Welcome Home, Ryan Smyth!

Ryan Smyth is an Edmonton Oiler. Details of the deal (Colin Fraser and a distant 7th rd pick in 2012) are unimportant, Ryan Smyth returns!

Steve Tambellini has earned major points for a very good hockey trade. I’m not certain he thinks so, but the evidence is overwhelming. Quality NHL player, mentor, and very likely a reasonable contract next year.

I’m having a beer, and then I’m having another.

  • SurfacetoAirMissile

    Welcome home Smyth… stay healthy, pass on your passion to the team, pop some goals in tight and keep tosses pucks over the glass before puck drop to the kids!

  • longbottom/P.Biglow

    While I also find it quite convienient to blame Tambellini for alot of what has happened. He was named general Manager of the team in the summer 2008. He took over a team that had spent 10-15 years fighting for 7-10 spot. He had no organizational depth because of this and because of bad drafting as far back as the Sather years. He was stuck with bad contracts from the year after the stanley cup run. Since then I’l list the changes he has made. -Stu MacGregor Named Head scout. -Mike Sillinger brought in to help with player developement. -restarted our own farm team with springfield. -Made Trades to get rid of bad Contracts ie: grebs. -Made the Decision with Katz when all the injuries first started hitting to Blow Up the Team -Made everyone in the organization accountable including players/coaches/regular staff members.

    In all I would say in 2and a half years since then there has been some dramtic improvements. Inprovement cannot only be guaged by wins and loses.

    • FastOil

      I don’t know if it’s ST’s job to hire scouts and build farm teams, I think that is Lowe.

      I agree he has made changes and is trying to change the team culture.

      He hasn’t only replaced bad players and contracts with rookies. He has signed some guys who have been “not good” we’ll say that aren’t rookies.

      That does not show well on him. He either can’t judge players or has bad pro scouts, but at the end of the day it’s on him.

      I doubt he is doing exactly what he wants because KLowe and KAtz would be directing the “plan”, so that is likely why there have been no significant deals.

      But until we see some, which likely are a year or two away because they apparently think being horrible is the way to be good, there just isn’t enough that he has done that has had any positive impact.

      That is why so many are hesitant about him. Bottom line is the team has been in free fall, by plan I’d say. It is yet to be determined if he can pull it out of the nose dive and build a contender.

      His vet signings make me doubt.

  • longbottom/P.Biglow

    Smyth Horc Hemsky
    Hall Nuge Ebs
    MP Gags Omark
    Jones Cogs Hartik

    That’s a pretty full lineup. I guess Lander could start in the A and be the first call up for injury. Pretty weak faceoffwise unless we sign Kenopka, but then who comes out of that lineup? My guess is Mac is a no-sign, Jacques, Storts, gonzo.
    We need to sign Kenopka to make that lineup a bit grittier. Then maybe Cogs and Brule in the pressbox?
    I like Cogs and Brule, decent players for depth, but we are tight for room there.

  • justDOit

    Perfect timing for this deal. Right before free agency Could we possibly lure a couple of players to Edmonton? Memo to Shaun Horcoff give up the C and give it to Ryan. Next year could be very interesting.Welcome home Smytty.

  • longbottom/P.Biglow

    While maybe you are right in some sections I will only say that 2 1/2 years isn’t long enough to make a total read on the guy.
    His signings: Foster 40 point guy in Tampa while I feel Foster will have a better year this year.
    But yes Bad year for him.
    Fraser bad signing even though he has a cup ring.
    Jones waiver wire pickup great signing.
    Belle, Periot(spelling),Girouix, Trembley good depth signings for the farm.
    I will wait the 5 yr plan out before decideing if he did ok.
    IMO he is doing OK. I do like the fact he gives nothing away.

  • B.D.G.

    Absolutely surreal having Smyth return to Edmonton, just finished looking at the Oilers roster on their website just to have it sink in. It’s also hard to believe we rid ourselves of a garbage player in return.

    Here is my list, in order, of who I didn’t want to see on the Oilers roster for the upcoming season:

    Colin Fraser (thank you LA)
    JF Jacques
    Kurtis Foster
    Jason Strudwick

    *omitted is Sheldon Souray, no matter what happens with him we aren’t seeing him on the roster.

    Long live Smytty’s Mullet,

    Raine Snow

  • VicOilFan

    Ok Smytty kind of fell into Tambo’s lap. Lets see if he makes an effort to get a UFA center (Laich) and #3-4 D man (Ian White/ Erhoff).

    Then we could see real progress and give a chance for one, two or three of recent forwards drafted and one or two D men to come along. I am as excited by OKCs team for next season as the Oil!!

  • OilCrazy

    Does anyone know the record for number of posts for one article on OilersNation?

    Given this site was created when Smitty left, it would be awesome to have his welcome back article set a new benchmark.

    Let’s keep the posts going!!!

    • Jodes

      A couple years ago there was one story that went well over 1200 posts.

      How do I know that? I made post #1000..


      Oh and how cool was that to see Lowetide’s article and the picture of the Buddy Smytty on Global news at 6?

  • Clyde Frog

    I’m just loving that Madjam started a second account so that someone would agree with him.

    Lol… Even the name screams Madjam! “Islandersofthenorth

    Other notes, it was an easy win trade for Tambo. Love the move!

    Fraser is no Cleary. Cleary put up over 115 points in junior one season, we all knew he could score. Just not as an oiler.

    Fraser’s best point season was 65 in junior, not close to the same level.

  • Little Buttcheeks

    I don’t know that Tambo would have pursued this had the reports of Smyth wanting to return home been leaked publicly. Once fans got a whiff of this, he pretty much had to make this deal. But really, what do we have to lose? We got rid of a spare part and a pick that even if we do our homework is an absolute long shot at making an impact in the future. This team needs a few mentors and he brings a skill set that could allow him to play in the bottom six or the top 6 depending on how the other wingers are playing. Renney will have ice time as currency this year which he didn’t really have much of last season.

    Welcome Home Smytty!

  • TKB2677

    It has been proven time and time again that a team can get defencemen WAY more easily than front line centers. Look at Boston’s top 5. Chara, Seidenberg, Kaberle, Ference, Boychuk. Not one of them was drafted. Look at the canucks. Ehrhoff, Salo, Hamhuis, Ballard, Alberts, Rome. All played a significant role, all from other teams. The Flyers are the same, Pittsburgh, Anaheim, Calgary, Colorado, Montreal. I could go on and on. Almost all the teams got the majority of their Dman from some other teams.

    Centers, not so much.

    • Shapeman

      I think you missed one D-man who played a significant role on Vancouver. Edler I believe was drafted. *By no means am I defending Mr. Islanders of the North* I completely agree with your post, and after RNH started picking up steam and Gregor trotted out the number of defenseman that were traded I took off my Larsson googles. RNH all the way!

  • rockmoss

    By no means am I a Tambo fan, but anyone who poo-poo’s this deal is certifiable. He deserves at least some praise for not giving up anything to make it happen.

    Devil’s advocate here, but hasn’t there been a very different reaction in Edmonton to players requesting a trade for family reasons? I guess this is just the universe trying to balance itself. Between the return of Smytty and the new road uni’s, I’m SUPER excited for next season. If Stumblini signs Reasoner and this summer I might take him off my hit list. Either way, no matter. He won’t be around at next year’s draft anyways.

    @Dog Train
    Interesting take. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if you are right about Tambo’s original intentions. I’m nearly 99% sure Lombardi was using the media to force Tambo’s hand. If that’s the case, God bless Deano!

  • Wanyes bastard child

    Before you go planning your stanley cup parade in Edmonton you had better address your defense and goal tending.

    Drafting is your only option because no decent defensemen want to come to Edmonton. You will have to draft them because you wont get a stud to sign there. It aint going to happen…..

    Just stating the facts….Tambo missed the boat this year.

    • OilCrazy

      Still feeling blue about the big Canucks cup loss are you? I guess if I was a fan of the NHL’s newest member of the 40 year old virgin club, I’d take it out on the fans of another Canadian team that has won 5 cups in the same span.

      Go troll on the FlamesNation site if you are looking for a pity party.

  • Bucknuck

    I was so mad yesterday it wasn’t even funny, though Gregors article calmed me down somewhat. I was terrified that Tambo was going to blow the deal somehow. I feel like eating some crow today for overreacting.

    I still don’t like Tambo much, but I won’t tweet any more #FireTambo comments for a little while.

    It’s not that I think Ryan will cure all that ails the team, it’s more that he WANTS to come here and he can help, and it makes me feel really good as a fan. He was my favorite Oiler and now i can say he IS my favourite Oiler. Life is good.

    Now I can have him on my XBox team without feeling sick inside.

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    Great move Oilers! SO pumped for the season to start.

    I hope Tambo at least get some credit for this trade. I really don’t understand all the hate towards him. Our rebuild officially started last year. Years before that, the plan was to always compete for a playoff spot. Give him time.

  • This is message #282.

    282 divided by 3 is 94! *cheer*

    P.S. Good luck Colin Fraser, thanks for your time here and long may your big jib draw. To the goalie to be selected in the 7th round in 2012 by the LA Kings: way to go man…. way to go.

  • westy

    I am really happy with the return of Smyth, but I had truly forgotten what a painful interview to listen to he really is. I think he will be great for the team and locker room. I just hope he can buck the recent Oiler trend and stay healthy.

    Welcome back oh great mullet!

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    Some of you are just nothing but negative on ST I really do not get it! He inherits team with squat for a development system. A new owner who has to learn how to “Own a team” There is a learning curve here. He has one of the poorest groups of farm players I have ever seen. He has to replace a coach after only one year. He has a ton of contracts that are ridiculous. Yes he made some of those mistakes. He had a ton of petrified wood on the team that in some cases he turned in to an asset. I really do not understand how he managed to trade some of those players. Since that lousy start in the first year I have seen nothing but improvement and if you are going to throw the “Yeah right last place 2 years in a row is an improvement!” line at me that I suspect you would be willing to trade all our roster straight across for the Flames roster because they almost made the playoffs. If that is true then you have Crazy glued your eyes shut. If that is true than you will be raving in another year or two and telling the Nation “I saw it coming long ago when they drafted Hall.” Shut up! Enough all ready Top D men are going to sign here in a year or two WHY!!!! Because because Stu had drafted some unbelievable talent and we are going to be one tough opponent to play against and there will be players who will be just itching to pass the puck to Eberle, Hall, RNH, ETC ETC …

    • BarryS

      ST did inherit a bad team. The thing is drafting first overall isn’t a sign of his ability.

      What do you think about the fact he has done nothing to protect these great young players?

      Or about the Oilers icing guys that aren’t even legit NHL players? It’s not that there aren’t boatloads of available bottom players.

      There is a lot he could do better that is easy and sensible, and it’s not getting done. These are the things that concern many of us.

  • seto gooch gooch

    This is a real good thing for the oil. It always bothered me that the kids didn’t have a true mentor. With Smyth back you have a man who bleeds copper and blue, believes skill is only limited without hard work, and gives a city finally something to believe in again.

  • CanaDave

    I had to post when I saw it’d be #294, can’t have too many 94 references this week. 🙂

    I don’t think Smyth is gonna be captain though, since Horcoff is just keeping the C warm for Hall until the time comes he’s ready for that to be put on his shoulders as well.

    Welcome back Smytty!