything you said except for the last line… The Penner deal was a good trade – especially considering the fact that Penner scored only three goals after the trade… The 19th pick, Colten Teubert (a first rounder with promise) and a 3rd rounder?? That’s a heck of a lot more Penner’s worth… Lombardi got hosed; the only way that trade backfires on Tambo is a) the 19th pick (or if he uses it to trade up) is a bust or b) Penner scores 35 – 40 goals (which I doubt) next year…

        • D-Man

          True – that pick could be a bust and I think the statistics Gregor calculated were more along the 50 to 60% range (don’t quote me on that)… I hope Tambo can use that pick to trade up, but it does sound like there will still be a couple of decent defensemen available at that time…

          I’ve heard that Teubert is coming along nicely.. He was a healthy scratch at times last year, but showed promise according to their coaching staff… He’s one to two years away from competing for a spot and could be a serviceable #5-7 d-man…

          Considering Lombardi has already said Penner needs to do some soul searching on whether he wants to become a dominant power forward or a beer league slo-pitch clean up hitter after about 20 regular season games and a non-existent playoff stretch, I’d say good deal.. Wouldn’t you??

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            It’s a “fair deal” in the context of what you usual get when you trade players for picks/prospects.

            However, outside of either trading guys that refuse to resign or for elite picks/prospects trading players for picks/prospects is more often then not a losers game.

  • This is a pre-emptive “d’oh” … Yes, I realize Lombardi has not taken on both Carter and Richards, as I seem to have suggested in a moment of idiocy, above. Doesn’t change the fact that LA needs to dump salary.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Have to think with Ryan Smyth in the lineup here, it would make about a ten to twelve point difference in the standings. Ryans 25 goals and 25 assist this season would make this much of a difference i believe.

    If the goal is to finish deadlast a third yr in a row, maybe this Ryan Smyth move is one yr premature.

  • Zamboni Driver

    I’m personally absolutely against Edmonton’s bizarre obsession with looking backwards all the time (even for a player who, in this case case won….exactly….nothing).

    But if Smyth means that the boat anchor that is our $6 million dollar “faceoff specialist” might be marginally less useless, then I’ll vote yay.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Not sure it’s Ryan Smyths fault the Oilers hit the skids during his playing career. I can think or half a dozen Oilers with multiple Stanley Cup rings that aren’t even close to the hockey player Ryan Smyth is.

      Lumley,Hunter,Lindstrom,Linesman,Hughes,Napier etc etc etc. These players were all role players and not an offensive leader that Smyth has been his whole career. It’s guys like a top 6 forward player in Ryan Smyth who make winners out of guys like Lumley,Hunter,Lindstrom,Linesman,Napier and Hughes.

  • Zamboni Driver

    It boils down to this. An Alberta team will trade for Smyth before the 5th round. If Calgary gets him in the 4th or the Oilers go off the board with their 3rd pick, Mr. Dithers deserved his press. 3rd pick is a push. 4th pick for Symth is a no brainer.

    If either team offers more than a 3rd or 4th or a suspect, you’d think it would be part of a bigger deal with additional real assets moving both ways.

  • The only way #94 will be a flame is if Calgary wants to venture even further down the downward spiral. As much as I feel bringing Smyth back would right a karmic wrong and greatly benefit our kids, if the flamers give up anything more than the equivalent of a 3rd round pick then Tambo should walk away. Lombardi is bluffing and trying to make a market out of thin air. One never knows the power of family-concerns to force a man to make a decision he doesn’t want to, but Smyth a flame? The only way that happens is if Calgary shoots themselves in the foot.

    You tell me this guy would be a flame?

  • Why hasn’t there been five articles already today that get our hopes up for deals that will never happen and will crush our little Oiler loving hearts.

    I demand to have my hopes set high and then crushed by 6:30 tonight!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    The so called experts questioning Couturiers footspeed are full of ship.

    All 6’4’+ kids who entered this league have the same concerns. Lecavalier,Pronger,Lemieux, all entered the NHL with the same questionable footspeed. Can anyone remember a 6’4,6’5 kid who came into the game with “quick” feet?

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      I agree, the guy is a real sleeper IMO…. and resonably might fall to the back half the of the top 10.

      With two teams in that range that want to “win now” we just might be able to get ahold of it without way overpaying.

  • hamzinoilcntry

    Please dear hockey gods. Let the glorious mullet aggain shine in our beloved copper n blue. Get this deal done now so Smitty can hand RNH his new oiler jersey and let the squeeeeeeing begin!!!!!!!!

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Smyth helps team lose the periphery team label . Hopkins on the other hands fits right in with being a setup man playing on the periphery like all our other set up players . We need reliable NHL talent like Smyth to break our roster of such an adherence to periphery play . Smyth also adds to PP and penalty killing at a high level still . So why would they want to bring back an upgrade (tongue in cheek ) ? Smyth will do well in Flames uniform and put them back in playoffs ! Just not enough time for Quick Draw McTams to assess the Smytty scenario .

    • If RNH was deemed a Peripheral player we would all have heard about it non stop. It would have come up as a major concern. You’re just upset because no one in their right mind thinks we should draft the defenseman who scored 1 goal in his draft year.

  • Jodes

    Just curious, where is the 3rd round pick we got in the Staois trade situated this year? (I would assume that pick was for this year was it not?)

    Would that be enough to get Smytty back?

  • Gerald R. Ford

    This just in. Tambo picks 1st and 19th today. Picks 31st in the morning. Smitty cries as he pulls on the Flames jersey in the morning, but he is back home in Alberta.

    Tambo dithers and we come home with picks. Fans on the nation begin next year’s draft watch and who we will get with our second overall pick next year. Tambo doesn’t care about what anyone thinks, cause he knows he has an incredible talent at snatching first overall picks.

  • washed up

    6’4 guys with great speed are Carter, Primeau, Lindros, Nash, i don’t believe Thornton was concidered slow at fist, Al Ifrate, Beliveau, Arnott, Getlaff, Stall, Sundin, Jagr. There a few big guys that I don’t think were concidered slow or had skating issues although I’m not going through the draft history to check….

  • Peterborough

    Offering a third for him is enough. Calgary makes no sence and is probably just sloppy/sensational journalism . . . Or Dean getting even for being fleeced in the Penner deal Tuebert the 19 and a second in next years draft which became active when LA made the playoffs.

  • Eddie Shore

    As per Gord Millers twitter… Hearing that Calgary is closing in on a deal for Ryan Smyth. He waives his no-trade and the Flames give up a late round pick.

  • Peterborough

    Holmgren is aggressive. Lowe was aggressive. If you’re offering a 4th, LA’s going to wait until the 2nd day of the draft to pull the trigger. If you’re offering a 3rd at the tail end of the 2nd you’d better watch what’s dropping until the 2nd day to pull the trigger. The first round you’d better keep that 3rd handy in case you trade it or your 2nd.

    If Calgary overpays and Edmonton doesn’t that’s a step in the right direction. That reputation for overpaying (thanks Kevin) is deadly to building depth as the core matures.

  • Peterborough

    Now if the twits are right and Calgary gets Smyth for a 4th today because Tambillini told LA no 4th no how, that’s the kind of decisiveness you do not want to see.

  • MaestroFreshMess

    Didn’t the Oilers also get LA’s 3rd round pick in this years draft as part of the Penner deal? If so, don’t the Oilers have three picks in the third round?

    Not all of those picks are going to net NHL players – so what is ST waiting for… trade LA their 3rd rounder back for Smyth!!!!

    add- TSN reporting Smyth refuses to waive NTC for Calgary in hopes the Oilers come back into play. If the Oilers don’t get him now they are idiots.