St. PAUL, Minnesota — Ryan Smyth hasn’t been big news on Entry Draft day since the Edmonton Oilers took him sixth overall way back in 1994, but that could change today.

While the Oilers will kick-off Day 2 of the 2011 draft today by making the first pick of the second round (31st overall), the big story is the pending deal that will see the Los Angeles Kings send Smyth to Edmonton for an encore with the Oilers for Gilbert Brule and a draft pick — at least, that’s the package we’re led to believe is on the table.

Still no official word from either team if Smyth, selected between Jeff O’Neill (Hartford) and Jamie Storr (Los Angeles) back in 1994 after the Oilers took the immortal Jason Bonsignore fourth overall, will change uniforms today, but we’ll be all over it. Details, details.

Anyway, I’ll be updating this page throughout the morning and afternoon as we await the 31st pick and clarity on Smyth, so check back often and you’ll know when we know.

Stay tuned.

HERE WE GO . . .

10:02: A bunch of us worked chief scout Stu MacGregor hard on the fence this morning to see what the Oilers are thinking with the 31st, but he gave us nothing . . . defenseman David Musil? Not sure, although Stu did say last night father Frank, an Oilers scout, wouldn’t be a part of scouting meetings if David is in the mix because of the obvious conflict it might cause . . . how about Boone Jenner, Tomas Jurco or Brandon Saad?

–10:04: For the record, I’d be taking Jenner, Ty Rattie or Musil.

–10:12: Tambellini pacing, walking circles around Edmonton’s table. Something on his mind, or just can’t wait to take Musil?

–10:13: Robyn Reghr trade to Buffalo announced . . .

–10:14: It’s DAVID MUSIL . . . will go grab the kid and post his thoughts ASAP.

–10:49 MUSIL SAYS:

 — "It’s really exciting. I remember growing up a little bit in Edmonton when my dad played there. I have good memories from there. I remember my dad playing games, going in the dressing room."

"I’m just going to try the best I can. I know what I can do. I’ll my best to make the team as soon as possible."

Heres the bio on MUSIL, courtesy of NHL.com:

–In his second Western Hockey League season, Musil recorded six goals and 25 points (6-19–25) in 62 games helping the Giants to 35 wins and a first round playoff appearance. 
—  He was selected to participate in the 2011 World Junior tournament for the Czech Republic, but an injury ended his chance to compete for a medal. He did compete at the 2011 Under-18 World Championships and despite a disappointing eighth place finish, was voted one of best players on the Czech Republic team.
— His father, Frantisek (38th overall by Minnesota in 1983), had 34 goals and 1,241 penalty minutes in 14 NHL seasons as a defenseman with the North Stars, Flames, Senators and Oilers. His uncle is two-time Stanley Cup champion, Bobby Holik (10th overall by Hartford in 1989), and his grandfather, Jaroslav Holik, was a long-time player and coach in the Czech Republic. His mother, Andrea, was a top tennis player, winning the girls singles title at Wimbledon in 1985 and helping then-Czechoslovakia win the Federation Cup that same year.
— Musil was born in Calgary when his dad was playing for the Flames, and also lived in Ottawa and Edmonton. He moved to the Czech Republic with his family when he was seven and played his youth hockey there until leaving to play in the Western Hockey League.

— 10:52: Oilers use the 62nd pick on Finnish goaltender Samu Perhonen.

— 10:57: Frank Musil is obviously very proud of David, and we was very emotional talking about him after the pick by the Oilers. I’m going to to do a separate piece on that later today.

— 11:02: Keegan Lowe at 74th? That wouldn’t be the least bit uncomfortable for the parties involved, now would it? Son of a scout is one thing. Son of the president of hockey operations? What could possibly go wrong there? Blues on the clock, then Carolina and then the Oilers . . .

— 11:04 Canes take Keegan Lowe.

— 11:05: WIth that bullet dodged, the Oilers take Travis Ewanyk, a teammate of Lowe with the Oil Kings

— 11:13: The low-down on PERHONEN from NHL.com:  Perhonen finished the 2010-11 season with a 2.71 GAA and .922 save percentage in 29 games for Junior A SM-liiga. He led his team to the league championship with a 2.14 GAA and .930 save percentage in seven games and also posted a 2.80 GAA and .918 save percentage in five international contests.
—  In four appearances for fifth-place Finland at the Under-18 World Championship, he was 2-2-0 with a 3.52 GAA and .875 save percentage. He made 27 saves in a 5-3 victory over the Czech Republic.
 — He grew up in a small town and walking to the rink with his friends was a common activity; he was drawn to the goaltending position because “it’s an individual pursuit where you can kind of be your own individual and still be in a team atmosphere. I really liked that and have played goalie ever since."
— Perhonen means ‘butterfly’ in Finnish.

— 11:31: The Oilers make it family affair again with defenseman Dillon Simpson, son of Craig Simpson, at 92nd . . . nice hair on the kid . . . this an an off-the-board pick if you look at CSS ranking for Simpson (152th). Hmm. Seems a reach, no?

— 11:41: Anybody else in the organization with a son who is draft eligible? Tom Renney? Kelly Buchberger? A big-boned daughter, even? Just asking . . .

— 11:52: Oilers take RW Edna Kulchisky with the 114th pick . . . I keed, I keed . .

— 11:54: Oilers take C Tobias Rieder from Kitchener.

— 12:01: Chatting with Darren Dreger a few minutes ago. There’s a growing sense that any deal for Smyth might have to include a player other than Brule because of his "health" concerns.

— 12:04: No deal. Oilers used the 122nd pick on Martin Gernat, big D-man from Slovakia.

— 12:30: Oilers don’t have a pick in the sixth round. Time to get on the sniff and see what’s up with the Smyth deal. if the Oilers make a move and do take somebody in this round, please have "Cheesenaka" post it for me.

— 12:59: Oilers open the seventh round with the 182nd and take Finnish goaltender Franz Tuohimaa.

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  • Yourmomthinksimhot

    Is this not the second or third time that a players name has been leaked when in fact the trade they were involved in never went through?!?!

    Wonder how the beginning of training camp goes next year….. “Hey Gilbert… so how was that U2 concert?”… Awkward pause….. “Feeling better?”

    Seriously between Penner, Smid, Cogs and Brule its a wonder anyone wants to play for Tambo anymore. You might have to include Smyth in that conversation also now. Fortunately Smitty likely wants to play for the OILERs still.

    Tambo is an idiot………

    • Jae

      What bugs me about the fans on this site is that they are so shortsighted. Tambellini is (finally) doing something smart and you lot are trying to crucify him for it. On the verge of his finest hour you think it’s his nadir.

      Playing hardball with the Kings is a good move. If you aren’t prepared to walk away you are going to get taken advantage of every time.

      • What bugs me is that people like you come on here and rip others opinions! This site is for fans to speak there mind, your arrogance is dripping with the verbal diarrhea of every word you speak! your not so obvious take on other peoples opinions sucks mmm-kay captain.

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        Problem is, this “hardball” could leave the team getting the short end of the stick again.

        Best case might be to dump Brule, but getting Smyth for just the pick is still superior to getting nothing.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Steve? Is that you?

            I’ll complain about his (your) tactics all I want thanks, as of right now the deal is off because of the little game he wants to play.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Not much to add here that hesn’t already been covered, I also don’t want to be perceived as an idiot, moron, [insert mature insult here], etc.

            To the Nation, RELAX. Tambo is doing great! Were it not for his astute managament we would not have Hall and now RNH. CLEARLY, the Oilers back to back 30th place finishes are by design. I really don’t care if Ryan Smyth gets here or not but do you really want the Oilers to miss out on [insert no. 1 prospect in 2012 here], [insert no. 1 prospect in 2013 here], [insert no. 1 prospect in 2014 here], etc. I didn’t think so…

            Eat it Tambo critics!


      • a lg dubl dubl

        How is only having to give up a 4th or a 5th rounder being takin advantage of? ST IMO is playin hard ball by throwing Brule in the mix, yes if Smyth does come back a spot in the line up is harder for Brule to get but if he REALLY wanted to make the trade he’d have just givin up the pick and been done with it. ST is a PR nightmare.

        *Sidenote* will still think ST is a boob even if Smyth comes back

      • Yourmomthinksimhot

        Maybe, seems odd that this isn’t the first time this has happened with this team. Not a big fan of Tambo, thats all. I mean this is a place to express opinions right?? I still love this team and am happy to cheer year after year.

  • MaestroFreshMess

    There should really be a report button for some of these guys who feel they have to level personal insults at anyone whose posts they disagree with. Get them out of here.

  • With Souray’s salary already coming out of his pocket, perhaps Katz doesn’t want to take on Smyth with the possibility that he has to pay Brule his $1.8 million to play in the minors next year or a portion of that in a buyout. Everybody talks in reference to the salary cap but nobody ever talks about the real money that has to come out of the owners pockets in some of these deals.

    Don’t be so quick to jump on Tambellini. None of us know what conversations are happening between him and Katz, him and Lombardi, etc.

    • I can guarantee you that Katz is looking to save whatever money he can (while putting enough in to save face) to put towards his end of the arena.

      The Oilers will shed as much salary as they can. They have been working their way down the spending list I believe.

      I am not saying he wants to be bottom, but in the bottom quarter.

      Until the team is in a position to compete, he’ll conserve capital. You don’t get that rich by making bad business choices and wasting millions.

  • I was Tambo I would not of done the deal without Brule. People who think Tambos got a green light to light Katz’s money on fire are dumn. The Oil have 3 horrible contracts, and another bad one with Brule. Ryan Smyth is overpaid and unless you can unload contract then there is no point.

    Id been asking Lambo in LA to take Khabby and when he would of said no, Id said goodbuy and there would of been no story. The way this all leaked was garbage, and I believe theres enough people out there who realize that unless there is dollars taken back then the best deal is the one not made.

    I loved Smytty, but I hope the Oiler’s continue to use their heads and don’t cow to pressure to make this deal work if it just can’t.

  • Hemmertime

    Freeze – Team FTNF,

    If you were Tambo you would of probably signed Doug Weight last week to a Luongo contract to open to the rink door and fill water bottles.

    When you holding two aces, which is LA needs cap relief and Ryan Smyth will wait to play here, you don’t fold those cards to pander to fanbase who thinks with their hearts not their heads.

    Cap Space is the new currency and the you don’t give up 6.5 mil without LA taking something back. Don’t expect Tambo to get walked on.

    Im not a fan of many things Tambo does, but in this case he’s right. Unfortunately someone leeked a story and the fans here are eating this crap up…

  • Here is something.

    There are two scenarios around this trade getting hung up.

    1. ST doesn’t understand the CBA and didn’t realize LA couldn’t buy out Brule because he is injured. This would be incompetence.

    2. St was trying to pull a fast one on Lombardi. When you do business with only 29 potential partners, burning any bridges is not a good plan (he could ask Kev upstairs about this). This would be a special kind of denseness.

    Again, our man Steve makes it hard to believe in him.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Last summer in mid July they held a prospects camp at Castledowns twin arenas. Everyone was there,Hall,Ebs MPS, they’ll probably do the same in about 3 weeks here again.

  • Hemmertime

    @ Robin Brownlee

    Since Smyth waived his NTC to approve a trade to Edmonton his NTC is no longer in effect right? So, as it stands (I know it would be horrible PR and NHLPA would hate them) the Kings could trade him to CGY or anywhere without getting his consent correct?

      • Hemmertime

        I know certain NMC have the ability to name teams and waive them that way, but I think NTC is an “all or nothing” kind of thing. Once you waive it even your new team doesn’t have to honor it (though as far as I know 100% of the time they have).

        Meh, its semantics anyway. No team would willfully screw a player over that bad, well, Lamoriello might.

        *Edit – I recall a few years ago the Lightning were pretty bastardly to Boyle in the trade to SJ. The comment was “waive your NMC or we’ll waive you and you’ll end up in Atlanta.” (I think it was him but not 100% and dont feel like googling)

        • Jae

          I’m pretty sure the waiving of a NTC doesn’t happen until after the paperwork is officially signed by the teams. I’d imagine there is a third line of the contract to be signed for waiving after the GMs have signed, that way no one could take advantage of a player. Either way though, I have no doubt a grievance would be filed with the NHLPA and the trade voided before we could blink if Smyth waived his NTC for Edmonton but then the Kings dealt him to another team without his permission.

  • Slapshot

    If this is true they should send Tambellini out the door,its bad enough he doesnt make any trades and never makes a decision without taking 6 months to observe.Mr Dithers your time has come to leave.

  • Jae

    Found some more info on the Smyth deal, straight from the mouth of Lombardi:


    The gist of it is that the deal, as it stands, is dead due to a potential issue with the kings buying out Brule. Apparently Edmonton is insisting that the Kings take on salary in this trade, which is obviously something that Lombardi doesn’t want to do.

    Personally, I get that Tambellini is playing a bit of chicken to get the best possible deal for the Oilers. In the end, if it works out then Tambellini will be hailed as shrewd, but as it was stated earlier, ST has to deal with 29 other GMs and you don’t want a reputation for being impossible to deal with. Alternatively, if this deal goes south and Ryan doesn’t come home then ST has to deal with the PR nightmare of irrate fan and we know that Edmonton fans can be “unforgiving” to say the least.

  • Bucknuck

    Is Smokey the same guy as Captain Obvious? Seems obvious to me… I can’t believe there are two of them out there.

    Being eleven million under the cap floor with very little likelihood of attracting free agents here means that spending Katz’s money is irrelevant since they are required to do so by the league in order to be in compliance with the CBA.

    Smyth money should not even be part of the equation.

  • Spydyr


    The issue sounds like paperwork in regards to the Oil. Just wait a bit, and you’ll get your player.

    If your argument is that there only a handful of people on this site who are in the minority, and somehow we are wrong then OMG you must be right.

    My opinion is that the Oil should not cow to pressure of their own fans and stick to their plan, and make the right deal. Im fairly sure that Smyth was not part of the plan set forth by the Oilers in regards to the rebuild. I do however believe the deal will work out and if and when he comes back, Ill buy the first Smyth retro jersey.

    • The problem I have, and it’s not uncommon from a lot of people is that the Oilers need veteran’s on the team, even the Oilers plan to rebuild you need veterans, quality guy’s who are going to help the kids mature and grow as players and as individuals.

      Now, we have that guy who wants to join the team, be part of a rebuild and is intrenched in the community. Plus, not to mention the guy is a good hockey player! The fans deserve something to cheer about after 5+ years of agonizing hockey!!

      I for one will always stand by the Oilers! it’s the crest I cheer for! Not the manager! I bought my season tickets! I bought into the whole rebuild and restock! The team’s management does need to listen to the fans.

    • Bucknuck

      no… not two differing opinions… the insulting behaviour (i.e Bucknut). The lack of respect for intelligent dialogue. That’s what I am talking about – sounds like the same ignorance in both peoples posts. Are you saying Smokey is not Captain Obvious?

      I like debating the Smyth trade – or lack there of.

      I don’t think a good veteran like Smyth is a bad guy to have around. This team needs more leadership than it currently has. I think Smyth is exactly the kind of person the Oil should have for that.

      Money isn’t an issue because the oil need to add a lot more salary than they have roster spots (IMO). It was a good fit as far as I was concerned. I don’t trust Tambellini to be decisive and to make good decisions because I haven’t seen much evidence of that.

      I believe this could have been a home run and instead it is a fiasco. Why is it always a fiasco with the Oilers.

  • smiliegirl15

    As all good armchair GM’s should, I am now ready to assess Tambo’s self proclaimed aggressive trip to this year’s draft. Picked first overall, because the team I assembled last year blew. CHECK. Finally unloaded the embarrassing Souray situation after way to long. FAIL. Oh well. Was aggressive and moved up the draft like I said I would at the pre draft press conference. FAIL. Oh well, hope no one noticed I failed to follow that “PLAN”. Got some veteran NHL roster players to help out the developing kids. FAIL. Just couldn’t find a deal, I guess.

    Well, I guess Tambo is ready to take the PLAN, his new found aggressive GM skills and his solid reputation into the free agency market. Look forward to that. If we are lucky, JFJ will get resigned and it looks like all that’s left is to send Souray to the minors, so we can show all players in this league that if you mess with the Tambo, your career is done. Oh ya, still have to buy out the bad players I signed recently.

    Who is listed at number one in next year’s draft. Look forward to getting started on that thread real soon.

  • Spydyr

    @ ricky p
    No doubt

    I don’t have anymore confidence after this draft that ST can make deals. Deals are getting done, but not by him.

    Perhaps it is the stage we’re in.

    What I know is the most important position in NHL management is GM. I really would like to see some deals from him that make the team better.

    That does not mean a big signing if it doesn’t fit their plan. But finding a brute or two to protect the tiny team they have built, that can actually be on the ice is paramount. Love or hate Sather, he knew how to protect the talent.

    So far he has shown that he can’t get a deal at draft time, in the narrow window of the rebuild.

    Other GM’s are getting deals, and that is a sign of a problem.

      • I did say that this likely isn’t their timing for a big signing.

        Does that mean he should run Hall, Eberle and Hemsky out with no protection and see them get hurt?

        There are a few simple deals he could make that wouldn’t jeopardize the plan ( ie. win too many games) but could at least solve that problem.

        There are also a lot of mediocre players out there that can at least be called legit NHL’ers (like Vandermeer)- at least they could ice a team that the younger players could build some respect for.

        When you play with Strudwick and Jacques etc., and get your ass kicked around, that likely isn’t a good morale building strategy.

  • OilFan

    Was yesterday the last day for trades ? You guys act like ST won’t make any trades for the season starts. I think ST is doing the right thing trying to rid the team of unwanted player. i.e brule

  • Cheesenaka

    Well from what i heard he really didn’t want to stay in LA so he might waive if it was LA or Calgary as his choices. At the very least, that should silence the Smyth to Calgary rumors.