According to a report on TSN’s website, Edmonton Oilers goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin is abandoning the appeal of an extreme DUI and speeding conviction and will begin serving his sentence.

Here’s the news item, courtesy of TSN:

"Edmonton Oilers’ goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin appears ready to do his time. Edmonton radio station INews 880 is reporting the Russian keeper, who was caught DUI and speeding in Arizona last August, has given up appealing the 30-day jail term he was given as a result.

"He will split that sentence between jail and his own home, spending the last 15 days at home with an electronic monitoring device. He must also enter an alcohol treatment program. Khabibulin enters his third year with the Oilers this season.

"He signed a four-year deal with the team in 2009. "

Let indignant calls for the Oilers to attempt to void the two years remaining on Khabibulin’s contract — it’s not opportunism, it’s the principle involved — begin. The Oilers have not offered comment. Stay tuned.

UPDATES  . . .

A longer take from Derek Van Diest at The Sun:

And from The Journal:


"Edmonton Oilers goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin has formally withdrawn his appeal in his legal proceedings and the Honorable B. Monte Morgan, Judge of the Scottsdale City Court, has sentenced Mr. Khabibulin to serve 30 days. 

"The Edmonton Oilers respectfully accept the Court’s order and expect Nikolai to fulfill all of his required obligations prior to Training Camp," said Oilers General Manager Steve Tambellini.   

"Once I have completed these obligations, I eagerly anticipate a timely return to Edmonton for training camp, where I will strive to be the best player, teammate, and citizen possible," added Khabibulin."

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  • Wax Man Riley

    I would put some money down that at least 80% of the people posting on this site have driven more than once after a few drinks…it doesn’t take much to get over the limit.

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      ok so at work i do not have access to these sites you speak of with relation to madd, so i can’t find any correlation to what you are saying and what they say…but…whether it be madd or or me, myself or i driving drunk is plain stupid, horribly wrong, extremely immmature, definitely ignorant, and for certain deadly.

      make a choice not for madd but for yourself and others around you. dont’ drink and drive!

    • Ender

      I’m sorry, but when I read this article the main message I’m hearing is:

      “MADD got the legislated-BAC threshold lowered to .08 and that’s wrong. People should be allowed to drink two or three beers after work and then drive home and this legislation doesn’t allow for that. Statistically, drunk drivers probably don’t kill very many people and so the happiness and enjoyment it affords more than justifies easing up on the restrictions. There’s nothing wrong with drinking, and as long as not very many people die from the driving afterward we should all just find better things to legislate and stop concentrating on impaired driving.”

      Huh? Relatively few people die in Canada from fully-automatic-weapon-related deaths each year either but that doesn’t mean I want to see uzis on sale at Canadian Tire.

      Both of these articles today focus first on the fact that MADD may be moving beyond the scope of their original mandate and then from there they degenerate into a bunch of uncited or unproven statistics to scaremonger the fact that MADD is the next coming of Orwell’s 1984.

      MADD may or may not be efficient at accomplishing their agendas and I’m not prepared to debate that. The bottom line, though, is that they’d like to see people not consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle. I think that’s reasonable. Impaired driving places people at risk and it shouldn’t be necessary. “Drinking SOME alcohol and then driving is absolutely fine, and if our calculations on current fatality rates are correct then we can drink more and still drive without killing too many more people.”; if that’s your platform, then I’m sorry but you’re just plain selfish.

      Just don’t drink and drive, people. Don’t worry about where the line between drunk and sober is. That’s like worrying about how much pressure you can put on the trigger and still be safe to look down the barrel. Finding the answer is just not worth it. Just don’t.

  • Ender

    I wonder how many people at Oiler games and Esks games drive home after slamming 8 beers. I think alot.

    Habbi to OKC, so we can start solving our goaltending issues over the next two years, instead of two years from now.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    One small remaining issue on this topic….

    Drinking and driving isn’t all bad. It does help reduce the waiting period for some people waiting for an organ donor.