Steve MacIntyre inked a two-way deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins earlier this week and yesterday I chatted with the former Oiler about riding shotgun for Sidney Crosby, working on his game so he’ll get more icetime and opening the season against his former teammates.

MacIntyre will make $600,000 in the show and $105,000 if he plays in the AHL, but he is planning on protecting Crosby all season long. He gave a very honest assessment of his game and he seemed to understand why he didn’t get to play very much in Edmonton last year.

"I have to work on my hockey sense. I got caught second guessing myself often. Sometimes I was too hesitant and not going with my gut instinct. I was thinking about things too much. I need to calm down in the games. Everyone can do it in practice, even I could do it in practice, but when it came to the games I was kinda like a deer in the headlights.

"Coach put me in situations where he thought I could succeed, but it was a 50/50 for him, ‘Can Mac get it out, is he going to get it deep,’ and I think that was my biggest downfall. Those instances I need to simplify things and just go out there and play hockey instead of going through and thinking about everything… I need to go out there and just be automatic."

I always found MacIntyre’s honesty refreshing when we chatted in the dressing room. Whether we talked about hockey, hunting or an upcoming fight he never fed you a line of BS. While we chatted on my show yesterday he admitted that on the ice his honesty might have hurt him.

"Another of my downfalls was I might have been too honest on the ice. I have that other side of me (snap factor), but I didn’t show it often enough. The NHL is a lot different than the minors. Down there the guys want it (fights) more. They are hungry and they want to engage. Up here guys are picking their spots, trying to figure out if this will help their team, if it will put them down a man or just how the game is going. There are a lot more facets to it than just going out there and dropping your gloves. It is something I have to learn. I have to engage people and more or less get under their saddle pads and get them off their game."

It sounds like he plans on being more aggressive with Pittsburgh.

"Last year I started out pretty good. Obviously that first night was huge, it was like scoring a hat trick for a tough guy, but then I kind of got caught up in things a little bit during the middle part of the season. In the final ten games I decided that I was going to go out with a bang and do things a bit different. Be more aggressive and hope that I could secure a job for next year. I plan on playing that way from the start this season."

I’ve always felt being a tough guy is the hardest job in pro sports, and as the guys continually get bigger I think it is only getting harder. There is loads of pressure every time a guy drops the gloves, because none of them want to get beat up in front of millions of people watching live or on TV.

I think that job is even more difficult when you are on a 30th place team that can’t kill penalties. 

Teams and fans want their tough guys to be aggressive, but it is hard to be aggressive when you are worrying about taking a penalty while doing it. If a tough guy knows that his team is good enough to kill off the odd aggressive penalty he can run around a bit more. MacIntyre never had that option in Edmonton, but he’ll have more leeway in Pittsburgh because the Pens are a better team.

I asked Big Mac if that was the case at times last year.

"I don’t want to make up any excuses for why I wasn’t more aggressive. That is my job as a professional. I need to learn how I can be a factor in the games. At times I got caught second guessing myself, and with the type of team they are building in Edmonton it a little tougher, but that is part of the growth process for me. Part of being an NHL tough guy is, like the song says, you gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em," laughed MacIntyre.

I didn’t expect MacIntyre to blame the Oilers PK woes for his lack of aggressive play, but it is a factor. When you are as big and as tough as MacIntyre, the refs won’t do you many favours if you land a big hit or get in a scrum. 



The Jordan Eberle TSN play of the year and the MacIntyre KO of Ivanans had Oiler fans dreaming of a Stanley Cup on opening night last year, and MacIntyre plans on being a part of this year’s home opener as well. The only difference is he will be a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

"There is a big circle around that day on my calender. I had a chance to talk to Dan Bylsma and I told him that there was this one particular game that if I could at all be a part of, I sure would love to be a part of because there was a couple people who took my job and I don’t take too kindly to that. So I guess we’ll have to see."

MacIntyre ended that statement with a mischievious chuckle, and if he is in the lineup Darcy Hordichuk might have an early season dance partner.

Before saying goodbye Big Mac took a crack at his former teammate and hunting partner, and he had a message for Oiler fans.

"If I could get close enough to Ryan (Jones) in warm-up and chop off a chunk of his hair that would be fun… I’m so very thankful to the Oilers and all the fans. I might be playing on different teams, but I’ll be a fan of the Oilers until the day I die."

It is hard not to cheer for a guy like MacIntyre. I wish him all the best.


Mark Spector has been a regular on my show for two years now. He is a fun guy, who isn’t afraid to speak his mind on any topic. Half the time he’ll does his "hit" on my show from his deck. He epitomizes the guy who likes to sit on his deck and have a beer.

We’ve come up with a fun charitable angle for Spec’s deck.

On Friday August 12th, we will be doing my show from Spec’s deck, and we’ll have five lucky winners join us, along with three of their friends for a hell of a party.

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The winner gets to bring three friends with them… Here is what you get.

Blue Sky Limo will pick you up, (Each group of four has one pick up spot) and they take you to Spec’s deck.
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The party will start around 4 p.m. and last for as long as we like. Robin Brownlee, Ryan Rishaug, Meg Morrison and their spouses will also be there. I’ve also secured two SPECIAL GUESTS. Two NHL players will spend the evening sharing stories and probably listening to "how you were this close to making the show."

There will also be a musical guest who will be playing a few sets on the deck/backyard.

This will be a great evening of fun, laughs and good times.

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  • Quicksilver ballet

    I miss Big Mac already…
    I don’t care that he’s not great as a player or doesn’t have the best hockey sense..
    I also disagree with Specs comments 7/14/11, where he mentions that players at the age of 30+ don’t get better. I disagree,.. the cerebral part of a player’s game can continually improve until retirement,.. and beyond..your mental understanding of the game is a learned facet…
    Good luck Mac…

  • Rob...

    All the best to Big Mac, starting game 2 of the season.

    On another note, major sports websites today are all carrying stories on Lombardi and this crap concerning the Smyth trade. If Lombardi is refusing to shut up, and IF it can’t be proven that Tambi and his staff did anything wrong, I would hope the league does the right thing and punishes the Kings. I don’t want to see just a fine, I want to see the draft pick from the Smyth deal upgraded to a second round, with a caveat that if he beaks off about the punishment that the Oil will get their first instead. Enough is enough with a league brass innactivity.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      I agree I don’t think they would go to a second right away maybe this years 4th and then keep bumping it up as he keeps running his mouth. I hope other GMs are taking notice of this. They won’t want to do any deals with him in the future just being proactive to avoid any of this crap for their teams.

    • fuck off

      Are you a welder?

      You said that you want the Oiler’s 2012 7th round pick to turn into the Oilers 2012 2nd round pick if Lombardi is just running his mouth.
      What you meant to say is that the Kings should forfiet a 2nd round pick to the Oilers for compensation due to slander.

      I know not eveyone graduated high school with English 30 but seriously people; proof read your damn posts at least ONCE! Then figure out what that silly little “Edit” button does. (Dman09)

      I do agree with you though Rob, or at least what I assume you meant. A 2nd rounder is adequet punishment for the drama scene that Lombardi has been scripting with his valley girl tirade.

  • Rob...

    @ Rob …

    Props on calling out pomposity where you see it. I personally thought “adequet” was pricelessly ironic given the context.

    Having said that, I don’t really understand your comment about upgrading “the draft pick from the Smyth deal […] to a second round …”. LA got EDM’s 7th round pick in that trade (we didn’t get theirs), so upgrading it to a 2nd would hurt the Oil, not the Kings. I think this is what mxke was referring to.

    • Rob...

      I propped you for that, because I actually understood what you were criticizing. You’re right; I was mixed up, thinking that we somehow got a 7th out of it as well as Smyth… something I should have realized was incorrect if I had thought about it a bit longer.

  • Since nothing seems to be going on today I have a question for everyone. Have you all noticed that at the top of the page all the links to the other site are Jets Nation, Leafs Nation….. except VAN. Are they trying to 1 up everyone by declaring that they have an ARMY not a nation. News flash, your army got run over by american tanks, most of which are Canadains which should come as no surprise.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Everyone relax

    It’s spelt g-r-a-m-m-e-r, lol

    Wanye, “you’re” kids “our” fighting, put an end to this by posting pretty pictures of ladies

    Scratch that, you post hilarious MS Paint, let Lowetide do the purdy picatures.

  • So how about we all go to the Esks game tomorrow night? Seems we all need to get out here. It’s football season boys, go enjoy it. Oilers action to resume in a couple months. I don’t need to spell it out here, do I 🙂

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Still two months till training camp starts. Feels like we haven’t had hockey for 6 months already.

    [smiley face running in circles flailing his arms in the air]

  • And all of us are a little more antsy for the ice hockey season to begin than usual.

    Smytty’s return. Eager and Hordi coming in. Want to see if Barker can regain some form. There’s a guy on the team who has a chance of winning a faceoff. RNH. Back to back last place seasons – we need some redemption. Plus the Swedes – Omark, Lander, Magnus. EBERLE!!!!! Healthy Hemmer. And we haven’t seen Hall since his epic shift that resulted in injury.

    Yeah I’d say the Nation is probably a tad antsy for the puck to drop.

    2 months really? (*sigh*)

    • You’re nuts man, its the perfect time to start signing all the Finnish 75+ overalls who are 21 yr old free agents.

      Give them the minimum, 2 or 3 end up being 90+ who you can trade 2-3 years later for high draft picks.

      But to each their own, i’m the geek that builds a team to the point I can simulate a dynasty (3 or 4 cups in 8 years)

  • book¡e

    Just in regards to the folks at ON speaking on how they have no hockey to really watch…. A suggestion of mine would be to go watch Mark Fistric of the Dallas Stars play Ball hockey here in Edmonton. I’ve been watching his games and Division 1 games for free to keep me afloat until the NHL is back in action. Mark plays Division 6 for a team called the Dirty Danglers. The ball hockey season is coming to an end and Playoffs start right away.

    By the way I do play on a team myself in Div 10 as I do realize my statement makes me look like a total loser… or a real hockey fan haha. for the schedules.

      • book¡e

        I believe it is.

        I also just recently found out from my team mates today that the majority of Div 1 hockey players are WHL players*. Previous summer ball hockey seasons have had appearances of ex-Oilers Georges Laraque and Kyle Brodziak play in Div 1. If you’re interested or have nothing really to do its worth checking out, pretty entertaining for any hockey fan and the best part is its free.

        *Not entirely sure how truthful that is as I don’t know many players in the dub.

        P.S They have a bar in each facility with a viewing area of each rink.

  • book¡e

    No new articles on Oilersnation for like 48 hours… It’s weird, I am accomplishing things in real life and being productive.

    Quick somebody – post an article.