Career Opportunities

Steve Tambellini did an excellent job on July 1st going up and down the aisles and crossing items off his shopping list. There are still a couple of items remaining: a legit top 4 defender (may not be coming) and a goaltender who can provide competition at the top end and insurance at the bottom end. The names are running out.

It’s my opinion that the Oilers can make a claim that the blueline has been covered off well enough to enter training camp. The opening night depth chart might look like this:

  • Whitney-Barker
  • Smid-Gilbert
  • Peckham-Sutton
  • Chorney

Jeff Petry being the first callup. I think that’s how the Oilers are slotting things, but will say that Jeff Petry has an enormous opportunity in the fall and I expect he’ll make the team.

Who’s out there?

Defensively, there are still some good options. Scott Hannan remains unsigned, Chris Campoli, Bryan McCabe and a few others who might be useful. I have no idea if the Oilers have interest in any of them, but would suggest that a guy like Hannan would improve the depth chart of the 11-12 Oilers.

There’s no goalies left!

Well, yes there are. Their pricetag may be too dear, but Marty Turco, Pascal Leclaire and others are still available. I doubt the Oilers would sign an expensive option for the AHL#1-NHL #3 option, but someone like Mike Brodeur (in photo) might fit the bill.

I remain convinced the Oilers will not leave the terminal with the current goaltending. Brodeur is an AHL veteran, not the best goaltender available but this is late summer. Nolan Schaeffer and John Grahame are also available. Grahame is 35 but comes off an AHL season in which his SP (.911) and his playoff SP (.918) imply there’s something left.

John Grahame might be a useful player for the 11-12 OKC Barons, and he could come in handy to the 11-12 Edmonton Oilers. We wait.

  • D-Man

    I hate to raise this, but maybe Tambi should be putting a call in to see if Nashville would part with Weber for one of our defencemen, and either a prospect (or two) or draft picks? He’d still be a RFA next summer and the Oil could squeeze him into their payroll. He would also certainly fill a need for the Oil and they have the cap room.

    • D-Man

      Why on earth would Nashville look at trading one of the best defenseman on the planet? Their low-balling on Weber’s contract was simply a ploy to lower the arbitration result. They’ll have Weber locked up to a multi-year deal before the end of this season.

      The only way Nashville would talk to Edmonton for a Weber deal (which they won’t, but if they did) – you’re looking at dealing Hemsky probably Paajarvi and a 1st round draft pick. I even wonder if that would be enough – they might want Hall instead of Hemsky. Nashville needs help in their top two forward lines… They wouldn’t be interested in prospects either… You’d have to give up a ton for Weber.

      We’re in a rebuild… Weber would improve this team to maybe 10th in the West and 20th overall… We aren’t ready to land that big fish – assuming that fish was even available.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Dialogue on this topic has to start at some point. The Oilers do have plenty to offer Nashville as compensation in a significant trade like this, i’m just not confident we have the guy in charge right now to do something like this. Steve Tambellini dreams of success, while other GM’s wake and work hard towards it. The Predators are a bottom feeder franchise kept alive only by league revenue sharing. They’ll be losing their star players like the Oilers were 10 yrs ago by operating at the cap floor for the forseeable future.

      The timing on this is perfect as far as this Oiler team is concerned. It matters not how we get these higher end players, we just know we’re screwed without having 3 or 4 of them in the lineup. Having Shea Weber in the lineup for the start of the 2012-2013 season would be the start of another great Oiler run, as long as it doesn’t cost us a Hall, Hopkins or an Eberle.

      Good on you Vetinari.

  • Jodes

    Speaking of career opportunities and a WTH moment:

    GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP)—The Phoenix Coyotes have signed forward Patrick O’Sullivan(notes) to a one-year deal.

    Financial terms were not disclosed.

    O’Sullivan played 31 games with Carolina and Minnesota last season, scoring two goals with six assists. The 26-year-old from Winston-Salem, N.C., has 56 goals and 101 assists in parts of six seasons with four teams. He had career highs of 22 goals and 31 assists with the Los Angeles Kings in 2007-08.

    O’Sullivan was drafted in the second round by Minnesota in 2003.

    I’m sure what little fans Phoenix has is thrilled with this acquistion. Did they think by buying him out that they’d save money signing him as a free agent?