Two weeks ago, I copped to being an obstinate fossil, to struggling with change. So, I take a week off away from the laptop for a trip to Kelowna and what happens? Change aplenty, with much of striking very close to home. It’s so unsettling.

Having somehow been left out of the decision-making process at Astral Media despite the exhaustive radio poll I conducted here at Oilersnation just last month, I’m left to read on the internet Bob Stauffer has done his last Oilers Lunch show on TEAM 1260.

Having inexplicably been left off the short list of candidates to fill Stauffer’s slot despite my impressive radio resume*, I’m left to read on the internet that a newspaper guy — the wrong newspaper guy, but an ink-stained wretch nonetheless** — gets the shot as the Mark Spector Show is announced 15 seconds after Bob’s backside has cleared the studio door in the wake of his final show.

Already disoriented and teetering at the top of the stairs leading to the basement with an armful of luggage stuffed with dirty laundry, much of it covered in Sam’s stomach contents from a noteworthy bout of car sickness, I read that Linus Omark was snubbed in consideration for the Selke Trophy by those PHWA know-nothings***. Donkeys.

Well, let me say this about all that . . .


We haven’t heard anything official about when or where Stauffer and his Oilers Lunch franchise will surface, but it’s safe to assume it’ll be with rightsholder 630 CHED. That’s the where, despite rumblings that TSN or Sportsnet might be players in the plans. Not so, according to Bruce Dowbiggin of the Globe and Mail. It’ll be 630 CHED, as part of a package with the game night rights.

As for rolling out Oilers Lunch down the dial, it stands to reason there’s a chance it could be done in time to jump in front of the launch of Spector’s show on TEAM 1260 on Aug. 29. I don’t have that from anybody in the know, but it seems a smart move and a reasonable hunch.

I’m also guessing Stauffer’s show will be tweaked for CHED in terms of content and format. Maybe Dan Tencer will play some part in the show here and there, at least if Oilers vice-president of broadcast Allan Watt has any input, which, for better or worse, he does.

Some critics insist Stauffer lost some (all?) of the edge that made him so popular during his days of Total Sports on TEAM 1260 when he began getting pay cheques with an Oiler logo on them as sidekick to Rod Phillips. I don’t think that was the case, at least not nearly to the extent some people do. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of tone the new show takes.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an announcement about when and where the revamped show will air as soon as early next week.


There’s no question Ross MacLeod at Astral has his work cut out to fill the void left by Stauffer, but I think filling the slot with Spector in tandem with Dustin Nielson and Inside Hockey — which will boast an impressive array of regular guests — is a good place to start.

I’ve known Spector since 1989 when I joined The Journal and whether you agree with his takes and approach or not, he’s got an opinion. He’s also made the transition from print to broadcast over the years way more smoothly than most newspaper guys do. That’s likely why he’s snagged a couple of gigs I’d like to have landed over the years.

Spector’s got a shot at giving Stauffer a run if the Inside Hockey part of the package can hold up its end of the bargain as a lead-in to Jason Gregor, who owns the afternoon drive slot and has a knack for employing co-hosts who best complement his on air-act. ****

The way I see it, the biggest challenge for Spector and the Inside Hockey segment over at TEAM 1260 will be getting equal access to Oilers news and decision makers — GM Steve Tambellini, Kevin Lowe, Tom Renney etc. I’m guessing 630 CHED will want to have a say in that as the rightsholder and with a competing show in Oilers Lunch.

My self-interest in Gregor’s show aside, I’d like to see MacLeod find the right mix of programming and see TEAM 1260 grow and go toe-to-toe with 630 CHED. That, in the end, best serves listeners and the rabid Oilers fan base in town.


Oilersnation contributor Cam Charron didn’t really suggest the PHWA — Professional Hockey Writers Association — overlooked Omark in consideration for the Selke Trophy, even if he did call into question who gets votes and why.

It’s just rather jarring to see the name Linus Omark included in a discussion about the Selke Trophy, regardless of the context. Unless, of course, it’s that the PHWA got it completely right by giving Omark exactly the consideration he deserved, which is none.

*I give Stauffer and Gregor gift certificates whenever they let me on the air.

**Spector has a better on-air presence, a bigger deck and better hair than I do.

***PHWA members actually get paid to cover hockey and many of them are pretty good at it.

****Blatant brown-nosing.

Listen to Robin Brownlee Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on the Jason Gregor Show on TEAM 1260.

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    Not relevant to the article but seeing that rat fink in that pic makes me just have to say this: Dan Tencer is a total and complete edited by Wanye*

    *Not actually edited by Wanye**

    **Tencer is a homo.

  • Deep Oil

    Bob wanted more money to stay with the Team.

    The team said no, and hired a apprenctice Dustin to softball questions for an hour with hired insder guns, (possibly more money than stauffer on a total aggregate basis), ship course changed.

    The Oilers wanted to converge and have the show on its rightsholders flagship station.

    Problem is now, Bob has burned his bridge with the team (maybe forced by Allan Watt), and has to sleep with Ched until the rights move to another station.

    Based on memory, Bob mentioned when signing off he was on two weeks vacation and Dustin Nielson would be handling the show. THIS WAS STRANGE SINCE BOB ALREADY HAD TWO WEEKS VACATION, EARLIER.

    Podcasts were removed, his name never to be mentioned on the air again by ASTRAL employees.

    Irony from a business perspective, it Stauffer truly had the Oilers blessing to stay with the TEAM, and his demand for more cake backfired with his former co host (total sports) accepting the gig and torpedo his poker play, know your co host, know your liabilities when asking for a raise.

    I am just wondering how much listening or guidance on this was discussed amongst his advisors (Retired Forbes and Fired Bryn) at the Riverbend – Terwillegar Starbucks as this was going down.

    Not much room for stauffer on ched, since the demo is over 60, Bryan Hall rules as the demo aged with him over the past century.

    • Jimmy: A few things . . .

      — My understanding is Stauffer didn’t ask for more money from the TEAM 1260.

      — My understanding is Stauffer didn’t have a role in negotiations when Oilers Lunch first went to TEAM 1260 or when it left 1260 for CHED. None. Those talks occurred higher up the food chain.

      — References to what vacation Stauffer or anybody else is entitled to or has used are desperately cheap, even for you. That kind of stuff is akin, for example, to trotting out references to lawsuits and the like, no?

      — Marty and Bryn are not Stauffer’s advisors. They frequent the Starbuck’s in question, as does Stauffer.
      Did your brother come up with the “advisers” suggestion or did you? Then again, maybe it doesn’t matter, as long as dropping details about having coffee here or there gives the impression you actually know what the hell is going on and being talked about.