Welcome Home, Ryan Smyth!

Ryan Smyth is an Edmonton Oiler. Details of the deal (Colin Fraser and a distant 7th rd pick in 2012) are unimportant, Ryan Smyth returns!

Steve Tambellini has earned major points for a very good hockey trade. I’m not certain he thinks so, but the evidence is overwhelming. Quality NHL player, mentor, and very likely a reasonable contract next year.

I’m having a beer, and then I’m having another.

  • Adam D

    For an Oilers fan like me, growing up in the nineties and the aughties, Smyth was my Gretzky. He’s nothing less than an icon, and I can’t believe he’s back.

    • Aitch

      As I was opening my laptop, rather than going outside and doing some yardwork, I scolding myself with “afraid you’ll miss something” thoughts and then I get rewarded with news of Smyth coming back to the Oil!

      … and for nothing! That’s right, basically nothing.

      Banner day.

  • Aitch

    wow…welcome home smitty..let the mullet reign again !!!! great deal for the oilers. His departure was the beginning of the total collapse of this organization. Get to dust of my old 94 jersey again…;)

  • Hellz yeah! Awesome news…and getting rid of Fraser is better than getting rid of Brule. At least you occasionally notice Brule on the ice when he’s healthy. Fraser was a non-factor all season.

    Fraser gone + 7th rounder instead of 5th is a steal.

    Welcome home. The Oilers just got a little better.

  • OilCrazy

    He’ll be a great 3rd liner over the next few years, and even if slowing down he can still stand in front of the net on the pp and tap in 20. He’s only overpaid for 1 year and will be re-signed to a reasonable contract to take him into retirement prior to our young guns requiring big raises. It’s great to have Captain Canada back!

  • paul wodehouse

    … having a beer? then another? are you in another time zone LT or are you just so happy it doesn’t matter when you start…in another time and space i’d be havin’one withya too…cheers

    • Lowetide

      No, it’s before 11 where I am and it matters not. Oilers Nation: grab a beer (providing you are old enough) and toast with me!

      Man. This is a great day. Only in Canada! Late June, clouds, smoke and none of it matters.

      An old hockey player returns!

      Special teams got better today, folks!

      • book¡e

        …and it’s official – the goal next year is to be more competitive (as opposed to pretending to be competitive while telegraphing a dive for first overall).

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        Good riddance to Fraser and the 7th round nobody in 2012. Canada Day comes early to the City of Champions. I think we mostly agree that Tambo had to get this deal done. The fact that he was going to send Brule tells me that the Oilers will be looking to buy out his and Souray’s contract in the next few days. Brule has been dead weight. Cogliano has busted his a$$ and has done what it takes to remain an Oiler. Brule has shown that he like Souray can be fragile. Easily broken and or sick. We need players here made of sterner stuff. Warriors who can take whats given and still keep standing. Cogliano has shown his mettle.He has earned his way. Brule,Fraser,Souray,Stortini,J.F.Jascques are all good to go.
        Strudwick has earned a retirement home in OKC for the next 3-5 years teaching the kids how to be pros. He has been a faithful soldier and offering him a position in OKC would reflect well on this organization.
        McIntyre deserves the same as Struds. Sign him to a nice AHL contract and let him ensure that the kids are going to be in one piece when they come to the big show. Bring him up when you need a show of force.But otherwise let him earn a decent paycheque in OKC.

        Smyth. Good for him. The feel good story of the summer. Tambo has earned some respect for doing something he was forced to do but doing it in a way that benefited both the team and Smyth.Great job Tambo. Perfect end to a graet weekend.

  • paul wodehouse

    …after confirming with 38 sources so as not to seem like they were jumping the gun…

    …Los Angeles Kings trade Ryan Smyth to Edmonton Oilers for Colin Fraser, 7th-round draft pick in 2012.

    Go to sportsnet.ca for more on the story.

    posted two minutes ago

    • Rob...

      I was thinking the same thing. Not that I have anything against Sportsnet MSM personalities or their channel, but I still marvel at the massive changes they made to their website a year or two ago and how it rendered their website nearly useless, as far as quickly navigating to what you want goes. I visit their website only when I can’t find information on something anywhere else… a pretty rare occasion.

  • Dodgebreath

    Oh Happy Day! Not only do our kids get a mentor, our PP gets a pulse and with Fraser gone, a spot opens for Lander!

    This should be declared a statutory holiday in OilersNation

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Oh Happy Day! Not only do our kids get a mentor, our PP gets a pulse and with Fraser gone, a spot opens for Lander!

    This should be declared a statutory holiday in OilersNation

    • Skidplate

      I just seem to recall you mentioned “go to Sportsnet” several times. That is all. I am a TSN guy. I don’t like Spector, Kypreos or MacLean. Spector is too arrogant, Kypereos has had 1 too many concusions and MacLean is MacLean.

        • Skidplate

          I just had to check, since I was sure it was you. 😉

          Reply #136 pelhem grenvilleJune 24 2011, 06:07PM

          +1 0 props

          Los Angeles Kings acquire: – Gilbert Brule (C) – Fourth-round draft pick Edmonton Oilers acquire: – Ryan Smyth (LW)

          Go to sportsnet.ca for more on the story.


          • paul wodehouse

            …i expected total recall from you Skidplate…
            ya so i get these updates from Sportsnet.ca via email so i copied and pasted that one and this LAST one you mentioned into the site…the actual go to part is in the body of the email and not me saying or telling anyone to go to…anywhere…& still never been a sportsnet fan either…before or after the changes

            …is that’splain’d ok? LOL

  • TKB2677

    I think this is a great trade. Dead beat Colin Fraser and a 7th for Smyth!! Does any player drafted in the 7th round ever make it? Very, very few.

    Smyth is exactly the type of transitional player the Oilers need. He can play anywhere in the top 3 lines. He can play on the pp, kill penalties. The guy is the definition of hard work and character. He is going to be a great influence on the kids. Show them how to work, be a pro, how to work the corners. I’m hoping Hall, Eberle and Paajarvi are out there with Smyth every practice learning how to tip pucks. His contract is very pricey but for 1 year, who cares. I think the Oilers signicantly improved their team today.
    Nice work Tambo!!

  • Skidplate

    I guess that last shot of Senacot finally worked on Tams (tongue in cheek ) . Onward and upward from here on in ? Now to send Tams for lunch at A and W for a “formadoubly “! Yagr to be set man for Hopkins break in ? Hmmmm ? Sounds intriguing perhaps ? Does this mean i might have to change my mind about Tams and company ? Next years team now has a glimmer of hope .