"Now do it, you better do it, you better do it. Hey whatchu waitin for? Now do it, you better do it, you better do it. Hey whatchu waitin for?" – T.I

Steve Tambellini is taking a page out of a GM who makes moves book and is doing all sorts of things today.



The day began with the Oilers signing noted pugilist Ben Eager to a three year contract worth $3.3 million dollars. Eager was drafted by the Coyotes 22nd overall back in 2002 and has been a bit of a suitcase in the past few years playing for Chicago, Atlanta and San Jose. All that comes to an end and the player who led the NHL in penalty minutes in 2006-07 season will be an Oiler for the forseeable future. 



See this adorable fellow with the even cuter puppies? Well that’s Darcy Hordichuk who also joined the Oilers today on a one year contract for $825,000. But don’t let the dogs and the smile fool you, Hordichuk is a bruiser and will beat you down on the way to a fight.


The Oilers continued to toughen up on the back end today signing Cam Barker to a 1 year $2.25 million dollar deal. The two time Gold medalist at the 2005 and 2006 World Juniors has been plying his trade in Minnesota after being drafted by the Blackhawks 3rd overall in 2004.


Saints be praised! The Dallas Stars have gotten substantially more injury prone and definitely more cancerous in the room with the addition of Sheldon Souray. Dallas has needed to do something about their defensive corps for a couple of seasons now but inexplicably they have done this instead. Enjoy your time in the Big D Sheldon!


Tambellini finally addressed the fact that the Oilers haven’t won a draw since October 1997 with the signing of Sexy Centreman Eric Belanger to a 3 year deal for terms currently undisclosed. Note: this is actually him. SPICY!


Andy Sutton 6’6 765 pound donkey that can hurt everyone and anyone at the same time. Kurtis Foster seemingly good guy with a cannon shot and has remarkably bounced back from that horrific injury where his leg was made into cheeze doodles. A win for the Oiilers to be sure.


The twitters are abuzz with rumours, speculation and innuendo. One particular tweeterer @treenasoil has been correctly predicting all sorts of things today and for some reason she poses in her altogethers in her twitter photo. Darren Dreger ain’t got nothing on her!

She claims that the Oilers came close to making a deal today:

Oilers came close to trading Coglino and Gilbert to the Rangers for Dubinsky and a draft pick.

And also lays claim to the Oilers having serious talks with former Oiler Jason Arnott.

It must be July 1st – because we are filled to the very brim with optimism and joy. Further updates will be right here as things unfold.

  • I’m a guy who really only pays attention to the Oilers, and only is only peripherally aware of goings-on around the rest of the league but…. isn’t Andy Sutton one of the most dirty gutless players in the league? I apologize in advance if I am wrong but… am I?

    • justDOit

      When Sutton runs Hemsky it’s a bad thing, but now when he runs Kesler for giving Hemsky a cheap shot, it’s good!

      I wouldn’t call him gutless (far from it), but he’s big and mean and plays on the edge.

    • m3sh

      Ya gotta think one or both of Cogs and Brule are on the trade block, but I think whatever non-existent value there was in Brule disappeared after the kings debacle. Still think this org is high (enough) on Gags, he won’t be moved yet, then again if RNH were to make the team…?

      Brule was destined to suck after a good chunk of nationees picked him for star. Too bad really, I think we have to ride out his contract – we’ll see if he makes the team in sept. All depends who’s traded.

  • Lowetide

    GordL: Same here. She happened by when I was reading Wanye’s post and now he’s close to being her favorite Oiler (Eberle–a Rider fan–remains number one).

    Dammit Wanye! Post some Gump Worsley photos!!!!

  • Little Buttcheeks

    I don’t think that anybody expected this. So much for the Oilers not being active in free agency. I figured maybe a move or two but they really went to town. I like our mix right now and we are in the driver’s seat in any trade negotiations. Time is on our side and we can do whatever we want.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Pretty good day indeed for the Oil!! ST suprised me, no dithering, no assesing the situation just BAM!! lol

    As i see the lines in no particular order





    That leaves Brule,Hordichuck,RNH,Hartikinen,and Lander fighting for spots even though I really dont see RNH making the team unless he absolutly lights out.

    Gunna be an interesting summer, 60 some odd days til TC. 😀

  • callmebigbear

    the move that i think will be the best move for tambi is the barker deal, there sits a guy who needed some time plsying top 4 minutes an maybe a little better coaching. we could be looking at our best defenceman in a couple years IMO!! for one year whats the harm to try him out?!

  • Mikeyboy

    Instant credibility for Tams and company after Earthquke , Tsunami , Tornado and Volcano rip thru Oilerville yesterday with anticipatory after shocks still ripping thru . Many must be mystified who was that masked man or indepedent agency that masterminded yesterdays events all at reasonable costs ? More positives accomplished in one glorious day than in last 4 years .

    So this is part of Smyth entourage ? Reeling , and barely any time to breath and assess/comprehend what new club is after such a huge makeover ! Hockey returning to Edmonton finally ?

  • Oilers Coffey

    I am eccstatic about yesterdays overhaul! Liking picking up great value and character.
    Barker is my favorite addition, seeing him a ton when he was beating up the local dub team Leth Hurricanes when he was in the Hat, this guy is a special talent. Just needs the right coaching, and Renney is the man with young studs!
    Belanger fills the void left by Stoll, finally a stud in the dot, and a better skater than Stoll.
    Horichuk, got instant props for forwarning Shamers and Knuckleheads! That was awsome, I can’t wait to see him steam roll Iggy and Kesler, even the twin sister Sedins!
    Sutton what can you say the big bruiser who’s going to punish all that wanna try and stand in front of the net!
    RX suddenly became one of the hardest barns to roll into this weekend.
    Smytty is back, “WOW” is all I can say, he bleeds Oil, going to go along way in showing Hallsy & Ebs.
    The happiest guy in the Oilers system is Renney, he has legitimate choices now.
    Common Sept!!!
    Let’s Go Oilers !!!!

  • striatic

    I like the idea of Belanger and Cogliano running PK1 and PK2. In that order.

    Horcoff is not going anywhere.

    That puts RNH and Gagner in direct competition, which is very good.

    Question is, if Gagner rises to the task what do you do? Ship him out in exchange for D? What if RNH doesn’t pan out right away? Rely on possibly shifting Hall to C to cover the gap?

    I suppose you figure that one of the Cs will get injured at some point, but then do you bring RNH straight out of junior or do you call up someone else?