The Los Angeles Kings have filed a grievance with the NHL in regard to Colin Fraser’s health at the time of the Ryan Smyth trade.

Helene Elliott, LA Times reporter and the single most reliable source on this story, tweeted the following earlier today:

One of the possible outcomes for this trade is a reversal of the entire deal. Commissioner Gary Bettman will resolve the deal and his powers are enormous in this area. He can fine a club, take draft picks away from clubs, reverse the trade and do anything he deems to be proper in the execution of the trade. My thanks to Jewels from The Crown for the information.

I think credit is due Dean Lombardi in this matter. If an NHL General Manager is willing to say this in public:

  • "the bottom line for me, I would have rather invested my money with Bernie Madoff than invest in Edmonton’s word"

He ought to have the decency to follow through and display the courage of his convictions. Dean Lombardi felt the Oilers acted in bad faith, and the Oilers clearly feel they have not stepped outside the law of the NHL. It will be a very interesting outcome and could have a huge impact on both teams.