Welcome Home, Ryan Smyth!

Ryan Smyth is an Edmonton Oiler. Details of the deal (Colin Fraser and a distant 7th rd pick in 2012) are unimportant, Ryan Smyth returns!

Steve Tambellini has earned major points for a very good hockey trade. I’m not certain he thinks so, but the evidence is overwhelming. Quality NHL player, mentor, and very likely a reasonable contract next year.

I’m having a beer, and then I’m having another.

  • Ender

    Wow. For a guy who supposedly didn’t care when (or even if) Smytty finally returned to Edmonton, I found myself following this story WAAAAY more closely than logic dictated. And now smiling a lot more broadly than necessary.

    Welcome home indeed, Mr. Smyth.

    • Aitch

      As I was opening my laptop, rather than going outside and doing some yardwork, I scolding myself with “afraid you’ll miss something” thoughts and then I get rewarded with news of Smyth coming back to the Oil!

      … and for nothing! That’s right, basically nothing.

      Banner day.

  • Hellz yeah! Awesome news…and getting rid of Fraser is better than getting rid of Brule. At least you occasionally notice Brule on the ice when he’s healthy. Fraser was a non-factor all season.

    Fraser gone + 7th rounder instead of 5th is a steal.

    Welcome home. The Oilers just got a little better.

  • This is message #282.

    282 divided by 3 is 94! *cheer*

    P.S. Good luck Colin Fraser, thanks for your time here and long may your big jib draw. To the goalie to be selected in the 7th round in 2012 by the LA Kings: way to go man…. way to go.

  • book¡e

    Oh, F@#k me – McKenzie just Tweeted that Tambellini was feeling so good basking in the fan adulation over this that he just signed Grant Fuhr, Charlie Huddy and Jari Kurri to multi-year contracts.

  • Dodgebreath

    Oh Happy Day! Not only do our kids get a mentor, our PP gets a pulse and with Fraser gone, a spot opens for Lander!

    This should be declared a statutory holiday in OilersNation

  • Lowetide

    Well, they’re strong on LW now (Hall, Smyth, MP, Jones or Hartikainen) and pretty damn good on RW (Eberle, Hemsky, Omark, Brule/Jones etc etc).

    Center is still an issue, with a PK man needed. And Smyth can help the PK and PP, but you’d prefer more veteran help for the PK imo.

    Forward looks good imo.

    Now the blue, Steve. Now the blue.

      • Lowetide

        Bieksa would be an excellent choice but he’s probably going to get his pick of destinations and a strong SC contender will get him.

        Hejda would be a nice addition, but I don’t know that Howson will let him go.

    • longbottom/P.Biglow

      Is it to early to pump up the Zenon Konopka bandwagon? Get a Dman for shut down and Konopka for F/O’s and we all of a sudden look very dangerous.

    • Lowetide

      IMO — the only unfortunate thing is not knowing of this situation before re-signing Jones.

      Hartikainen strikes me as a better value for the $$$ optiona as a 4th liner next year — and also is a kid who — at least — looks like he may be able to move up in the line-up (Jones isn’t).

  • TKB2677

    I think this is a great trade. Dead beat Colin Fraser and a 7th for Smyth!! Does any player drafted in the 7th round ever make it? Very, very few.

    Smyth is exactly the type of transitional player the Oilers need. He can play anywhere in the top 3 lines. He can play on the pp, kill penalties. The guy is the definition of hard work and character. He is going to be a great influence on the kids. Show them how to work, be a pro, how to work the corners. I’m hoping Hall, Eberle and Paajarvi are out there with Smyth every practice learning how to tip pucks. His contract is very pricey but for 1 year, who cares. I think the Oilers signicantly improved their team today.
    Nice work Tambo!!

  • Clyde Frog

    Excellent price for 50ish points added to the lineup. With depth at LW for someone to move up and down as needed.

    Looks like an extremely low cost, only reason Steve should be sad is if he was expecting to go hog wild with that cap space…

    Which isn’t that likely anyway.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    We get The Mullet AND jettison Fraser at the same time!?!


    That is some considerable deSTINKification of our beloved team with one mighty blow. Fantastic job, Tambo!

    I think I’m gonna dance now…

  • Ender

    I think one of the funniest things about this was that Wanye had nhlnumbers.com updated to reflect the trade like 8 seconds after it was announced.

    “Nope. Can’t take it back now; I already updated the site. It’s D-O-N-E. No need to thank me; just doing my part to ensure no one else takes a run at screwing this up.”

  • So happy to have Smyth back. I now predict that the Hockey Gods will be kinder to us Oiler fans.

    Also, now that hes back our PP should be a lot less laughable and the team actually has 3 LWs that deserve to be in the top 9. Very excited to have actual NHL players back on the team.

    Fraser was a wasted spot but that also means that as it stands now the depth at C is even weaker. If the Oilers dont want RNH to earn a spot at camp then they better get somebody capable. Otherwise the lines could look like 1) Hall Horc Eberle carried over from last year 2) Smyth Gagner Hemsky 3) Paajarvi RNH Omark and 4) Jones Cogs Harti

    Lines 1 & 2 could swap spots or Centres but youd have to think that thats what it looks like to start with if no other relief is provided down the middle.

      • My biggest belief regarding training camp is that if youre invited you should have the right to earn a spot. So the same shot RNH should have should also be extended to Lander or VV.

        However, Id have to think that if the 3rd line wingers are Omark and Paajarvi then an Offensively minded Centre might best fit the bill. If both of those guys play in the AHL to start next season they can always come back up, but once RNH is down hes down for the year.

        I think my proposed lineup will be there for at least 9 games this year. Who knows after that or if injuries happen. Im very interested in how Lander looks though. Either way, our NHL or AHL teams both need the kind of leadership that Lander gets credited for by the experts.

        • Lowetide

          Yeah, just wanted to say props for that lineup.

          I’m not saying I agree with Hopkins being the 3rd line pivot for his first season – in terms of bang for the contract buck – but put him with 91-23 considering the other two lines and they would get all kinds of great matchups at home.

          56-28 as the fourth line wingers and hopefully Reasoner as the other centre; not a 4th line guy but someone who’d keep everyone else honest.

          Personally, I’d shove 19 between 91-23 and have Hopkins play one more year in junior.

  • Adam D

    For an Oilers fan like me, growing up in the nineties and the aughties, Smyth was my Gretzky. He’s nothing less than an icon, and I can’t believe he’s back.