Get ready to have a good laugh Nation. There has been a trade between Minnesota and San Jose if you haven`t already heard.

According to the ever on the ball folk at TSN:

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The San Jose Sharks have traded forward Dany Heatley to the Minnesota Wild for forward Martin Havlat. Heatley scored 28 goals and added 38 assists in 80 games for the Sharks last season while Havlat scored 22 goals and added 40 assists in 78 games for the Wild.


The Wild inherit the last three years remaining on Heatley’s deal that will count as $7.5 million a year under the salary cap. However in real money, Heatley will make $8 million in 2011-12, $6 million in 2012-13 and $5 million in 2013-14. Havlat has four years left remaining on his current contract, with an annual cap hit of $5 million


Oh hey Dany Heatley. Remember when you dissed the entire City of Edmonton – and parts of the outlying communities – by refusing to come to Edmonton despite the fact that a trade had seemingly been completed for your entitled ass?

Remember how awesome you thought you were and how the Oilers Brass lowered themselves to your level sending you Valentines months early, making you DVDs and other romance themed mixtapes? 

Now the Oilers are increasingly stacked with the finest young talent that finishing last 45 times in a row can get you. They are signing free agents too – albeit role players for the most part – at fair market values and are improving by the week.

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They just signed Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to a three year entry deal. He wants to play here along side Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall among others who have an outside chance at being correct when they think they might be a special team a few years hence.

And you just got traded to Minnesota for Martin Havlat.


This should show you how far you have fallen both in San Jose and around the league. Martin Havlat is a moody injury ridden talent who occasionally posts big enough numbers to warrant large contracts. You have only missed 13 games in the past 6 seasons and yet somehow have equivalent value to both your outgoing and incoming General Manager.

You went stone cold and invisible in the playoffs this year didn’t ya Dany? Heh heh heh. Seems that was the last straw with you cause now Doug Wilson would rather have Havlat sitting in the press box injured for an average of 25.1 games per season (taking the past 6 yrs into account) rather than have your presence in the dressing room healthy wealthy and wise.

Nice work.

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Man between this and Souray being passed over in the waiver wire like the incomparable POS that he is – it is becoming clear that Ryan Smyth returning home is starting to realign the universe as it should be.

Everyone is getting their comeuppance now and things are pretty damn fine around these parts for a fan of the back-to-back last place Edmonton Oilers. What goes around comes around don’t it Justin Timberlake? It sure do.


Dany Heatley is a dink. Rot in Minnesota dink.

Oh and a big thanks to Archaeologuy for the pic at the top of the article.

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